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A Note From Wilder-chan ~ No. 23 - Things on the Wilder Side

I freakin' love Orphen.

I know, I haven't updated anything in a LONG time... I'm looking for inspiration for my fics; if anyone would like to provide some for me, that'd be great!

Anyway, I'm in great health; I've had a wonderful summer! I got a new kitten that I've named Yuuki. My pinto gelding is perfect; I love him to death! Is there anything else I need to talk about? I'll update again if I think of anything.

xXXx Wilder xXXx


Name: Call me Wilder-chan!

Age: I am fifteen, turning sixteen on the date specified below!

Birthday: May 14, exactly five months from Rukia's (aka Chappy Day). I'm quite proud of myself on that one, except that I have absolutely nothing to do with it and it was completely coincidental.

Current Fave FanFic(s)/Author(s): Basically anything by MatsuMama, Blackened Wing, or Sagakure.

Future Aspiration: Voice Actress, Trail Guide by Horseback (which is what I did all summer), Child Psycologist, Writer, or... uhmm... a mime. Not really. They're too clown-like, and I'm afraid of clowns. ~cough~ Shunsui. ~cough cough~

Currently Living In: Canada, wooooot! Go IGLOOS! (No, BTW, we don't actually live in igloos, JFYI. And we don't keep Polar Bears for pets. Common misconception. We'd rather not be eaten alive.)

Fave Quote: "Master! Master! Don't! Don't you do it! That man saved us — me and Cleao both. He's a thweetie!"

Fave Holiday: National Chappy Day, aka Rukia's Birthday. It's on January 14, in case you didn't know. More on that at bottom.

Relationship Status: Non-single. So, :P!

Hair Colour: Jet black... Dyed... But naturally it's more of a dark chocolate colour-ish. It's naturally straight and a little longer than shoulder-length now.

Eye Colour: Dark brown. Yes, very dull. I wish they were something energetic and spunky like neon green or teal. Perhaps red, lavender, amber, centerline yellow, or... urm... pink...?

Skin Colour: Pale, but only 'cause it's winter. Naturally I'm pretty tanned.

Body Type: Slim build, not much else to say... 'Cept that too much computer time'll make me fat. Man, I just LOOK a pizza and gain three pounds, these days...

Piercings: Both ears (one in the right, three in the left) and a stud in my lip. I know, sick, right? And I mean in the good way! Actually, I have to get my lip repierced cuz we had to let the hole grow over. LONG story.

Anything Else: Last January (2009) I was diagnosed with a lung disease, well-known to anyone who loves Bleach. It WILL NOT bring me down. I WILL fight. WOOT! GO UKITAKE!


Boy, I Didn't Fall For You...

You tripped Me


Next Time Someone Says

"Sticks And Stones Will Break My Bones, But Words Can Never Hurt Me."



i want a guy who I can run to with
eyes filled with tears
red cheeks
messed up hair
Running down my face
and the first thing he says to me is...



s o g e t w e l l


1. What do you think is the reason why most men are two timers?
Because they're too dumb to realize that one of the two (or more, in some cases) is going to figure it out eventually and he's going to lose one of them, probably the one he wanted the most. Cuz karma works like that; that's why.

2. Have you ever said, you'll never love again?
Yes, and it lasted three seconds. :/

3. Is there anything bothering you right now?
I've been getting sharp pains in my lungs again... I just hope that I don't have to go back to the hospital.

4. Is there something you wanna let go of?
No, not at the moment.

5. Do the old songs you had in your past really remind you of the memories?

6. How important is "trust"?
Important enough that I have to trust someone with my life before I'll open up to them. Real life people, anyway. I'll tell y'all internet people about anything in my life. I figure I can get away with it.

7. Do you believe in soulmates?
Sometimes. I believe that if we do have soulmates, mine's already gone and run himself over with a bus or something. -depressing emo thoughts-

8. How do you learn to forget?
-Is Perplexed-
Say what?

9. Is crying a sign of weakness?
Sure, it can be. But I cry all the time, so what does that tell you?

10. Why do you answer surveys?
Why do I now feel cheated and used? Huh, O Maker-of-Surveys? Answer me that. Why do you MAKE surveys?

12. What is your current ringtone?
Umm... The Final Fantasy VII Victory Theme for texts, and Beautiful World — Utada Hikaru for calls.

13. Do you believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder?
Yes, and no. I guess if the thing you're in love with comes back - yes. If not... Not so much...

