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Name: I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.
Age: ...
Description of Physical Appearance: ...
Species: Muggle, sadly.
Current Obsession(s): Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Pokemon
Anime/Manga: Digimon, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Fruits Basket, Hetalia, Inuyasha, Kingdom Hearts, Lucky Star, Pandora Hearts, Pokémon, Shugo Chara!, Soul Eater, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Books: Eragon, Harry Potter, Heroes of Olympus, Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Vampire Academy
Cartoons: Avatar: the Last Airbender, Code Lyoko, Danny Phantom, Dragon Booster, Static Shock, Teen Titans
Movies: Alice in Wonderland, Avengers, Castle in the Sky, The Dark Knight, Howl's Moving Castle, The Mummy, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Spirited Away
Television Shows: NCIS, Castle
Favorite Pairings of All Time: Romitri (Vampire Academy), Fianceshipping (Yu-Gi-Oh GX) and Contestshipping (Pokemon)

And now, for the ever popular... Pokémon Rant!
I would like to point out something to all Pokémon fans out there. Please stop confusing the anime characters with the characters from the Pokémon Adventures manga. They aren't the same people by any stretch of the imagination, no matter how much they may look alike. Red and Ash would probably get along well, but Red would crush Ash in a battle. Green Oak is not flirty like Gary Oak, nor is he as outspoken, and he would probably be annoyed with Gary's antics. Gold would probably wipe the floor with Jimmy, then proceed to brag about it like the cocky idiot he is. (Don't get me wrong. I adore Gold! He's one of my favorites.) Crystal could kick Marina into next week, and she is much smarter. (She's Prof. Oak's assintant for cripes sake!) Sapphire would go crazy if she found out that her counterpart was a coordinator, and May would be horrified to know that her counterpart spent a great deal of time living in caves, wearing leaves. Platina would destroy Dawn in battle and is extremely intelligent and very rarely shows much emotion, as oppsed to Dawn's bubbly ditzy personality. And, finally, Pearl would slap Barry silly for being obnoxious. Oldrivalshipping is the name for Green and Blue, NOT Gary and Leaf (Another name for Blue). Leaf isn't in the anime, and while I have no problems with game characters being included in anime fanfictions, I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop equating Green and Gary. They aren't the same person. Questshipping (JimmyXMarina) and Mangaquestshipping (GoldXCrystal) are NOT the same thing either! It was, in my opinion, a horrendous mistake for someone have given them those oh so similar names, as it causes people to become confused. I, for one, think that Jimmy and Marina make and adorable pair, but think that Gold and Crys would be awful together. Jimmy and Gold are polar opposites, and Marina and Crys are pretty far off as well. Franticshipping and Hoennshipping are slightly diefferent also. Franticshipping is the name for RubyXSapphire while Hoennshipping refers to the game characters May and Brendan, who, much like the other playable characters in the games, really don't have much of a personality of their own. The May from the anime is of the same design as Sapphire (and the May from the game), but she is not the same person. Therefore, a person is completely not in any way betraying their fandom if they support both Contestshipping (DrewXMay) and Franticshipping (RubyXSapphire). (Just using that as an example because those are the two that I support.) And finally, Haughtyshipping (PearlXPlatina) is NOT the same as Twinleafshipping (BarryXDawn).

Favorite Pairings:

