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Sigh. I've been away long enough that I'm willing to bet nobody is going to care about this little update, but I'm doing it anyway.

I apologize for the almost 2 year hiatus. I suck. BUT, another chapter of Leah's Journey is coming. Honestly. I've got 3 pages written! And another chapter of Oil and Water has been started as well. So it's on it's way. If anyone out there still cares.

At any rate, I AM going to finish those stories. For real. It just... might take me a while...


Lil' Dinky is actually older than you might think...

She has a BSN in nursing, and currently works as an RN in a surgery center. She also has a husband to clean up after and two very active little boys to run after. Inspiration for family things in her stories come from her (very) large extended families-- especially her extremely strange in-laws.

She has no background in creative writing, and although she dreams of being a children's author, she has no illusions of grandeur when it comes to her work. In all honesty, she just likes to write stories in her free time!

Her favorite animes are: Escaflowne, Kodocha, Card Captor Sakura, Samuria Champloo, Fruits Basket, Azumanga Diaoh, Slayers, Dragon Half, Dead Leaves, and (oddly) Golden Boy.

So far, she has only posted stories for Escaflowne, Samurai Champloo, Slayers, Fairy Tales, and Twilight, although she has written stories for CCS and Kodocha.

Thanks to all who've read and enjoyed Lil' Dinky's work! She really loves you all!!

Favorite Pairings

Escaflowne: VanxHitomi, MillernaxDryden, AllenxOC

CCS: SyaoranxSakura, EriolxTomoyo, ChihiroxYamazaki (they're SO CUTE!)

Slayers: LinaxGourry, AmeliaxZelgadis, XellosxFilia

Samuria Champloo: FUUGEN FOREVER, BABY!! ...and I suppose JinxShino

Kodocha: AkitoxSana!!

Fruits Basket: KyoxTohru-- the only way it should be, darn it!

Favorite Quotes:

Jayne Cobb: "Anyone remember her coming at me with a butcher knife?
Wash: "Wacky fun..
Jayne: "You wanna go, little man?
Wash: "Only if it's someplace with candlelight."

Jayne: "Ah, well, I don't like the thought of her hearing what I'm thinking."
Inara: "No one likes the thought of hearing what you're thinking."

Simon: "In all that time on the ship...I've always regretted...not being with you."
Kaylee: "With me?...You mean to in, sex?
Simon (nodding): I mean to say."
Kaylee (cocks her gun): "To hell with this! I'm gonna live!"


Sana (immediately after Akito kisses her the first time): "WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!"
Akito: "That's what happens when you put your face too close to mine."

(After Akito grabs Sana's chest and Sana kicks him)
Akito: "It was right there in front of my face!"

(When Akito and Sana are hugging, and Akito runs his hand down Sana's back
Akito: "Kurata...why haven't you...started to wear a bra yet?"

(The Trumpet/Karate street fight betwee Akito and Naozumi)
Naozumi: "Don't underestimate the power of the trumpet!"

(Fruits Basket)

Kyo: "Oh, that's done it! It's on now, rat-boy! You're going down!
Yuki: "Wait, wait. I think I've heard this one before!"

Tohru: "So, uhm, Haru, how did you prove that's your natural color?"
Haru: "Why don't you come with me and I'll show you?" (gets knocked out by Yuki and Kyo)

Shigure: "Yuki, the bath's ready.
Yuki: "I think I'll skip it tonight...
Shigure: "Ugh! How can you stand to be so...dirty?"

Shigure (singing): "High school girls, high school girls! All for me! High school girls!"

Kyo: "So why couldn't you sleep in Shigure's room?!"
Ayami: "Because! Shigure would've kept me up all night."
Shigure: "Oh, Aya! Not in front of the children!"


Gourry: "Oh. I get it. It's that time of the month!"

Gourry: "Where's the justice here, Amelia?!"
Amelia: "'s around here somewhere."

(When Lina's about to use Zelgadis as an anchor so they can catch a dragon for "Dragon Cuisine")
Zelgadis: "Lina, you can't be serious! Amelia! Help me!"
Amelia (with tears in her eyes): "Oh, poor Mr. Zelgadis! We can at least let you breath down there with this!" (holds up a tube and funnel)

Amelia (about to pour hot tea down Zelgadis' funnel/tube/breathing apparatus): "I'm sending down some hot tea right now, Mr. Zelgadis!
Zelgadis: "Mmphhm mpphmrh!!"

Lina: "Yogurt for brains!"
Gourry: "Wanna taste?
Lina: "NO I DO NOT!"

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