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Hi there!

I'm Dax, an aspiring comic artist who likes to write fanfiction every once in a while. Hah! My fanfictions are pretty suckish TTATT. Forgive me~


Gender: Male

Blood-type: O

D.O.B.: 13/04/1996

Place of Birth: Townsville, Australia (I've relocated quite a few times in my life and have attended six schools so far)

Favourite colour(s): Very cliché colour combination... I like red, blue, black, white, grey, beige and other neutrals.

Favourite Drink: Cassis, but I have a favourite kind of wine too. Oh and BUBBLE TEA

Disliked drink: Non-sweet-and-non-milky coffee.

Favourite Food: Chocolate chip cookies

Disliked food: Cooked Vegtables, I like salades, but refuse to eat capsicums(They're EVIL).

Hobbies: Drawing, reading/writing hot yaoi fanfiction, drawing, sleeping, comics...

Collects: Strangely enough, I collect used batteries.

Liked type: Someone physically strong, who will argue with me and keep me entertained.

Disliked type: A person who follows the crowd, a stupid person, (dorky is okay, stupid is not).

Favourite Animal(s): I like most black-and-white animals, but I don't like pandas >:V

Though I despise the SemeUke test...

You are a Badass Uke!

Other uke admire you, some seme fear you. Despite your sometimes flaming appearance, you can even fool other people into thinking you are seme with your mischievous, manipulative attitude, but when push comes to shove, your true submissive nature emerges. It takes a seme with enough intensity to challenge you and keep you satisfied, and your perfect match, the Don't Fuck With Me Seme, knows that all that naughty teasing just means you want the punishment.

Sensual, rebellious, and intuitive, the Badass Uke can truly be a work of contrasts - an innocent appearance clothed in dark clothing, and a shy smile with eyes that suggest a naughty, darker nature. They are at once easy and hard to approach, as their energy draws people to them, while their intensity and distrust pushes people away... for maybe more than any other personality, the Badass Uke hides away deep in a fantasy world of their own creation, letting few, if any, in. Searching for the one person able to understand their need for something more, someone to protect them and share that mysterious world with them, the Badass Uke can seem lost and wandering, their loneliness sometimes reflecting an inner anger - as they cannot be content until they have been found and claimed, sensually and emotionally.

The Badass Uke personality best (but not always) corresponds with these associations:

Japanese Element: Sky

Chinese Zodiac: Dog

Color: Black

Fruit: Blackberries

Dessert: Hot Fudge Sundae

Theme Song: Kalavinka by BUCK-TICK

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