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Author has written 12 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear, Pokémon, and Breath of Fire.

S: Well done, oh weary traveller, for finding this dark cave where a mysterious triumvirate of mysterious people do mysterious things... Mind the cans, and the pizza's still only a few days old.

To distract you from this feeble attempt to disguise my stupid accidental deletion of our original introduction, I present the profile of STaR Productions, manned by me, S, a writer of Sonic fanfiction, T, a fan and writer of both Sonic and Kingdom Hearts fanfiction, and R, who does Metal Gear. He's boring though.

UPDATE 3rd MAY 2010

S: (blah blah message blah)

R: Whoa, now hang on a sec! Like hell is the towel being thrown in. I only realise this now but I forgot to mention I'll be starting to write again as soon as I start work... well not "as soon as" but once everything has settled down... aaaand I just read the date. Wow think I'm a bit late? Meh! Although I haven't got an exact date I'll be starting the tail-end of May, so chill and relax and... don't eat the pizza it's been there for weeks by now... just order out and charge it to S he won't mind... as long as he hasn't read this XD.

S: Fine, previous message deleted. Status reverted to 'almost dead'.


S: Right then, a bit about us. We're too old to be considered teenagers, but our exact ages are unknown. We hail from that rainy island off the coast of Europe, in some undisclosed northern part of it.

R: Known as the Batcave! XD

T: Actually it's England you fool.

R: They are one and the same anyway...

S: Ok... So then, moving on! We like to write for our various obsessions. I, for instance, am obsessed to the point of insanity with Sonic the Hedgehog.

R: Obsessed isn't strong enough a word for you, S! Anyway I like the ever classic METAL GEAR! I love playing MGS4!

T: I like almost everything related to Final Fantasy! That includes Kingdom Hearts as well.

S: I did a personality quiz as well, just out of sheer boredom and curiosity. Apparently in the Sonic Character Personality... thing, I'm Dr Eggman. What do you know. I suddenly have an incredible IQ and want to conquer the world in the most laughably ridiculous way possible. How awesome indeed. The thing was apparently tied between the good Doctor, Shadow, and Knuckles. Now what does that say about me...?

T: I did as well, I turn out to be like Sonic! I was nearly Shadow but off a bit. Never thought that would happen, seeing as though I am not as rebellious as it supposedly says. But it says I am a good friend, which makes me feel awesome. As for these 'evildoers' it says I like to defeat BE AFRAID!! And I never knew I could run that fast...

S: Wait a minute...! We're mortal enemies! I HATE YOU SO MUCH, HEDGEHOG!!

T: You're too slow!! AHA! LOSER!!

S: I'm still The Eggman with the Master Plan, Sonic! Muhahahaha!

T: All I need to do is jump on you and you are slain!! HA!!

S: But you have to do it eight times!

R: Aha! I too took the test and as the mighty Knuckles I'll beat the crap out of you both! Haha!

T: At least we don't have to sit on an deserted island and guard a gem for all our lives!! At least we get to do something fun! HA!

S: And while you're busy I'll sneak off and get my fleet to steal that enormous rock...

R: I think not! (wallops S in the face)

S: (16-bit explosion effect) ...ow... Damn you cursed echidna! That emerald shall be mine, especially as you seem to blatantly ignore it in all of the recent Sonic games!

R: I was busy... playing those aforementioned Sonic games... and MGS4 etc.

S: Hey we're on a roll here, aren't we guys? Random information has been given, and now we get to the interesting part! (underline totally necessary)

T: Ooh, the interesting part!

S: :(

T: ...I mean, 'ooh, the interesting part!'

S: :)

R: Um, remind me again?

S: We give info on what stories we're writing! Yay!

R: I've been having too much chocolate lately...

S: ...well that wasn't random.

R: :D

S: I'll just ignore you now. Well then, this calls for a sub-section!

Current Projects

The Tethered Moon - Set an undetermined amount of time before the events of Sonic CD, this sees Sonic and Amy meet for the first time. It's written by S, and it's not a very happy story, at least, not at first. It is a prequel to Brave New World, and if you've read that, you can probably guess that this isn't a straightforward adaptation. It has been described as very dark. Chapter 3 is being written... very slowly. Logic keeps getting in the way of the plot.

Kingdom Hearts III: Origin of the Keyblade- Written by T, this story is based on T's idea of what Kingdom Hearts III might be like. Chapter 26 up, Chapter 27 coming at some point. This story basically details events before the KH series, andthen goes on to a new adventure after KH2. It is a blend between serious adventure/action stuff, and rib-cracking humour! Also now has a bit of romance between Sora and Kairi, not serious but cute fluff.

The Tanker Incident: The Truth- This one is written by R, and is set entirely during the Tanker Incident at the beginning of MGS2, as a humourous parody of it. Snake is as stupid as you can get, and the guards are even stupider! Can Snake get through the ship with his orchestra and camera crew following him everywhere? What is Ocelot's Master Plan? Chapter 5 is up and Chapter 6 will be with us within the century.

