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Name: Emily
Age: 22
Occupation: Pharmacy technician
Status: Eternally unattached, but kinda liking it

Favorite Movies: Across the Universe, Becoming Jane, How to Deal, Persuasion, Rocky, Say Anything, Sense and Sensibility, Tristan + Isolde

Favorite Books: 'Gone With the Wind' (Margaret Mitchell), 'The Host' (Stephenie Meyer), 'Jane Eyre' (Charlotte Bronte), 'The Notebook' (Nicholas Sparks), 'Persuasion' and 'Pride and Prejudice' (Jane Austen), 'The Princess Diaries' series (Meg Cabot), 'Wuthering Heights' (Emily Bronte)

Most Embarrassing Moment: Falling out of a car outside of my apartment last year after one of "those nights" and hitting my head on the curb. Good times. I had a huge cut on my forehead in the shape of an F and I still have a small scar.

Best Moment of My Life: It's actually a tie (probably like a 4-way tie) between all the nights that I've met some of my hugest idols. Top one goes to the third time I met my biggest idol ever (Scott Alan, he's a composer. Look him up, his music will change your life) and he said "Hey Emily" and came over and gave me a huge hug while everyone around us did the 'how does she know him!?' face. And the Muse concert has now made it a 5-way tie.

Way-Too-Long Random list of things about me:
I love to write but I'll probably never post on here. (Love to read fanfiction - like seriously obsessed - but I'll never write it.) I've kept a journal for 9 years though there are times (months) where I'll completely forget (I have filled 9 journals/composition books). I am in the middle of mapping out an original story that I've had in my head for about a year and of course I'll end up writing the entire thing by hand because that's how I've always written any paper I've ever had to write for a class; my creative juices just flow that much better.

I curse a lot. Like seriously a lot. And every once in a while I get on a kick with a new profanity-laced phrase and use it way too often. Thank goodness the mere sight of my mother leads to my inability to say anything too bad.

I'm a total klutz (see 'my most embarrassing moment' above). Luckily I take it all in stride and turn any of my clumsy incidents into great stories. My falling-out-of-the-car story is my top-told story and it's really quite fun to tell.

I want to have a love affair with Broadway.

I also have a freakish obsession with music. The only time I don't have music playing is when I'm watching a movie, more or less. I have a ton of favorite bands and I've actually managed to see a few of them live. Muse is my favorite band and if you say that you love them and then mention Supermassive Black Hole when I interrogate you as to which songs are your favorites, I will totally judge you and possibly even secretly dislike you, unless it really is a fluke and has nothing to do with the fact that the song is on the Twilight soundtrack (love Twilight but I'm pissed that all these people suddenly "love" Muse now when I've adored them for years). Edit: Saw them in concert in Philly in March!! Top 5 moment!

I'm 5'2 and my little sister is 2 inches taller than me and still growing. I have a Bachelor's of Science and you'd think I didn't even graduate from high school with how hard it has been to find a job. I'm a vegetarian and have been for 7 years. I have a fiery temper and often pick fights with people (especially guys - sorry!! - which I've recently learned is something I've gotten from my mother, as is my total inability to have a relationship without screwing it up before it's even begun).

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