Avatar: the Last Airbender: Maiko (ZukoXMai), Kataang, Sukka
Avengers (movieverse): ClinTasha/BlackEye, Pepperony
Bleach: IchiRuki, HitsuHina, IshiHime, HyourinUme (HyourinmaruXTobiume), UraYoru (UraharaXYoruichi), ShunNanao (ShunsuiXNanao)...
Castle in the Sky: PazuXSheeta
Code Lyoko: UlrichXYumi, JeroméXAelita
Danny Phantom: DannyXSam, TuckerXJazz
Dark Knight: BatmanXCatwoman
Digimon: RyoXRika, TakatoXJeri, HeryXAlice, DavisXKari, KenXYolie, JoeXMimi, TakuyaXZoe, GatomonXVeemon
Dragon Booster: KittXArtha
Eragon: EragonXArya, MurtaghXNasuada, RoranXKatrina
Fruits Basket: ... all the cannon pairings strangely enough... KyouTohru, YukiMachi, HaruRin, Arisa(Uo-chan)Kureno, AyameMinnie, KisaHiro, ShigureAkito, HatoriShiraki
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: EdXWinry, RoyXRiza, LingXRan Fan, AlXMei, HavocXRebecca
Harry Potter: RonXHermione, HarryXGinny, RemusXTonks, JamesXLily
Howl's Moving Castle: HowlXSophie
Inuyasha: InuKags, MiroSango, SeshoRin (when she's older, get your heads out of the gutter), KougAya
Kingdom Hearts: Roxiné, Larxel, Kaiora, Haynette
Ledgend of Korra: Makkora
Naruto: SasuSaku, ShikaTema, NejiTen, NaruHina, KakaAnko, AsuKure, ShizuGen
Pandora Hearts: OzXAlice, BreakXSharon
Pokémon: Contestshipping (DrewXMay), Festivalshipping (HarleyXSolidad), Pokeshipping (AshXMisty), Penguinshipping (DawnXKenny), Oldrivalshipping (GreenXBlue), Specialshipping (RedXYellow), PikaXChuChu, Questshipping (MarinaXJimmy) (Not to be confused with Mangaquestshipping, GoldXCrystal, which I do not support),Franticshipping (RubyXSapphire), Haughtyshipping (PearlXPlatina), Rocketshipping (JesseXJames), Luckshipping (BrockXLucy), and last but not least, Gossamershipping or BeautiflyXMasquerain (May's and Drew's, respectively) ...Wow that's a long list.
Percy Jackson & the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus: PercyXAnnabeth, GroverXJuniper, ChrisXClarisse, JasonXPiper, FrankXHazel, and (sniffle) SilenaXBeckendorf
Secret World of Arrietty: SeanXArrietty
Shugo Chara!: Amuto, Rimahiko, Kutau
Soul Eater: SoulXMaka, Death the KidXLiz, Black*StarXTsubaki, SteinXMarie
Spirited Away: HakuXChihiro
Teen Titans: Flinx (Kid FlashXJinx), RobStar (RobinXStarfire), BBRae (Beast BoyXRaven), CyborgXBumbleBee, CheshireXSpeedy, ArgentXHotspot, JerichoXKole
Yu-Gi-Oh!: Polarshipping
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Fianceshipping/Babyshiping (JadenXAlexis)

Bands/Musicians I like: Coldplay, Evanescence, Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, Paramore, Family Force 5, Rascal Flatts, Kanon Wakeshima, RED, 2NE1, and many more

Songs I love: Iris (the Goo Goo Dolls), Little Wonders (Rob Thomas), Yellow (Coldplay), Topsy Turvy (Family Force 5), Monster (Paramore), Look Away (Thousand Foot Krutch), Numb (Linkin Park), Lacrymosa, Good Enough, & My Last Breath (Evanescence), Bless the Broken Road (Rascal Flatts), If Today Was Your Last Day & Photograph (Nickelback), You'll Be In My Heart (Phil Collins), Already Over (RED), Believe (Skillet), I Will Not Bow (Breaking Benjamin), I'm Not Alright (Sanctus Real), Stand In the Rain (Superchic[k]), I'm With You and Alice (Avril Lavigne), Follow Me Down (3Oh!3 ft. Neon Hitch), Painting Flowers (All Time Low), I'm Still Here (John Rzeznik), and many more


Alexis Rhodes: "So, are you impressed?"
Jaden Yuki: "Impressed? I think I'm in love!"
Alexis Rhodes: "You're sweet. It's too bad I have to crush you."

Marissa: "Hehe I'm purple!"
Me: "What?!" (It was REALLY late at night.)

Seto Kaiba: "Hmm, blah blah blah, don't you get tired of giving that same speach every time you're faced with a challenge? Stop saving the world and get a hobby!"

Dani: "Just because your dad is a baker, doesn't mean you're a stud-muffin!!"

(During a game called "Do you want to buy a...?")
Ariel: "Do you want to buy a goldfish?"
Me: "A what?"
Ariel: "A goldfish."
Me: "Is it the snack that smiles back?"
Ariel: "Of course it's the snack that smiles back."
Me: (turns to different person) "Do you want to buy Jacob Black?"
Randa: "YES!! I mean-- A what?"
Me: "A what?"
Ariel: "A goldfish."
Me: "Jacob Black."
Randa: "Is he hot?"
Me: "Is it the snack that smiles back?"
Ariel: "Of course it's the snack that smiles back."
Me: "Of course he's hot, he's like a freaking personal space heater!!"

