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'Ello Cleveland! How are you all today?

Seriously though, hey. I'm me, otherwise known as I, or she. I also have an amazing nickname and an even more amazing flock. NO, that is not technically classified as RPing. I'm still in denial of my geeky side.

...My obsession with certain childrens cartoon series doesn't exactly HELP that, but whatever. Peer pressure is a powerful thing.

I'm called Max by a few of my very good friends that I have known for 5 years and will definitely, posilutley absitively know for the rest of my life. Watch out, we'll be the old ladies in the wheelchairs racing down the hallway for the heck of it with nurses running behind us with sedatives.

And for the few people that are READING THIS when I told them to go CRAWL INTO A HOLE, I give up. I'm writing the frigging thing the way I want it, so too bad. Laugh at me all you want, just know I'll kick your butt once you're done :)

I have a flock. Well, I used to have a full one, then one of them was just kind of gone. She never really was there in the first place, but we only had 6 girls in our class. I wasn't gonna make her go hang out with the boys, they were HORRIBLE. Not ONE smart one in the entire group. Anyways, Fang, Ig, NuDgE and Ange make up MY flock.

We're all at different schools now except for me and Fang, but we keep in touch. ILY Facebook, even though you banned our accounts for a week for talking too much on our message chain. Yes, we ARE using it a chat service, you got a problem with that?

Random stuff...

I play ice hockey! For those of you who think a GIRL can't play hockey, go strap on a pair of skates and play our team. See what you say THEN...well you might not be able to say much in the hospital...not my fault, I play clean. The rest of my team however...well, they try.

Yoda: There is no try, there is only-

Me: Say it. I dare you.

Yoda: -Do.

Me: -GLOMPS- I WARNED YOU! -pokes to death with pointy sporks of doom-

I am an obsessive artist. I don't think one of my science assignments were spared the wrath of my OCD last year. When I ran out of paper, I took up photo manipulation with GIMP. I have a deviantart account, wanna see? Yes you do, you know you want to! Come on!

Please ignore the ugly pic of my Dad I drew and edited. I forgot his bday, okay? It was either that or a half eaten box of year old chocolates from Korea that had been hidden in my underwear drawer. I chose the butt ugly pic.

OBSESSION! (Watch out, there's quite a few of them.)

Maximum Ride

His Dark Materials know, the Golden Compass and the talking moth? No?

Danny Phantom

Doctor Who



Currently, House

Eragon makes the list.

Artemis Fowl

Smallville is pretty good...not as much obsession, I just like watching it.

The Spectacular Spider-Man, the new one. It's kinda a faded obsession since they stopped making it, but what the hey.

Flying...NO, thats not a TV show. Or a book. Its a VERB. :O

Sarcasm (noun!)

I don't really have much experience writing, and I'll occasionally drift off and sort of leave a story for a while. That'll change. Eventually. I hope. Maybe...

...This is becoming the worst profile EVER. I'm almost falling asleep writing it.

Although, that could be the Government homework package. I REALLY don't care for mundane repetitive debates that get you no where. Thank god for monotonous stuffy linear thinkers to do that for us.

Now I know some people put all their deepest, darkest secrets on here, but no way. I tracked down my friends account by just knowing what books she liked and her last name. NOT that hard.





-holds up 1 finger-. It's a secret signal. (NO, it's not the middle one...sigh)


Me: Ha.

Ig: -raises an eyebrow- Haha.

Me: 'I can't let her get away with that...' Hahahaha!



Ig: HA!

Me: HA!


-look at each other-

-burst out laughing-

Yes, that happens often. NuDgE and Ange also jog around my kitchen in circles gigglig hysterically at 2 in the morning.

More Quotes!


'I was actually planning to die of old age, not by going SPLAT on the windshield of the world.'

'I vill now eat dah Snickahz Barz!'

'It's bigger on the-YES, I know, just get in already!'

'Stahl the Undefeated...that's not a very good name. What if you were defeated? You'd be Stahl the-not-quite-so-undefeated-anymore-but-nevermind?'

More to be added as I remember. :D

To finish off, I have one question for you.

Just one.

The question that will change your life forever.

And your pet cat's.

Maybe your parrot's life as well.


You sure?

Completely? This is serious.

Mr. Fluffers is depending on you.

Okay then.

I'm gonna ask you.

Very soon.

Probably before the end of the day.

Definitely before the of the week.

EXTREMAPOSILUTELY before the end of the universe.

Maybe not before the end of this minute.

Or the next 5 minutes.

But it will come.


I think.

Read the stars.

Congratulations. You're an astronomer.

Crap. Fanfiction won't allow the stars.

Fine. Watch Bob. O_o

Are you ready?

It's right here.


-nods off-

...Wait, wha? Oh right.










...Did you actually READ all that? ROFL. Say gullible slowly. It sounds like green beans.

For those of you I've pissed off, have a cookie. The store bought brand. I don't want a mob of poisoned zombies storming my house. My cooking can be lethal. You know what happens when you mix orange juice, chocolate milk, cereal, and syrup? Well, I do now, and it ain't pretty.

Oh, and I have to put this on here. If I didn't, I wouldn't be a fully-fledged fanfic author.


Keep Flying,


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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Go Away, Just Go Away reviews
Shadows danced in flickering undulations. Long thin fingers crept along the walls, shifting out of existence in a blink. She squeezed her eyes shut, pleading silently to herself.
Misc. Books - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 360 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 10/4/2010
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