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Hi all, this is GrayKitty, the kitty cat, and Meg, the sea nymph!

Meg: (jumps out from behind) "THE SEA NYMPH WITH BLUE SKIN!" (throws a rock at Frank, the announcer) "GET IT RIGHT, YOU LEMON!"

GrayKitty: (jumps out, too) "Yeah, and the kitty cat with GRAY FUR!" (throws a lemon at Frank)

Frank: (clears throat) "ANYWAY...

GrayKitty the kitty--with GRAY FUR, and Meg the sea nymph with blue skin. And of course, you can probably guess their favorite thing to do during their free time...or any time at all, really..."

GrayKitty: (jumps up and down) "STALKING LITTLE YELLOW SEXY SPONGES!" (tugs Meg's arm) "Tell them about the Secret Lair of Doom and Torture!"

Meg: "Shh, not yet!"

Frank: "The secret WHAT!?"

Meg: (scoffs) "Okay, fine!" (clears her throat) (goes into scary, mysterious announcer mode)
In an underground lair...somewhere not too far, but not too close...under a little town that you all know well...a nymph and a kitty, there reside..."


Meg: (huffs) "Aw, and I was just about to tell them about the chair!"

Frank: "Alright...um, to continue on with this personal biography...Meg and GrayKitty came from the humble above-water states of Missouri and Florida. They moved to Bikini Bottom in--"

Meg: "This is boring!" (throws a rock at Frank) "Let's just tell them what the point of these dumb books are, so we can get to the stories!"

GrayKitty: (throws another Lemon) "Yeah!! Boo!!"

Frank: "Alright, alright already! GrayKitty and Meg like to kidnap Spongebob while his squirrel-friend Sandy isn't looking and take him to their underground lair, alright!?"

Meg: (giggles) "Ever think about how much 'squirrel-friend' rhymes with 'girl-friend'?"

Frank: (throws his hands up) "I'm outta here."

Meg: "WAIT! They haven't finished hearing about us yet!"

Frank: (leaves)

Meg: (sighs) "Oh, boo-hoo. We don't need some fancy announcing-guy to tell us who we are. Right, GK? ...GK?"

GrayKitty: (walks over with a fishing line) "I got the stalking stuff!!" (passes Meg a pair of binoculars)

Meg: "Oh...kay." (looks at the camera) "Well, I guess you guys will just have to read our stories to know what we're all about. Love you, bye!" (throws a kiss) "Okay, I don't really, but you know..." (grabs GrayKitty) (runs away)

Muffin: (walks in) (stares) "...Where did everybody go? Did I miss it?"

Yeah, well, that's us. Try some character bios, they might be a little bit more helpful than what you just read. XD


A pretty, young gray cat who somehow became connected with her friend Meg,
through the science of the World Wide Web!
The two shared the common interest of both uniting Spongebob and Sandy
with each other as their true loves, and kidnapping Spongebob,
keeping him as their hostage (bot not for hostile reasons).


A tall, often-mistaken-for-an-amazon, BLUE SKINNED ambitious young
sea nymph, Meg often talks herself into situations that aren't quite
as easy to talk out of!
Close friends with GrayKitty, and long-time long-distance secret admirer
of Spongebob Squarepants, it isn't hard for her to go along with what-
ever hare-brained schemes come up, and she LOVES to drive the
rocket into walls. What, you didn't know the girls owned a rocket?
Well then, you're in for the ride of your lives.


She's...well...a muffin! She lives under the sea with Meg and GrayKitty,
and she loves to stalk a certain little yellow sponge!
Having been in the gang for only a slightly-less amount of time, Muffin
can find a way to make any situation lively and interesting, no
matter how hopeless it seems.
The third member of the team? The great addition to the
terrifying trio? That's Muffin for you! And she'll
always be there to back her good friends, Meg and GrayKitty, up.
They love her to death.
She is the keeper of the chocolate. But don't eat her head,
because she'll eat you alive.

Those are our heroes. Isn't that a comforting thought?

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