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Author has written 2 stories for Saw, and Supernatural.

My main reason for creating an account for this website was to share my stories with the rest of the readers. I've tried my hand at a few fanfics.

My first here was Kingdom Hearts, I gave up on it after the first few chapters due to a lack of reviews and lack of interest. My next two were Supernatural fanfics; the first were two different hunters on the road together. It was a little bit too much like the original Supernatural show. The next Supernatural fanfic was set in the past, once again, a lack of reviews and interest.

I've done quite a number of stories that I've never finished, unfortunately.

But my new fanfic interest is based on the Movie Series, Saw. By far it's the best story I've ever written and I believe I'll be able to stick with it as long as I get enough people to read and review it.

So any continuous readers, please make an attempt to review. It really motivates me and gets me pumped to do a new chapter.

And if you want to talk to me more, even if it's not about my story, feel free to send me a message to me e-mail and I'll get back to you as soon as possible, or talk to me on Aim. My address is on Aim is "Kyloem" as well.

It excites me to see that more story is getting so many visitors and hits. Those are the things that drive me to make new chapters, knowing that my story is adored by fans.

Because I'm too lazy to do sketches of traps, I've decided to simply do sort of a 'review' on my own stories.

Act I + Prologue-

It all started with Steven. I wanted to start off my Saw Fic with someone getting killed in a gruesome and awful way. I think I did just that with Steven. I already had an idea of how I was gonna do Act I. For whenever I start a new Act, I always plan out the end before the beginning. Any decent Saw Fic needs a plot twist. I find it easiest to include those by planning out the twists and filling everything else in afterwards.

To be honest, Steven was just gonna be tossed aside and probably only mentioned as someone who died. But my girlfriend (ChibiYuugiKoibito, who also helps with my grammar and puncution...not to say it's bad or anything, of course!) came up with an idea to have my Fic revolve around him. I never would've guessed that Steven would still be mentioned in Act III!

I went through Act I with the full intention to kill Isaac off from the very start to add some 'fun' to the story. Then I brought back Steven and had Alison dig through his organs! Almost like what Amanda had to do in Saw I, but much more extreme. Poor Steven, he's definitely rotting right now with his sawed back, mangled arm, and cut open abdomen.

I also had the intention of making Roy this...hero of Act I. He began to see the errors of his ways and wanted to fix himself for the wife he loved so dearly. But then I had him kill himself.


I also had every intention of doing that. Make it a complete surprise for the readers to see Roy killed off before the Act was even over. But that's what heroes do right? Sacrifice themselves for others.

I quickly changed the point of view to Alison, who managed to figure out Jigsaw's plan and escaped.

Then Grace, (ironic name, huh? Again, not a coincidence!) suddenly twisted the whole story and took Kaden out. I had so much fun with that, making Grace so innocent through those first seven scenes.

And Kaden was left halfway through the shards as Jigsaw gave off the surprise that Kaden had been the one poisoned all along! Despite the beliefs of him and everyone else.

I still get goosebumps when I think of how I left Kaden off in that chapter. Laying in a bunch of broken shards, struggling to get his antidote.

Act II-

Father David was fun to mess around with. My girlfriend gave me the idea for the crucifix, but everything else was my own idea!

...I rarely take ideas from other people's work. I'll actually avoid going to Saw sites and looking for custom trap ideas. What's the fun if it's not your own work?

Then I introduced Kevin, he was also pretty fun to play with. The overeager, obsessed, detective. I also had to bring Alison back, so I had Kevin yell at her for the location of Jigsaw's game. And, nothing new, Alison cried again. Of course, we all know by now that those tears were completely faked.

I then had the idea to bring back Jade's wife! She started her first game by digging through already-bloody shards. These shards were actually the same ones that Kaden had to trudge through in the end of Act I. If anyone caught that by the flashback at the end of Act II.

Act I's theme was lies, and trepidation (funny, trepidation only accounted for the first chapter in my Fic. But I wasn't about to change it.). While Act II's theme was obsession.

I had a few traps, brought Isaac back for a quick surprise to readers, and showed Kevin's cruelity as he let Mary die. I then revealed Grace to be a disguised SWAT member. I couldn't just leave her out. And, of course, I had the full intention of Alison knocking out Grace and taking her place as the disguised SWAT member.

Then came possibility my favorite trap so far. Not because of the gore, but because of the twist! We were finally brought back to Kaden, who's game had been cut short at the end of Act I. His flashback gave us a look at Grace's insanity. This insanity follows through at the end of Act II and the beginning of Act III. She goes completely crazy as she yells and curses John's name.

Then Jade is left for dead as Kevin goes to find Jigsaw. Kevin finally gets him, but it's not as he expected as Jigsaw scolds him for his obsession. Kevin is then hit with a shocking revelation as he realizes he could've stayed in the elevator at the beginning of Act II and Jigsaw still would've been put into jail by Paula who was now climbing the stairs. Jade gets a shocking twist of her own as she realizes she was the main cause of Roy's death. That's why you should never neglect your life partner, kids!

Then came the fun part. Knocking both Kevin and Paula out as Alison is revealed to be under the mask and Grace in a dark room somewhere. Alison goes and completes Roy's last request to tell Jade he was sorry. (I actually hadn't planned for Alison to do that. But I realized Alison was there, and Jade could still be alive) I ended Jade's story in a realistic way. Her slowly dying as she listened to her husband's voice as he died as well.

I ended the Act with reader's wondering what happened to Kevin more than anything. Though I myself was more giddy about showing Grace's and Alison's side of the story in Act III...

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