Shadow the Hedgehog: The Full Story - A story that is based on the game Shadow the Hedgehog. This is written by T, mainly a humour adaptation of the game, with a few original events from his insane imagination. Will eventually cover just about all levels in the game, it is explained in the story how Shadow ends up all over the place. Chapter 16 finally up and running, Chapter 17 at some point in time. Most favoured story we have at the moment as well.

Sonic Next Gen: The Full Story - A humour story based on Sonic the Hedgehog (Next Gen, 2006). Covers Sonic's, Shadow's and Silver's stories all in one. Starts off with Silver and then will progress to other characters when needed. Written by T, this humour story is based on the events after Shadow the Hedgehog: The Full Story. Is technically on hold until T finishes the prequel, but thanks to its sudden popularity, there is a third chapter now. Those who have read T's Shadow the Hedgehog story should have an idea what to expect from this.

Of Gods and Men- Written by R, based on the world of Breath of Fire 4 but with his own added plot. Ryu was commanded by his Goddess to destroy his oldest friend for his betrayals. Ryu tried to carry out her wishes, but an unexpected twist leads him to wake up in the Wyndian desert, with no memory of who he is... what's a dragon to do? Chapter 2 is up, next should be following reasonably soon.

S: There you go, our works in progress, all neatly lined up for your inspection. We have a few other stories around as well, which will be listed below.

Past Projects

Brave New World - This one was written by S. It's technically a game adaptation, but with many surprise twists so that it becomes a story all on its own. It doesn't end in the expected way either. The main focus is the games, but the story isn't limited to them, it does draw from other aspects of the giant pool of variety that is Sonic. Starts off as Sonic the Hedgehog 3&K, but... well, differences soon become apparent. The inevitable sequel is being planned with near-impossible slowness, but being planned it is. S really can't write good endings.

The Sidekick Of Someone Else Now- A short oneshot which spawned a sequel, this is written from Tails' perspective as he embraces his new life as the sidekick of the new ruler of the world. Much bitterness within, and character death, actual, referenced and implied. Written by S, and his first foray into these topics.

The Sidekick's Vengeance- The work of S, this is the sequel of 'The Sidekick Of Someone Else Now'. Set at no particular time in the Sonic Universe(s), and no particular kind of Sonic either, but leans pretty damn heavily towards 'SEGASonic'. A deadly serious tale filled with emotion and friendship. Oh, and revenge and hatred by the bucketload. Sonic is dead, Robotnik rules the world, with the help of Miles Prower.

Sonic's Creed- A funny parody of Assassin's Creed but using Sonic characters instead. Sonic is Altair and Desmond, Tails is Vidic, and Shadow is the Master! Dr Robotnik is Robert de Sable and Amy is Lucy. A story by S, and his very first one ever, so be kind. If you feel like it that is. Romances are mentioned but nothing too explicit or plot relevant... yet. Currently on hold while S thinks of new ideas.

The Keyblade's Return: The Rising Darkness- This is written by R, and is an AU of Kingdom Hearts. Basically you join renowned yet young mercenary Sora as he is hunted down by a mysterious organisation, led by an incredibly familiar silver haired teenager... Set in a dark and dismal city on Destiny Islands, expect plenty of violence and a mysterious plot. Also includes the Keyblade! Yay! Has been removed by R for a while for a bit of rewriting. Expect it in the next few decades or so.

Kingdom Hearts II: Gone Wrong! - Humour adaption of Kingdom Hearts II, written by T. This version was the prototype of the game before Square and Disney realised the amount of language and insanity was too great for the fans. Join Sora, Donald and Goofy in this insane story. On hold since T is busy with other projects.

The Legendary Pokemon Council- Exactly what it says, really. The adventures of the Pokemon Council, made up of legendaries. Their job is to make sure Nintendo doesn't have a bad game, by inspecting all the planned titles upcoming. Written primarily by T, but is actually a joint project between all three of us. Chapter 5 has been uploaded, and the next chapter is being planned and written by T, although it'll be a while before he gets round to it. It is a humour story, lots of funniness within it. On hold since T is busy with other projects and can't think of any good ideas at the moment.

Upcoming Projects

S: There aren't any...

T: Yet! Mwahahahaaaa!!

S: By the way, if we have faved you and put you on alert, yet not commented in a review, it's because I uploaded our favourites straight from our hard drives, back when we didn't have a profile. So we just haven't got round to it yet, or we've missed you. If you are feeling left out, just PM, and I'll be sure to look into it. We try to always leave reviews though, because everybody deserves reviews. We don't leave anonymous reviews, so if you have one apparently from us, it is FALSE. Tell us if you have one though. We like to think we are worth being impersonated. Also, if we have only left reviews on the later chapters of your story, it means we have read the previous chapters before this profile existed.

R: Yes indeed, I shall use my awesome ninja skills to lie on the couch and fall asleep.

S: By the way (again), there ARE three of us. Not just one. Or two. Or fourteen million. Just three.

R: Where the hell did you learn to count?

T: The demonic place known as 'School', remember?

S: No really, there are three of us. I personally think it's very apparant in our different writing styles, but whatever. :)

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