14. Do you believe that you have a guardian angel?
If I do then he or she is doing a terrible job. I have terrible insomnia, not to mention the swine alongside TB in October - NOT good, believe me. I'm really hungry and I want to make bacon, but I'm afraid to go into the kitchen because I choked on a piece of homemade caramel popcorn in there yesterday. Oh yeah, and I tripped, stubbed my entire right foot of toes, I burned myself with tea and bit my tongue, all in one swift movement. Crazy how things like this only seem to happen to me...

15. Do you find your ex's new gf/bf goodlooking?
Nope, even though I know her pretty well, and we're close.

16. What will you do if you're stuck in the elevator with someone you don't like?
Sulk in the corner for about five and a half minutes and then ask them to go up into the elevator shaft to look for a way out. Politely. They must not know my true intentions.

17. Have you ever wanted someone but you cant have him?
Yeah. It hurts.

18. Have you ever said 'I love you' but you lied?
Never. I only say it if I mean it.

19. Would u ever want to go back in the past?
After watching Back to the Future... YEAH!!

20. Do you really wanna please everybody?
Depends on who I'm pleasing and how.

21. Is waiting ever okay?
Personally, I dislike waiting; only because I have dial-up and I have to wait for EVERYTHING!

22. Right now, where do you wanna be?
Somewhere warm. Like sitting on the heating vent, or something.

23. When is enough, enough?
When I get to the 23rd question.

24. What are you so sick and tired of?
Life, somedays. But then I realize that there are things in this world worse than life.
-cough- Sister. -cough-

25. Who made you smile today?
Definitely not this survey.

26. Is looking good important?
If there are people around, yes. Which is all the time, so yes. Damn winkies watching me even when I'm alone...

27. Do you listen to love songs when you're down?
No, I bawl like a baby and hug my pillows named Cerberus, Death Penalty, Hydra, and Griffon. Then I listen to love songs.

28. What are you thankful for?
My friends. I love them like my family.

29. Do you agree that men are polygamous by nature?
Yes, actually, with the way they act with women, I do.

30. Do you believe in forever?
No; the sun is soon going to explode and take us all with it. HAH! Where's your forever now, Maker-of-Surveys!?

31. What are your plans for the weekend?
Baby-sitting. Fic-writing. Watching anime. Doing surveys at midnight.

32. Do you say sorry first?
Never. Even if I was the wrong one. Usually I just cry about it until it blows over. Unless it's REALLY important.

33. Do you believe that married couples should still go out on a date?
YES! Whatever keeps them together!

34. Has someone promised you something and broke it?
Oh, if I had a star for everytime, I'd be holding the universe...

35. Do you want to go out of the country?
Gods, YES! I've been planning my trip to Japan for a long time. I'm going when I'm nineteen, to a smaller town. Peace. And not so much quiet.

36. Does the rain make you gloomy?
Ugh, no. I'm a certified Raindancer. I run outside and get sick - it's my job.

37. For now, what is the one thing that you want so bad?
For my writing muse to come back from vacation. How come she gets vacation hours and I don't!? This is an OUTRAGE!!

38. Wishing you were with the one you love?
Yes, always... -Sigh-

39. Who is your crush?
One lucky sonofabitch.


Yay! New Section. Okay basically, I'm just gonna list the songs I listen to while I write, so you can see where I get alot of my inspiration. Okee?

Fukai Mori - Do As Infinity
Hikari - Utada Hikaru
Passion - Utada Hikaru
Beautiful World - Utada Hikaru
Prisoner of Love - Utada Hikaru

Rolling Star - YUI
Understand - YUI
Cher.ry - YUI
Tsubomi - Maria
Still Doll - Kanon Wakeshima
Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi - ON/OFF
Michiyuki - Kaori Hikita
Eternal Snow - Changin' My Life
Myself - Changin' My Life
Love Chronicle - Changin' My Life
Sakura Saku - Megumi Hayashibara
Let Me Be With You - Shela
Misa no Uta - Aya Hirano
Movin' - Takecha
Ichirin no Hana - High and Mighty Color
Asterisk - Orange Range
Only Human - K
D-Technolife - UVERworld
Happy People - Skoop on Somebody
Thank You!! - Home Made Kazoku
Life is Like a Boat - Rie Fu
Doushiyou - Yuka
Kimi wa Majutsuji? - SharanQ
Ai, Just On My Love - SharanQ
Amai Anata no Aji - Melon Kinebi

You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight - Beat Crusaders


Okay, so I'll just put the rest of my faves and the other crap down here.

