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Author has written 1 story for X-overs, and Harry Potter.

HP Likes:

Dark!Harry, Independent!Harry, Powerful!Harry, Harem!Harry, and Good Crossovers.

HP Dislikes:

Slash, Weak!Harry, Non-wizard!Harry, Crossovers that make no sense (Powerpuff Girls? Really? REALLY? really?), Any stories Post-DH.

HP Ships Liked:

Harry/Tonks, Harry/Fleur, Harry/Bellatrix, Harry/Narcissa, Harry/Daphne, Harry/Hermione, and Harry/Harem.

HP Ships Disliked:

Harry/MarySue, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Cho, and Harry/Pansy.


Super!Naruto, Serious!Naruto, Boodline!Naruto, Smart!Naruto, Good!Kyuubi, Harem!Nuruto, and Good Crossovers.

NARUTO Dislikes:

Slash, Weak!Naruto, Dumb!Naruto, and Bad!Kurama

NARUTO Ship Liked:

Naruto/Anko, Naruto/Kurenai, Naruto/Hana, Naruto/Mei, Naruto/Samui, Naruto/Tsunada, and Naruto/Harem

NARUTO Ships Disliked:

Naruto/Sakura(Unless in Harem), Naruto/OC By themselves.

Liked Crossovers:

Naruto/Highschool DxD, Naruto/Game of Thrones, Naruto/A Song of Ice and Fire, Naruto/Anything Marvel, Naruto/Anything DC Comics, Naruto/Star Wars, Naruto/Harry Potter. When it comes to Harry Potter crossovers, their pretty much the same as the Naruto ones.

My Rants:

If you don't plan on finishing the story, at least give your readers a heads up.

Enough with the SLASH already! It seems 8/10 stories on here are Slash. If you're gonna have it, put a warning in the description.

I don't read any story under 2k words a chapter, and even with that it has to at least have a few chapters already finished.

Need MORE Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire crossovers!

Game of Thrones by BeastWithinProductions reviews
Following Robert's Rebellion and the downfall of the Targaryen Dynasty, Robert married Lyanna and Ned returned North. Only to be called to battle six years later against the Greyjoy's. Now Eight Years later Ned is called from his home to help his friend and family. But Dark winds are stirring and this time the realm will bleed like it has never before.
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BioHazard82's Story Ideas reviews
Story ideas that pop into my head. Use any that you like. Mainly HP Crossovers, Naruto Crossovers, and a few Non-Crossovers thrown in. Non-slash please.
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