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Hi there, AbbyJForever here! Nice to meet you all! You may call me Abby.

Appearance: Slightly darker then strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, plain face. Usually wearing black. Not often in make-up. Still in school uniform alot of the time during the week.

Age: Need to know basis, most of you don't need to know. But I'm in High School.

Location: England. West Midlands. Dark recesses of her yaoi-filled head.

Gender: Female. Deffintely female.

I have a dream to become a professoinal author, with books published and see them on the shelves. I'd die happy then, but I also want a beautiful family, people I love more then myself, people I'd die for. That's what matters most, to me. I've never had alot of money growing up. But I'd like a good job and money so I can support my fmaily. So studies are important to me.

I'm Christian, yes I am! Kinda. But I will not try and persuade you to the religion. Because that makes me sick. And I don't need you to point out the flaws of the religion, as I'm aware of them myself. Yes, nitwits, I've read the Bible. And I like having it close, just because it gives some comfort with it beside me. Should you wish to pick a fight with me over my religion, please take it somewhere else. If you'd like to civilly discuss something relative, though, you are welcomed with arms. I'm open to suggestions and opinions. I like hearing what other people think.

I like yaoi. Whatever that is. Shonen-ai, homosexuality, it's all fine by me. I. Am. Straight. At least, I think I am. But nevermind that. If you don't like that, then I'm afraid its not my problem. Don;t come babbling to me about how wrong/sick/unpure WHATEVER you think it is. I do not care, and those who know me know I can become very passionate and angry when challenged, especially about this particular subject. I will, however, accept you don't like it, so long as your civil about it. It's called tolerance, and I've been lucky enough to be graced with a few people who UNDERSTAND and USE that word.

I have another websight. Is my dA account. I'm very proud of it. There you can find some of my fanfiction and also some origional peices by me. -huggles- You might like to take a look. -looks hopeful- is my hero forever and ever. She draws wonderful, wonderful NaruSasuNaru fanart and is a joy to talk to. Many of my fanfiction ideas have been inspired and helped along by her art and ideas. Take a few moments of your time and go say hello. She deserves it, she really does.

Naruto: Not following it, though. Because I can't find it. I can rely on my ever so flaily friends to do that. 0/.\0 Itachi is our pet. NaruSasu. KakaIru, SakuLee, um.. some others. And Uchihacest. Everyone is a secret Uchihacest addict.
DeathNote: Havn't actually read/watched. But I have reason to HATE Takada. LxLight, MattxMello deffinately, some others I suppose.
Harry Potter: Don't. Give. A. Damn. But I'll say I like Harry/Draco, especially after that scene in book seven. And Hermione/Ron. Sirius/Remus. Tonks/Madeye
Torchwood: Jack/Ianto OTP Gwen/DEATH Owen/Tosh sob Rhys/Weevil.
Yu-Gi-Oh: Kaiba/Joey. So on Puppyshipping high. Yami/Yugi Ryou/Bakura Marik/Malik uhh... Duke/Mai. Tea/DEATH.

Beyblade: TyKa

TopGear -lol- Hamster/Oliver, Jezza/Bugatti, Captain Slow/Washing Machine (his plane)

Any queries on other fandoms, please ask. Because I haven't mentioned lots, so just give it a try.

Sorry for having bored you to death. I might update/add/change from time to time. So keep watching.

P.S. Avvi made by a good friend of mine on dA, who graciously allowed me to use it.

Life and Death go hand in hand,
There can never be one without the other.

Is it not love after all, this that we have.

Bye! XxX AbbyJForever! XxX

P.S. If anyone has any quieries on fanfiction I have written or would like to contact me about something in regards to my fandoms or to suggest a fiction idea, then please send an e-mail to: (alternate e-mail address)

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