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Author has written 16 stories for Flight 29 Down, and Soul Calibur.


I feel like the worst person ever for not updating for so long, but the truth is I'm going through sort of a personal/familial crisis right now. It's not like I'm dying or anything, I just don't have the conviction to update my stories or even read/review fics. I waited a long time to put up this warning but it was because I was hoping everything in my life would get better or something. It hasn't. I know there are authors on here who are going through worse things and still update, but I'm just not that strong.

I want to thank Theatergirl and Serendipity565 for being loyal friends and an inspiration. I have let them down as well as many people in my own personal life, and for that I don't think I deserve their friendship.

I always told myself writing and fanfiction would be my solace in times like this, but right now it seems like a burden, and I have no idea why. All I can say is I'm sorry, and about coming back and updating once and for all? I'm not making any promises.

-Jessica, 8-6-08

I'm just another viewer who enjoys Flight 29 Down. However, I got into the seasons pretty late, so pardon me that.

I'm still developing my writing style, so every bit of criticism helps.

Flight 29 Down

Daythan: Daley/Nathan
Tayric: Taylor/Eric
Jelissa: Jackson/Melissa
Jaylor: Jackson/Taylor
Jaythan: Jackson/Nathan
Daylor: Daley/Taylor
Melric: Melissa/Eric
Jayric: Jackson/Eric

I have a habit of going out on a limb and writing stories that feature strange plots and off-canon ships. As a result, my characters are somtimes OOC. I'm not afraid to admit it. I try to stay away from OC's, in writing and reading, but if you want some great OC fiction check out Serendipity525's Untouchable. I know who to come to for beta if I do write an OC. ;)

And in case you haven't noticed, I love slash, and if you tell me that mean's I'm gay, I'll argue you to the death. :p

I'm starting to make videos for this fandom. I have over 20 F29 vids up, so visit my YT channel at w w w . youtube . c o m /jessieebee without the spaces of course. :)

Also, random...but I love my new icon. I found it on myspace. I read in one of the forums here by the girl who won that contest and go to meet the cast that Kristy and Hallee were really good friends, that they spent a lot of time together on set. I always thought that was cute. :)

Here's a tip for some of you who have trouble coming up with summaries:

I am HORRIBLE at them most of the time; so what I do is just copy and paste a quote from my story that does a good job of conveying what's inside. I don't know about you, but it annoys me when people put "Bad summary, good story" or "I suck at summaries, sorry." A summary should entice the reader about what's inside, and in my opinion putting something like that doesn't do the job at all.

Just a heads-up

I have several fics-in-the-making for Soul Calibur (games), Animorphs (books), and Midnight is a Place (Misc. Books)

Stuff of the Moment

TV Show: (besides the obvious) John and Kate Plus 8

Book: What Happened to Lani Garver by Carol Plum-Ucci

Song: Keeping it Together by Katy Rose

Movie: Always Michael Collins :)

Game: Always Soul Calibur:)

Soul Calibur

The ships I like are mostly canon, I like the friendship stuff between Maxi, Xiangua, and Kilik. Since Mitsurugi is one of my favorite characters, I like the round-about romance between him and Taki (hey! I'll make it work! ;D) Yun-Seong, however much he annoys me, is cute with Talim. As for slash, I adore TakiSophitia, and anything else that comes along.

Besides the canon stuff, I've read Ivy/Voldo and Link/Cassandra, which is cute, I guess. I would never write for Link or any of the other copy-writed crap they try to include, though. It's just gay.

Raphael/Amy would be cute in a father/daughter way, right? And Cassandra and Sophitia in a sister way. In my YouTube channel (link above) I have several SC videos, mostly Alexandra ones.


I have read this series for SO long and haven't written a single fic yet! A crime, no? I adore the ship of Rachel/Marco, but being an off-canon girl Marco/Cassie seems cute. I used to think that Marco/Ax was rediculous, that people just did that by lumping together the two who had no one, but I've read some remarkable fics about that ship, not just all smut either. Basically I'm saying it's more credible than I thought.

I really, really don't like Cassie sometimes. I read once that she was a canon Mary Sue, and I have to agree. I think I might have read it on the LJ community for fans of the Animorphs. The poster also said that it was stupid that she was an anomaly. I mean, I understand being a fluid morpher and predicting the outcome of giving the blue box to the Yeerks, but come on. She's also an all-powerful senser of the unknown or something equally shitty? Not even the Ellimist can touch her? Please.

That's why I like Rachel so much. ;)

Midnight is a Place

All I plan to do for this book is a story about Luke's Michelle, the girl he made up. I'm going to basically tell her story, making her that snatcher that inspired him. I almost completed the entire story, but then I lost the whole document when the computer crashed, so I'm discouraged by it as of now.

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