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Indefinitely on Hiatus.

Life has gotten unexpectedly busy, so for right now all projects and my activity here (commenting, faving etc.) will be mostly at a standstill; but I'll still drop by when I can. =)

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03-15-13 Update: The ides of March! o_o ...I'm on spring break right now so I had some time to upload a Two Guns fic I wrote in 2012. If I have some more time I might dig through and see if I can polish up some old, unsubmitted Rufus one-shots too. =D

08-05-10 Update: Uploaded Chapter 6 a few weeks ago. Haven't yet started writing Chapter 7 but I am debating whether I should submit a few one-shots I wrote.

03-17-10 Update: Started a one-shot collection: Multiples of One. Only one chapter so far so it's not really a collection right now XD, but others will come. I have been going through some sort of paranoid stage with my writing lately...but hopefully that's over. As far as If Only Love Was Simple goes, I am about 1/2 way through editing Chapter 6. I have Spring Break next week so hopefully I will get a lot done on it.

01-06-10 Update: Finished writing Chapter 6 this morning...it needs a LOT of editing work though.

11-19-09 Update: I uploaded a one-shot I spontaneously decided to write a couple days ago. I also started writing Chapter 6 of my multichaptered fic awhile ago.

9/22/09 Update: Uploaded Chapter 5 about a week ago. I'm planning to start writing Chapter 6 today. But college is also starting tomorrow, hopefully I won't get too much homework so I have time to keep writing.

8/9/09 Update: Uploaded Chapter 4 today! After I put the finishing touches on Chapter 5 I'll be able to upload that too. It'll probably only take a couple weeks at most.

6/16/09 Update: Today I finished writing Chapter 4 so now all I have to do is edit it! I'm thinking about splitting it into two chapters though because it is very long...

4/7/09 Update: Not a very big update, I just added an about me section thing to my profile. I've been super busy so I haven't started writing chapter 4 yet. But I'm on spring break now so I plan to start very soon!!

2/19/09 Update: Chapter 3 is up! Yea!!

1/12/09 Update: I finished writing chapter 3 a couple weeks ago. Now I'm just editing it. Hopefully I'll be able to post it soon.

12/25/08 Update: I've actually been slowly working on chapter 3 since October but since I don't know how long this chapter is going to be yet, I have no idea when I'll be done. Also, if I get around to it I might actually make my profile look more like a profile and less like just an update sheet.

10/29/08 Update: Finally uploaded chapter 2 yesterday. A big thank you to all reviewers and people who have enjoyed my story!! I forgot to put that in the notes at the bottom of the chapter 2.

7/22/08 Update: Well I have the next chapter written. Now I just have to type it out on my computer and edit it/get rid of all the errors/etc. (I do all my writing on actual paper, I know it takes longer that way, but I can't concentrate when I try to write on the computer) Next chapter should be uploaded sometime in the near future!!

6/24/08 Update: Wow, I've finally gotten around to writing something in here. Well it's been a little while since I've updated my story so I just though I'd let people know that I am still writing it. I'm not sure if anyone was worried since it hasn't been too terribly long since my last update, but just in case, I though I'd let you know. xD Hopefully I'll get a new chapter finished soon so I can have something to upload on here.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Multiples of One reviews
Currently featuring a Before Crisis timeline one-shot starring Rufus Shin-Ra, and a partial back story for Two Guns. This will be a series of one-shots/drabbles with a focus FFVII characters. Topics, characters involved, and ratings will vary.
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