Fave Person in the World: I have many...

Fave Anime(s)/Manga(s): Here we go...

Absolute Boyfriend
Death Note
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Gunslinger Girl
Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time
Ikki Tousen
Please Twins!
Princess Princess
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen
Tales of Symphonia
Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle
XXX holic
Yu Yu Hakusho
Vampire Knight
...and several others that I'd REALLY have to think about to remember...

Fave Charrii(s) from Fave Anime(s):
Bleach - Ukitake Jyuushirou
Death Note - L and Mikami
FFVIIAC - Vincent Valentine, Yuffie Kisaragi, Kadaj, and Reno
Gasaraki - Gowa Yushirou
Gunslinger Girl - Henrietta
Haruka - Yasuaki
Ikki Tousen - Shuyu Koukin and Sonsaku Hakufu
InuYasha - Hakudoshi, Bankotsu, Jakotsu, and Koga
Loveless - Kaido Kio
Naruto - Mitarashi Anko and Menma
Please Twins! - Shimazaki Kosei
Pokemon - Misty
Princess Princess - Shihoudani Yujirou and Kouno Tohru
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen - Majic Lin
Tales of Symphonia - Shihna Fujibayashi and Zelos Wilder (I wonder what gave that away...?)
Tsubasa Resvoir Chronicle - Fai Fluorite
XXX holic - Yuuko
Yu Yu Hakusho - Hiei, Kurama Shuichi, and Yamanate Itsuki
Vampire Knight - Aidou Hanabusa, Shiki Senri, and Ichijou Takuma

Personal Theme Song: I don't actually know. If you come up with something that just sounds SO Wilder-chan, tell me and I'll add it to this section. Everyone's opinion will be noted and credited to them.

Story Theme Songs:

Airflow — My Immortal - Evanessance
The Only Nobody — Life is Like a Boat - Rie Fu
For the Thousandth Time, Zelos! I'm Not Your Hunny! — I Hate Everything About You - 3 Doors Down



The Sequel to Airflow. This one will have a much more positive note, though there will be death and lots of sadness. I don't think Shunsui or Jyuushiro will die in this one, though they might. I have finally began writing the FIFTH CHAPTER, and I promise, it won't be the last in the story. I'm thinking this might stretch beyond even eight chapters just because of how dedicated to Shunsui and Jyuushiro I am. On another note - it WILL NOT be yaoi. While I am sort of a yaoi fan myself (-gasp- Wilder! You dirty pervert, you!), I cannot write it at all and I don't plan on ever trying. I'm not saying I write strictly het, but I'm saying I don't write yaoi. Eventually I'll show everyone some of my old Shounen Ai one-shots between Bya-boo and Renji, but that's just a little off subject.

Chapter Five is now UP!

Guess what, I'm home! ...And brain-farting on this! HELP!

This story is officially dedicated to MatsuMama! She's so super supportive to me, just a constant force pushing me foreward and keeping me up when the world is weighing down on me. Nothing has been able to hurt me ever since I met her, not my Tuberculosis or the stress of actually finishing this whole story... I can't stress enough how much she means to me; it's just too amazing that friendships like this still exist in our broken world. Besides that, I missed her birthday and I felt absolutely horrible, so this is also sort of a late birthday present to her. Either way, she's an amazing person, and a beautiful writer. I think everyone should check out some of the things she's written, including her newest work Gemini, which also happens to be about Shun and Jyuushi.

Thanks MatsuMama!



A three-part, in-depth and angsty fanfic about the death of Jyuushiro Ukitake. What happens before, during, and after he dies. I'm super sorry to anyone who's a fan of Jyuushiro and Shunsui. I actually love Jyuushiro with my entire being, he's my favourite character, and I can't be any more sorry for this one. My only explanation was that I was having the worst day of my life and I'd been sick for a few days. Please, spare my life. It's not a particuarily significant existance, but it's mine and I sort of like it.

Special Thanks to MatsuMama for excellent reviews on this fic, and various others of mine. It's because of her that I could even think of finishing this! Hats off to MatsuMama!



Wilder-chan's new holiday is called National Chappy Day, and will be held on January 14, aka Rukia's birthday. Any TRUE Bleach addict will have this day marked on their calendars for years to come. The name was originally created by MatsuMama, so mad props for that... Oh, and have a Happy Chappy Day!

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