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KAL: Hey, guys. My name is Kal Shaka Mel. For those wondering, that means "Go to hell" in goa'uld.

DEADPOOL: And I'm Deadpool! That means Deadpool!

KAL: *sigh* Yes, hello Deadpool. Just so you guys know, I don't own Deadpool.

DEADPOOL: Damn right, you don't! My ass is owned by Marvel! You're not awesome enough to own me!

KAL: Yes, thank you. Now, I live in Denver, love science fiction (and just science!), love fics where good characters become evil, enjoy femmslash (don't hold that against me), love stories with good plots and characters, HATE grammatical errors (they're just distracting), and have only one actually successful story. I (currently) have five stories, most of them crossovers. I have ideas for several other stories, however, and I might post several others at some point in time. My favorite TV show is Avatar: The Last Avatar, because it is the best animated show, maybe the best show period, that has been produced in America in a very long time, for probably a very long time. Also, I'm a Zutarian.


KAL: Watch the show.

DEADPOOL: Fine! I will! *leaves to watch the show, comes back crying* THAT FINALE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! When he did the thing and the pssh and the pssh and the wooblewooblewooblewooblewooble, but then PSSSSH, wooblewooblewooblewooblewooblewooble AAAAHHHHHH! THAT WAS AMAZING!

KAL: Thank you. Now watch the movie.

DEADPOOL: Kay. If its anything like the show, it must be awesome. *leaves to watch movie, gunshots and explosions are heard, returns in a rage* THAT MOVIE WAS A PIECE OF SHIT!!!!

KAL: Good. Now you know my rage. Anyway, that rant was because I wanted to get that out there. The show is awesome and the movie sucks komodo-rhino balls.

DEADPOOL: While swimming with the Unagi!

KAL: Agreed. Information on my stories (currently written) are at the bottom of my profile. Enjoy!

DEADPOOL: Or suffer!

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Currently on hiatus. To be revamped at some point.

Mutant Stone PROGRESS:


Rise of the Lost City PROGRESS:


Teen Titans: Ultimate Alien PROGRESS

Currently on hiatus.

Harry Potter: Lord of the Sith PROGRESS

Chapter 6 posted, chapter 7 in progress

Harry Potter: Lord of the Sith (LEMONS) PROGRESS

Waiting for lemon/lime to post.

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