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This is the third time I've had to type this dang (Yes, I said dang, sorry if I'm less profane then you) message because I couldn't find the save changes button at the bottom (-slaps self- Idiot) Thankfully I've found it in advance this time so I will not be cursing at my computer today.

If you're reading this (No idea why you'd want to) you're probably one of two things; A) Thinking I'm a looney tune and want to know what the heck is going on in my head (I don't blame you really) or Q) Actually like my writing. Most likely the former (C'mon, raise your hands)

I'm not going to disclose much personal info in here so stalkers can get lost. (Like now) I spend most of my time her. In front of good ol' Adrian, (The computer, that is.) sitting on my chair that might as well have come from the Stone Age. (I know, your nerdar must being going off like mad by now) If I'm not here, I'm probably in front of my brother's computer (In his much more comfortable chair) playing on the 360. Of course I only have one game for that console so I just keep playing it over and over again. ('Cuz I'm weird like that y'know? I've pretty much memorized every cut scene in Kingdom Hearts 2 by now) And he only lets me play when he's not here (Which is a lot, Thank God) If I'm neither of those places then I'm in front of Dad's computer (Is it just me or is there a pattern here?) blowing my money on iTunes. If I'm not there, I'm probably downstairs playing Lost on the PS2 (I keep begging them to get the 3 but they won't let me. Dictators) Then lastly, if I'm in none of those places, I'm probably in school. (Learning so that I work until I die. How fun)

I get a bit obsessive over simple things. Like when my brother first let me get my hands on Kingdom Hearts I obsessed over it until I about became a hermit. (It was my first RPG and the start of my tomboyishness) Then thankfully Lost Odyssey came to my rescue. (Two years later, but whatever) I finished it in two weeks (49 hours game time) And am now playing it over (My goal is to beat all the optional bosses. I know, good luck) It's seriously easy when you start over at level 50 what's supposed to be played with a level 5 character. (Kaim's physical defenses are so dang strong he takes 0 damage almost every time.) Pf course it takes forever to level up. (I'm on Disc 4 and he's at level 53) And unfortunately the immortals are the only ones that keep their high levels (Jansen, Sed, Tolten, Cooke, and Mack are all still at whatever level they're supposed to be at) And this run-through the strategy guide is almost useless because they tell you to beef up your defenses a lot which is almost pointless when you're fighting a dude that attacks physically (Magic is a different matter) Anyway, fighting the Magic Ice Beast was a pain with only one immortal who wasn't even allowed to fight (Dang Reflect) plus I had to fight it twice (Long story, the thing froze up)

Okay, as you can see I obsess over something very easily (In two weeks I watched Seasons 1-3 of Lost) I have some one-shots already pre-written for Lost Odyssey (I am not letting them take that category away because people aren't filling it up) I'll probably be done with the second by the time I get my posting power. They're really short, (I don't do one-shots) like really short (Three pages on Word I'm ashamed to say) But I want to start filling up the category as quick as humanly possible. The first sort of explains why (and how) Kaim and Sarah got together after more then nine-hundred years apart. (And also why Sarah says she's only loved one man in the game. How is that possible?! To live nine-hundred friggin' years and only fall in love with one dude?) Or at least how I'd like to imagine it. (Kaim smiles. I can feel the universe ripping apart already) And each story sort of gets closer and closer to the point where the both get seperated and lose their memories. (I've sort of worked out a timeline, yay me!) And then we get to fics that take place during the game, and finally, after. (I'm very good at being vague)

I'll probably write some Ming/Jansen stuff (eventually, like before I die) to go along with the Kaim/Sarah stuff. So, now for the all so familiar list of Favs;

Favorite Video Game(s): (If you actually read anything, then I wouldn't have to type this. But I know you didn't) Lost Odyssey (All time favorite till Kaim, Sarah, and Ming die) and Kingdom Hearts 2

Favorite Movie(s): Juno (I'm an emotional sap, shoot me), Cloverfield, all the POTC movies

Favorite Book(s): Umm... yeah, books kinda took the backseat when I discovered I was a tomboy. But if you're holding a gun to my head, Maximum Ride the third one. (Don't ask me why you're holding a gun to my head, I'm the innocent victum, victem, victom, victim... Crap I can't spell vict- that word anymore! I need to get Law & Order with subtitles.)

