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Story News

Being Sif:

So I started writing Being Sif when I was eighteen years old. I'd like to think that Being Sif has been gradually improving since then. It has been a real learning process for me and has turned into something of a writing exercise. Writing is sort of like running into the ocean, you know? Like, when you first run into the water it's shallow and you're running all fast. It's easy. But eventually the water gets deeper and you slow down. Before you know it, you're drowning man. I'm about 10 feet below water at this point with Being Sif, but it has seriously been a blast. The struggle is real but I'm not quitting. I plan to continue writing this fiction until is completed. Not too sure how long that will take.

Being Sif is no longer on hiatus by the way! Here are some links to my sources of inspiration.

Sif's green dress:

Sif's Song:


Sif's Blue dress

Also a plethora of Sifki on my tumblr blog.

My Name is Natalie:

I decided I needed to write a Winter Widow piece at that moment in the theater when the Winter Soldier said three litte words; "I have her." I know where I would like to take the characters and where it will end but sometimes a plot changes it's mind. I'm trying to keep this fic fairly relaxed and unrushed. So far I'm doing my best to put both Natasha and Barnes in realistic roles and give them the dialogue and personalities they deserve. So yeah, I'm just having fun. Takin' it easy with them ;)


At the time that I wrote Freaks I was in need of a palate cleanser so you could say it was a bit self indulgent. Going into Freaks I wanterd several things; I wanted it to be symmetrical, Au, and it be solely about Sif's journey and no one else's. And if I was going to write a Sifki Au, it was going to be seriously Alternate Universe. Hence the circus theme. Somehow I ended up with this angsty, old timey yet modern, quirky piece of fiction that nearly wrote itself. It was a very fun and easy experience.

Someone recently brought it to my attention that the third chapters Freaks was an exeprt from My Name Is Natalie. Thank you guest! Anyways that's fixed now and orginal third Freaks and final chapter is now up.

Past Hell's Gates:

Oh man, I started writing this fic when I was sixteen so naturally I can't read through an entire paragraph without cringing. Am I ever going to return to it? Not likely. There is just too much to fix. I guess it's a good thing that I can now see the numerous flaws in this story; means I'm improving. But I think to go back to this fic would be to take a step backwards. Maybe one day I'll start up a new Avatar fic when the next Avatar film comes out, whenever that may be. But I'm glad that some readers are capable of enjoying Past Hell's Gates so thank you for your support :)

My Bio

What is there to say about me?

I've been reading ever since I could pick up a book. Growing up in my family was rough and I was abused in a lot of ways. I've always found respite in imagining myself as a different person in a different world and reading let's me do that best. I was about thirteen, around the time that I stopped reading books and started reading fanfiction. Every since I stopped reading books, the family has mocked me a lot for being too stupid to read. But I've learned so much from fanfiction and I feel like it's something special I'd like to keep for myself and my readers.

Five random things you don't know about me:

1. I've never been drunk.

2. I'm asexual.

3. I'm a dental assistant.

4. I'm a hardcore gamer.

5. I'm near sighted.

Follow me on tumblr at

Mainly a Sif/Loki, Bucky/Nat blog where I post fan art, videos and stuff of that sort. Feel free to PM if you have any questions :)

Thank you for checking out my profile and have a happy tide! :D

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