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Suzuran = Lily of the Valley

Kishigane = Silver Knight

Furuya = Valley = Tani

Sayuri = Lily = Yuri

Currently trying to create a Fanfic that Naruto has Chakra, Haki, Reiatsu. along with a Transforming weapon in RWBY, possibly Aura Semblance. And Dragon Slayer Magic. so, CHARMS [Chakra, Haki, Aura, Reiatsu, Magic, Semblance]


Due to Uzushio being an Island itself, having Pirates, specifically Shanks as an Uzumaki could work, based on the fact that the Uzumaki Clan lasted for 3 Days nearly wiped out the Invading Forces shows on how Strong they truly are, I'm imagining them on knowing Haki already.

Due to them having the Shinigami Mask, you could say that they're either related or connected to the Soul Reapers, thus, making the Uzumaki Clan possibly obtaining the knowledge or already having their own Zanpakutō.

The Island itself could be the Tenrō Island from Fairy Tail, or at least near it, if I wanted to go that far, but the existence of actual Dragons on Naruto due to the Ryū Clan, aka about that "Dragon Sword" then we can get a Dragon or 2 on Teaching Naruto. Instead of Magic, it's just the ability to use Nature Energy in a Different way becoming a Dragon Summoner might've cause something different like the other Summoners, like Freely Transforming Summoning Snakes like Anko Orochimaru, a Type of Fighting Style from the Toads, hell they'll even have something like the Toad Oil as well, then Tsunade's Healing Slugs. Or that the Uzumaki Clan could easily gain Dragon Blood that'll act like a Kekkei Genkai, like how Hoshigaki Kisame is part Shark in looks department.

So, I'll use the same ideas on Fairy Tail, but changed a bit to fit the Naruto World. rather than Exceeds, Naruto would gain a Cat Summoning Contract in Disguise, which, like the other Summons being Unique, this would too. Naruto would gain a Feline Partner, who's in Secret, a Dragon, who'll train him in everything they could teach the boy, which includes the Uzumaki Clan History.

I wanted the Kyūbi aka Kurama out early, as well as to making her a Girl the Mother of Yasaka from Highschool DxD for the fun of it. For this to work, I could go in a few directions. Via Dimensions or that the Elemental Nations is actually Sealed away by the Gods of all Pantheons, which only a Jinchūriki or a Bijū could freely live, but would still require to go back due to subconsciously being pulled back to it.

Chakra is a combination of Spiritual Physical Energy, I'm not sure where to categories Aura Semblance for this, but Reiatsu is Spiritual Energy Haki is Physical Energy. Magic will be Nature Energy itself. I could just state that Aura Semblance is a Form of Chakra where both Physical Spiritual Energy aren't Mixed into 1, but still together, so...

Chakra = YinYang Release = In'yōton / Onmyōton

Haki = Yang Release = Physical / Light / Vitality

Aura = Yin Yang Release, or just the Soul, due to Yin Release not only being the Soul, but as well as the Mind.

Reiatsu = Yin Release = Spiritual / Shadow / Illusion

Mana = Natural Energy

I also wished for the World of Naruto to be like those Banished Emperor Naruto Fanfic, but Naruto wouldn't be an Emperor or Kage. Possibly a Daimyō or Shogun.

From Highest to Lowest Ranking through this is:

Emperor / Empress

King / Queen




I also don't want Tsunade to be the Godaime Hokage, but rather the Godaime UzuKage instead. Meaning, either Uzushio survived the Attack possibly using a Variation of what is surrounding the whole Elemental Nations, which only an Uzumaki anyone with them could go to if they are untrusted afterwards by the person who brought them or the Current Kage, they won't be able to find a way back once they left said Village, which not even the Hiraishin could get them back there.

Jiraiya will become the Godaime Hokage due to the Council not wanting Umino Iruka or Hatake Kakashi to be the Hokage, due to Iruka liking Naruto due to Kakashi's Father. I would've say Danzo, but I'll keep Hiruzen alive to stop this. I'm unsure if I wanted Hiruzen to act like a Version of Danzo, but without the Warhawk ways of thinking, aka actually treating Naruto as an actual person, despite the fact that he view him as a Weapon everything, besides the Interferences of the Uzumaki Clan some Honorary Uzumaki Clansmen.

Naruto would still be Banished after the Sasuke Retrieval Mission, but it'll play differently. The Hi Daimyō, aka Fire Feudal Lord will be on Naruto's side made sure that Uzumaki Naruto wouldn't be place in the Bingo Book or have any form of Mission to take him back to Konoha would ever happen, which, thanks to the Uzumaki Clan, the Hi Daimyō have a seal on him that prevents being manipulated through Genjutsu.

I could only think of the Majority of the Inuzuka Clan seeing Naruto as the Kyūbi, along with a few Yamanaka Clansmen, but I'm unsure of how would the other Clans would view Naruto.

The Hyūga Clan knew that Naruto isn't the Kyūbi does know that he's of Royal Blood, which lead to them not having a problem of having him a part of the Hyūga Clan, sadly, the Hyūga Clan Elders are the Problems, due to them wishing to place Naruto into the Branch Family for the hell of it if he did join the Hyūga Clan, just because he's no Hyūga view themselves as the only true Royal Family.

The Uchiha is the Same way. Aka the Uchiha Clan doesn't see Naruto as the Kyūbi, but the Uchiha Clan Council wished Naruto to be under their Control, just because he's the Jinchūriki.

The Aburame Clan would sympathize with Naruto, due to how they're technically having the same problem, the only difference is that, the Civilians is only a bit Disgusted on the Aburame Clansmen, while outright hated Naruto, due to what they have within.

The Nara Clan are Smart enough to know that Naruto isn't the Kyūbi, but Lazy enough that they won't do anything that'll make them look like they wanted to Adopt Naruto, since they know some People would try to make it sound like they wanted to take over Konoha somehow convince everyone. Like a None Lazy Nara isn't a Nara or something Stupid.

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