Mr. H. (one of my teachers): "What is the largest rodent in North America?"
Erica: "OH! I know this one! Polar Bears!"
The rest of us: ... (laugh)

Matt: (acting like an idiot and throwing mock-punches at me) "Oh yeah! Watcha gonna do now? Huh?"
Me: ...?
Matt: "Oh! What's that? You wanna fight me? What now? Bring it!"
Me: (smirks and walks toward him)
Alyssa: (points at Matt) "You're gonna get your butt kicked!"

(My friend Dani has this plan for the future. She plans to make a hybrid of the tomato and the watermellon and call it the watato. I asked her how she worded it and this was her response:)
Dani: "I don't know. All I remember was that Aryanna asked if I had watermellon and I said 'No I have tomatoes' and thus the watato was born."

Tia: "I can't decide who's hotter: Kiba or Haku."
Me: "WHAT?!"
Tia: "Haku from Spirited Away! Not Haku from Naruto!"
Me: "Oh! Thank God! 'cause Haku from Naruto looks like a woman!"

Aryanna: "See you later FLUFFY!"
Me: "Whatever you say, FLOPSY!"
Aryanna: ...-_-..."Did you just call me flopsy?"
Me: "Deal with it!" XP

Me: "Emo Joe, you are such a nerd."
Joe (who is not actually emo, we just call him that): "A nerd is a creature invented by Dr. Seus. I am not a nerd."
Me: "You-er-you UGH!! Stop being so logical you geek! You're infuriating me with your smartitudeness!"
Joe: "Wow. Infuriating, huh? That's an unusually big word for you."
Me: (glaring holes into his head) "One of these days, Joe, one of these days..."

Alyssa: "Random thought!"
Me: "What?"
Alyssa: (starts doing the Egyptian dance)
Me: (backs away slowly)

(My friend Erica is ADHD. She slept over at my house for my brithday one year, and she didn't tell us one little detail. She gets REALLY REALLY hyper when she drinks soda. Of course, she didn't tell us this until after she had about five glasses of the stuff! So she was pretty much bouncing off the walls. She was totally insane! Then I looked over and she randomly lies down in the middle of my floor and dosen't move.)
Alyssa: "Guys! I think Erica is dead."
Me: "No joke."
Dani: "Are you okay?"
Alyssa: "There's only one way to find out." (throws pillow at Erica)
Erica: (muffled by floor) "Stop it!"

Kara: "You should see my notebook! I drew this picture of a cow, and it's AWESOME!!"

Alyssa: (yelling at computer) "Go away you stupid little box!"

(One night. Alyssa was at my house after our friend's party. We got on the lap top and she had it on the floor with her while I was lying on my stomach on the bed watching her from a slightly uncomfortable position. Anywhoo, one of those stupid advertisement videos came on. You know, the ones with the pause button that doesn't work, so you just sit there clicking it repeatedly like a total moron.)
Alyssa: "No! Stupid advertisement! Stop making noise I can't hear my music!"
Me: "No! I hate these things! SHUT UP!! RAWR!!" (turns and notices mom standing in the door way) (has a laugh attack)

(Okay so I'm at the mall in f.y.e. looking through the anime section when this girl walks up behind me with who I'm assuming is her boyfriend. I sorta overheard their conversation because they were standing like three feet away in a store that was dead silent save for the music playing in the backround.)
Girl who I don't know: "...and he only likes Sakura cause she's like, "So hot". Yeah right, I want to throw her off a bridge." (picks up Naruto plushie) "My man." (picks up Sasuke plushie too) "Believe it! We're in love! I mean they're like, the perfect couple, right?"
Me: (walks out of store quickly then bursts out laughing, earning strange looks from other shoppers) "Oh my gosh. Yaoi fangirls. I'll never understand them."

Me: (via AIM) ... because anime characters ARE real, we just have yet to discover how to reach the dimensions they live in.
Dani: Okay, let's get back to reality, please.
Me: No. I live in my own little world, and I like it here.
Dani: Arlrighty then. Good luck with that.