Favorite Show(s): Psych (Shules is soooo adorable... Apparently all the girly girl-ness has not left me) Monk, Law & Order, Lost

Favorite Character(s): Sarah Sisulart (Yeah, I know most people don't, but she's one of those kind of people that seems shallow in character but you have to really pay attention to know there's something more) Kaim Argonar (Everybody loves a Kaim. You just can't help but want to hug him) Jansen Friedh (Such a wisecracker, just like moi) Seth Balmore (I totally love her tomboy attitude and how she's always ruffing up the guys. So much like me.) Sora, Kairi, Riku (So cool), Olette (There's a lot more to her character than the game shows) Roxas (I wanna hug Roxy too) Juno McDuff (She's like my idol, personality-wise, not having a baby at sixteen-wise. That's her last name right?) Shawn Spencer, Juliet O'Hara, Adrian Monk, Natalie Teeger, Olivia Benson, Kate Austen, James 'Sawyer' Ford, (I can't help but like the annoying sarcastic dude) Charlie Pace, Claire Littleton, Juliet Burke

Favorite Pairing(s): Kaim/Sarah Ming/Jansen Sokai (Sora/Kairi) Rikette (Riku/Olette) Namixas (Namine/Roxas I know how to do the little accent thing but my computer's acting stupid) Juno/Bleeker (Haven't thought up a name for it yet) Shules (Shawn/Juliet) Skate (Sawyer/Kate) Chaire (Charlie/Claire)

Favorite Artist(s): Paramore (Hands down) Avril Lavigne, Nickelback, Lifehouse, All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low (That like, less than a sixth of all the artists on my iPod dude)

Favorite Song(s): Too Far Gone, Dirty Little Secret, Move Along, Top of the World, Savin' Me, If Everyone Cared, Rockstar, Emergency, Here We Go Again, Whoa, Misery Business, Crushcrushcrush, Franklin, Hallelujah, Conspiracy, For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic, That's What You Get, Miracle, When It Rains, Let The Flames Begin, Fences, Born For This, The Best Damn Thing, Innocence, One of Those Girls, Contagious, Imagine, (Sung by Avril Lavigne, I'm no Beatles fan) Tomorrow, Anything But Ordinary, Nobody's Fool, Take Me Away, Together, Nobody's Home, Forgotten, Who Knows, Freak Out, Krytonite, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Iris, Before It's Too Late, Mad World, (Lost Odyssey fans should totally check out the Music Video on YouTube) Stop And Stare, Happy Ending, Fly Away, Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued, Dance Dance, A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More Touch Me, "The Take Over, the Breaks Over", You're Crashing But You're No Wave, High School Never Ends, How to Save a Life, In the End, What I've Done, Blind, First Time, Hanging By a Moment, I'd Do Anything, When I'm Gone, Teenagers, Headstrong, (By Trapt, not Ashley Tisdale) Pocketful of Sunshine, Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn, All Around Me, Coffeehouse Soundtrack, Six Feet Under the Stars, Party Scene

... So, my tastes in music are very... wide.

And with my three current stories, I'm so incredibly guilty of overkilling romance in a category that already has way too much romance. Don't ask me to write any adventure or action stories because we both know (Or at least I know) I can't. I might be able to make some humor or Jansen/Ming stories to even it out. But that's about all I can do. Sorry dude.

If you actually read all of that (Which you didn't) thanks.

I'm driving myself crazy here in my own little corner, trying to learn how to dislocate my shoulder so that I can get out of my straightjacket and stop typing with my nose.


There. Owch. Gotta pop my shoulder back in.


And for those of you who are wondering, yes, I am in fact, a girl. My frequent sayings of 'duuude', and 'man' and my rants about more guy oriented things tend to confuse people. (Including my real life friends. But that's just 'cuz they're perverted) And the slight sadism doesn't help either.

Dude, you know you're bored when you see a new review and you go 'OMG, newreview! -spaz-'

I'm going to leave you with some humor,


"The funny thing is that people don’t freak out until somebody gets pregnant. Which was the whole point to begin with"- That's actually a quote from me

"You kissed a girl?! That's so gay!"-From one of my guy friends to another.

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