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Welcome to my profile page. Here you'll find all of my current projects and news of any future ones. As well as a little bit about myself.

Current Work

Will be uploading a series of finished and unfinished works. Assault on Balaurea is still on the shelf because of some personal disputes with the characters. Sorry guys.

Currently working on the next chapter of Assault on Balaurea, "The Shadow of Triumph". (ATTENTION:NEW: This might be post poned for a while as I am working on more personal projects. I promise that I will continue this fanfic but I might not continue it at the rate some readers would like.)

Also putting together a future project that will entail a cross over of several games and stories with original content. Currently no title for this work yet.

Writer Bio

I am an emerging fanfic writer though I have actually been writing on an off for a long time since middle school (in college now). I have written fanfictions and crossovers before just never posted them online for others to see and lost a few of them. I write mostly original content with original characters and places unless I know I can truly capture the character I want to imitate. My stories are always based on real experiences I've had with people and games. Assault on Balaurea was actually inspired by my guild on the test server upon release of Assault on Balaurea. A templar named Arthen, a cleric named Altina (Tina), a sorcerer named Intricate (Innes), and a scout named Athame (Vince). Although Athame and Altina are both characters of mine (coined Athamazing from Athame), I gave them separate personalities and added a few more original characters as well as some classic NPCs to make the world come alive. I continue to write this fanfic (even though we've since then disbanded) to share my first experience with a unique and accurate version of Balaurea content. Keep an eye out for a future project that I plan on writing to capture the original story from the beginning with the prophecy of the 13th Empyrean Lord and the fall of the Tower of Eternity.


At the moment my current inspirations come from the Fire Emblem series as well as some of the larger online RPGs that I have played. This includes Rift, Aion, Runescape, and some elements of WoW (though I never played it much). I also get a good portion of inspiration from music, mostly soundtracks from games like the Metroid Prime trilogy and Zelda games as well as some original instrumental songs and my favorite genre which is Trance. A lot of my inspiration also comes from the outside world and various religions and spiritualities I've studied as well as some favorite animated works (Princess Mononoke, Avatar the last Airbender, and others)

Favorite Games

Some that were included above like Aion and Fire Emblem (7, 9, and 10) as well as: LoZ Ocarina of Time, NiGHTS into Dreams, Digimon World I, Super Smash Brothers Melee, FF7 Series, Pokemon Sapphire, Mario Kart Double Dash, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Tetris, and probably a few others I forgot to mention which were probably not that great.

Favorite Movies/Shows

Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Avatar the last Airbender, .hack, Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, etc.

Favorite Characters of all Time

Genesis from FFVII:CC, Matthew from FE:Blazing Sword, Iroh from Avatar the last Airbender, Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke.

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