Kristen: "Aww, there's no cheese here for the crackers."
Lindie: (from far enough away you wouldn't expect her to hear what we were saying) "I WANT CHEESE!"
Me: (blink blink) ..."Uhhh. Oooookay then."

(I was sitting down with Kara and Alyssa. All of us had eaten blue popsicles, so our tongues were all blue, when Alex and Rachel came up to stand behind us.)
Alex: "Kara why is your mouth blue?"
Kara: "My tongue is blue too, and so are Alyssa and (Hoshi)'s."
Alex and Rachel: (tilt Kara's head back)
Alex: "Stick out your tongue."
Kara: (sticks out tongue)
Alex: (gasp) "Your tongue is blue!"
Rachel: "What is this madness!"
Alex: How'd you all get blue tongues?"
Me: "We had blue popsicles."
Kara: "You should see (Hoshi)'s hers is purple, cause she had a red one too."
Alex and Rachel: (move behind me and tilt my head back)
Alex: "Lemme see."
Me: (looks at him strangely, but sticks out tongue anyhow)
Alex: (gasp) "Wow. It's really purple."
Me: "Yeah. No kidding. Kara just said that."
Alex: (looks around) "Where are these blue popsicles, I want one too."
Me: "Hehe. Sorry. I got the last one."
Alex: (shoots a fake angry/pouty look) "What? Now how am I suppossed to get a blue tongue. I want one too!"
Me: "Blue food coloring?"
Alex: "Pftt. That just wouldn't taste as good." (crosses arms and pretends to be offended)
Me: "Ehhh, sorry?"

Aryanna: (to me) "Yeah. You're a freak. But it's okay, 'cause you're MY freak."
Me: "Because that makes me feel so much better."

(From The Mummy)
Beni: "Hey O'Connel! Looks like I've got all the horses!"
Rick: "Hey Beni! Looks like you're on the wrong side of the river!"

(From Eclipse)
Emmett: (looking at Bella's broken hand) "Fall down again, Bella?"
Bella: "No, Emmett. I punched a werewolf in the face."
Emmett: (blinks then bursts out laughing)

Me: (attempting to take a nap in my dark, empty homeroom, because I was the first person there)
Devon: (walks in and turns the light on)
Me: (covers face) "NO! THE LIGHT! IT BURNS!"
Devon: "Wow. Just, wow."
Me: (glares at him) "Turn it off!"
Devon: "Nope." (walks to his desk and sits down)
Me: (gives him the evil eye for the rest of the day)

Kara: (was having cramps) "Ugh! It hurts! It's like I'm having freaking contractions or something!"
Me: "Oh really. Who's the father?"
Kara: (looks around) "He is!" (points at Alex)
Alex: "Excuse me?! I have no memory of this!"
Kara: "That's because I drugged you."
Alex: "I really hope you're joking."
Kara: (smiles like a creeper) "Maybe."
Alex: "Ooookaaaaay." (turns and walks away)
Me: (laughs while shaking her head)

(From Tim Burton and Disney's Alice In Wonderland)
Ilosovic Stayne: (looks at Alice) "And who is this lovely creature."
Red Queen: "Um. My new favorite."
Ilosovic Stayne: "Does she have a name?"
Red Queen: "Um."
Ilosovic Stayne: "I believe your name has slipped the queen's mind."
Red Queen: "Her name is Um, IDIOT!"
Alice: (affirmatively) "From Umbridge."
-different part of movie-
Mad Hatter: "Have I gone Mad."
Alice: (feels his forehead as if checking for a fever) "I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret: all the best people are."
-different part of movie-
Alice: "This is impossible."
Mad Hatter: "Only if you believe it is."
Alice: "Sometimes, I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
Mad Hatter: "That is an excellent practice. However, just for this moment, you might want to focus on the Jabberwocky."

Kara: "What does the E. stand for in Chuck E. Cheese?"
Me: "I have no friggen clue. I always just assumed it was some weird way of spelling Chucky."
Kara: "I'm pretty sure it's his middle initial. Chuck Ethan Cheese... Chuck Emeril Cheese... Chuck Eugene Cheese... Chuck Edward Cheese...
Me: "Haha! Chuck Edward Cheese! It sounds like you're saying people should throw cheese to Edward, but what would Edward need cheese for?"
Kara: "To kill the evil vampires that are after Bella! He could use sharp cheddar to chop them up!"

