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Hello, I'm Chesterhorse1993. Nice to meet you. I'm just a normal girl here on youtube. I have some news in case you people ask me.

THis is a list of upcomming stories and already published stories with status with what's going on with them like, are they completed and stuff.

My Angel in heaven has came back (Finished): No more chapters. If you read the sequel to it you can see they see eachother again, but it's tragic.

Broken Angel (In progress): As you can tell I have gotten comments about this story telling me to continue and stuff, but it's complicated. I don't know what to put in the Deidara VS Pein fight, so this might be delayed. If you guys want to give me ideas, that would be awesome.

THe ShikaKibaNaruCho Conversations (continued): I really like the comments I got with this one, saying it was funny. I just thought it would be hilarious for Kakashi to drop his book and have a bunch of little kids reading it. Plus me and my friends go to the mall and stick Yaoi in the kid section. We last time stuck it where the High School Musical books are. It was the 18+ yaoi and we had to make sure they were unwrapped so we can scar little kids LOL!

An Angel has fallen (finished): THis was a sequel to My Angel In Heaven has came back. People kept asking to right a sequel to it. They never meet eachother until that one last moment that Sasuke killed Itachi and Itachi died happy knowing he tasted his lips. Great, now I got all poetic and crap.

The Taste Of Your Blood is the sweetest(In progress): I love vampires and I love SHino and Kiba, and Yaoi. So why not put those favorite things into a blood spewing, nosebleeding, sexually lustful story. HAHA!

The Demons that I never knew (Still writing): Kiba was on a mission with Hinata and Shino, but something happens that sets off a trigger and Kiba goes on a killing spree. What was the village not telling him? KibaHina, ShinoSaku ShikaIno, SasuNaru

My Favorite Pairings:


NaruSaku: Well Sakura did get more awesome eversince Sasuke left the village and Naruto seems to be cheering her on every second and is willing to risk his life for her. In shippuden it looks like Sakura likes Naruto. Besides it's the number 1 rule for the lead male to date the lead female.

SasuIno: They just complete eachother. Besides I was reading a Naruto Fanbook and these girls took Sasuke's, Sakura's, and Ino's horoscopes to see who would be perfect for Sasuke. Sakura had 80 Ino had 90! So you see where I'm going with this. Plus I never heard of a Pink haired Uchiha before. Ino's much more perfect for Sasuke. I mean she has admired him and jumped on his back once, but she's not weak and worries about Sasuke when she's on missions. Sakura on the other hand, worries about Sasuke when Naruto's the one that's getting killed in protecting her.

ShinoSaku: I don't know why I like this couple. I just think it's cute and plus I'm sick and tired of hearing people saying that Shino doesn't deserve anyone. He deserves someone.

ShinoIno: That filler episode where they were on a mission got me thinking.

ShinoTen: Just a fandom. NO big deal.

ShinoTema: Can we just say that I love Shino paired up with every girl and shut up about it.

SasuHIna: A lot in common and besides if HInata were to get pregnant by Sasuke that would be one strong ass baby with both Bykugan and Sharingan. That kid can kill you in a skinny minute.

SuiSaku: Don't ask

SaiNaru: It's so obvious that Sai's gay for Naruto. Did you see that belly shirt and plus I saw him put his hand on hip and it looked super gay. Almost to the edge of kissing.

SasuNaru: Hello, they kissed.

DeiHina: It's just cute

DeiTen: Bombs + weapons = mass destruction.

ItaTema: Temari's jutsu involves a weasel, Itachi means weasel.

HidaTema: It's just awesome like that.

Cross over pairings


That's it. See ya

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