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Hey my name is Nicolette. Or Nikki as my friends call me. I am 17 and I live in Illinois. I have another account my name is xoBrucas4lifeox. It is dedicated to my only stories that have to do with One Tree Hill. This page only has my stories that has to do with disney channel.

So as you all can see Backup and Stranger are now deleted. That's because i just cant figure out what i want to happen next. They might come back they might not, i havent decieded. One thing i have decieded tho is that I'm only working on two stories at a time. One from this account and on from my other one. On this account i have chosen Some Things Never Change or STNC. On my other account i have chosen Untold Truths. Please dont hate me. I have already started new fanfics but they will not be on her untill the other two are finished. I will how ever give you the summary for them.

Human Nature(Camp Rock/WOWP/Hannah Montana Crossover, ships include Nalex, Niley, Jiley, Smitchie, possibly Alex/OC and Jason/OC)

That’s rich Nate. So please tell me if I’m your everything, why aren’t I the one you flaunt your friends too? Why aren’t I the one who go’s to your house and meet’s your mother? Why do we have to hide our relationship? I’ll tell you why. Because you are a coward! You care more about who makes you look good or helps your reputation then who you have feelings for.You could care less about the fact that a piece of me breaks inside every time I see you two holding hands in the hallway, or kissing in a doorway! You could care less about the fact that what I feel isn’t just a fling! That I actually love you!

The Missing(One Tree Hill/Supernatural Crossover, Ships include Brucas, Brean, Naley, Jeyton, Suam/Ruby)

She had the perfect Life. Perfect husband. Perfect Family, until she was attacked, and supposedly killed. That’s what her husband thought. Until She came back with two men in tow and no memory of him or their daughter.

Interesting things about me:

Favorite Songs(at the moment): Remembering Sunday-All Time Low, The Silence- Mayday Parade, Nice Guys Finish Last-Cobra Starship.

Favorite Book: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Uglies, Pretties, Specals, Extras, Clique books, Gossip Girl Books, Romeo and Juliet

Favorite Shows: Degrassi, Gossip Girl, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (watching the eniter show from season one right now, woohoo, i am on season three so far. ikno i am a dork, BUT WHO CARES), One Tree Hill, 90210, General Hospital,(i kno it's a soap opera) MVP, Wizards Of Waverly Place, Greek, Kyle Xy, House, Grey' s Antomy, Ugly betty, Lost, Heroes, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, South Park, Family Guy (okay guys i dont have that much time that i sit infront of the tv, i watch most of it on DVR or when i get the time)

Favorite Movies: Hairspray, HSM, HSM2, The Lion King, Transformers, Juno, Sisterhood of the Traviling Pants

Favorite Celebrities: JAMES LAFFERTY! Zac Efron, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato( ok so i kno i said i didnt like her before but she kinda grew on me.) I love Tony Oller,Amanda Bynes, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Chace Crawford (him and Carrie were so cute together i am mad they are over), Jonas Brothers, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal, Shia LaBeouf, Rachel Mcadams.

Hottest Celebrities: JAMES LAFFERTY!ZAC EFRON, Joe Jonas, Jenson Ackles, Chad Michael Murray, Jeremy Sumpter, Max Theriot, Tony Oller, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick (kinda, when hes not playing Chuck), Robert Pattison

Celebrities I HATE: Vanessa Hudgens( She is a slut and cheater and fake and I hate her with a burning passion. She can go die in a ditch and i would throw a party. That was kinda mean but its true! Zac doesn't deserver her.) Miley Cyrus, ( she just bugs me) Lindsey Lohan, Mirah Carey (idk if i spelled her name right??) John Mayer ok that all of them.

Favorite Fanfic Couples:

Camp Rock:Smitchie, Naitlin(sometimes, only if Selena isn't in the story), Janistaia.(From After the Credit Roll and Life Keeps Going by DevilPup)

Wizards of Waverly Place: Jemi, Nelena.(WHO ARE GOING OUT IN REAL LIFE!)

High School Musical: Troypay, Gabby/No one.(she doesnt diserve anyone) Jelsi, Chaylor, RyanxMartha

Hannah Montana: Loe, Nilly, Jiley, Loliver.

Twilight: BellaxEdward, AlicexJasper, RosaliexEmmett, CarlislexEsme.

Gossip Girl: SerenaxDan, NatexBlair, NatexSerena, LillyxRufus, DanxVanessa, ChuckxBlair (okay so Chuck proved himself, he's just gotta say he loves her and that will be awsome) .

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: BuffyxAngle, BuffyxRiley, WillowxOz, sometimes WillowxTara, XanderxAnya, sometimes XanderxCordilla(they made me laugh when they were together)

One Tree Hill: Brucas, Jeyton and Naley. of course. Rooper, Kaith, Mouthicent, Bevin/Skills

Fanfic Couples I dislike:

Camp Rock: Nate/Tess, Jonascest, any fem slash's

Wizards of Waverly Place: Jalex(yuck their brother and sister people.) Halex, Dalena(DavidxSelena)

High School Musical: Toryella, RyanxSharpay

Hannah Montana: Niley, Liley, Moe, Moliver.

Twilight: BellaxJacob, anthing thats not the orignal couples

Gossip Girl: LillyxBart Bass, NatexVanessa, DanxGorgina, NatexKathrine.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: BuffyxSpike, WillowxXander(their too good of friends)

One Tree Hill: PUCAS, Brooke/Felix, Brulian, Bowen, Brace, Lucas/Anna, anything thats not Naley.

that you think the Jonas Brothers are gay
and only because they dont talk about hooking
up with girls in their music.

that you think they are pansies,
and only because they aren't cussing
at us through their music.

that you joke at me for being in love with them
and only because you dont know them,
and haven't given them a chance.

That they call girls beautiful instead of sexy,
so you think that they are wussies
and only because you dont have the guts to
call us beautiful instead, too.

That you think their music sucks
and only because they arent talking about
getting drunk or high.

And most of all I'M SORRY
that you haven't even given them a chance.
You haven't even listened to their music. And
you haven't even thought about the fact that
girls LOVE when guys act like the Jonas Brothers do,
Ya know? Kind, Polite and Like Gentleman. PUT THIS ON YOUR PROFILE IF YOU AGREE

I made a website for here. it has new things about the stories on it and also has the banners. please check it out. here is the link:


My Heart- Tony Oller-

Could You Be The One- Tony Oller-

Open- Demi Lovato-

Tell Me Something I Don't Know- Selena Gomez-

When Life's On Hold- Tony Oller-

Can't Have You- Jonas Brothers-

Stuff from Some Things Never Change

Nikki's Dream Dress:

Selena's Bridesmaid dress: (look at the dress in mint and the shash and stuff in palomino)

Mitchie's Bridesmaid dress: (look at the dress in mint and the shash and stuff in palomino)

Tiffany's Bridesmaid dress: (look at the dress in mint and the shash and stuff in palomino)

Mitchie's dress from chapter 9:

Stuff From Once Upon A Time

Outfits and Characters:

Guilty Pleasure Outfits

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And I came here to make you dance tonight, I don't care if I'm a Guilty Pleasure for you... I listened to that song over and over again. That's all I was to Nate. A Guilty Pleasure. But he was so much more to me. Nalex/Niley/Smitchie/Jeylor/Zaylor/Kenelle
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