(Alyssa and I were in the mall, and one of the stores had a sign that said "Baby Sale")
Me: "Baby sale? Are they selling babies?"
Alyssa and I: (laugh like a couple of idiots)
(In a different store, looking at earings)
Me: "...Oh. I'ts kind of an inside joke. Would you like to hear the joke?"
Alyssa: "Uh, yes please."
Me: "Okay, well the joke is - SUSHI!"
Alyssa: "What?!"
Me: "Huh? Oh! Sorry! I got distracted by the cute sushi earings." (picks them up to show her) "Now, where was I?"

(On our way to an outdoor concert carrying the old, random blankets that were inside the car)
Me: "I feel like a little old lady carrying around a blanket with rocking horses on it."
Alyssa: (luaghs and points)
Me: "And you're a lumberjack, 'cause you're carrying around that red plaid blanket around."
Alyssa: (laughs) "I never would have thought of that. Now everytime I see a plaid blanket, I'm going to think of lumberjacks."
Me: "And you will think back on this day and remember me."

Mr. H.: "I don't quite think you guys are grasping the enormity of this. When Krakatoa erupted, people 2,200 miles away heard it. Do you know how for that is? That'd be like someone in... I don't know, Dewy Beach hearing a noise someone made in like... Colorado."
Me: "Whoa."
Tyler: "So like, anyone close to it would be deaf?"
Everyone else: (look at him funny)
Alex: "No, Tyler, they'd be dead."
Tyler: "Huh? ...Ohhhhh."

April: (looking into soda bottle)
Brianna: "Is there a reason you're staring into your bottle like that?"
Aryanna: "It's Narnia! I found it!"

(while watching the part in Spirited Away when Chihiro runs out of the pig pen and into the garden to cry)
Brianna: "I'm just going to go cry by the cabbage now."

(via text message)
Kara: "I just heard that 'biting is like kissing, only someone wins.' Boy is Caden in for a surprise."
Me: "I feel so bad for your boyfriend sometimes."
Kara: "Why? I don't."
Me: "Of course not."

(from Tangled )
Eugene: "You broke my smolder."
-different part of movie-
Eugene: "Sooo, you're being strangely cryptic as you wrap your magic hair around my injured hand." ...(hisses in pain)
Rapunzel: "Sorry. Just... don't.. freak out." (sings, healing Eugene's hand)
Eugene: (switches between looking at Rapunzel and his no longer injured hand while making hyperventalating noises) ...(prepares to scream)
Rapunzel: "Please don't freak out!"
Eugene: (makes strangled noise) ... (talking fast) "I'm not freaking out. Are you freaking out? No, I'm just interested in your hair and the magical qualities that it possesses. Tell me, how long has it been doing that exactly?"

(from How To Train Your Dragon)
Hiccup: (to Toothless) "Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile."

On facebook:
Me: "[Scanlators used taunt!]
((Hoshi) became enraged!)
WHAT DO YOU MEAN CHAPTER 431 HASN'T BEEN RELEASED YET?!Ryan: ?!?! What the heck?!?! I'm still in the Platinum arc!!! They're two and a half arcs behind!!! GAH!!! I want to find out what happens with Platina, Pearl, and Dia!!! And I want to read the Heart Gold/ Soul Silver arc!!! Stupid scanlators need to get their butts in gear!!!
[(Hoshi) used beat up!]"
Derek: "It's not very effective..."
Me: "Derek... you suck."
Derek: "(Hoshi) used heart wrenching comeback. It's super effective!"

Me: "No, it is not an insult when I call you intense, Joe."
Alyssa: "He is intense. He does everything intensely. He probably brushes his teeth intensely. ...Don't quote me on that."

(Breaking Dawn pt. 2)
Bella: "I do remember how to undress myself"
Edward: "I just do it so much better."
Other part of movie.
Jacob: "So, should I call you "Dad" now?
Edward: (smiles) "No."

(Castle 2X17)
Castle: "Oh, no. I'm not leaving. I'm here to protect you."
Beckett: "What, with your vast arsenal of rapier wit?"
-Later On-
Ryan: "Dude, you made her pancakes?"
Castle: "It's just breakfast."
Esposito: "Pancakes is not just breakfast. It's an edible way of saying, 'Thank you so much for last night."

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