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Age: 18

Gender: Female. =D

Current song obsession: ...Mukuro's "Ku fu fu no fu" theme song...

“He’s flawless… but that is why he will always be in imminent danger…”

- Bisuke (Greed Island OVA)


Hmm... well... I was going to use this account to write Hunter X Hunter stories...

But what the hey! I want to write Katekyo Hitman Reborn stories! Yeah!!

So... well... yoroshiku onegaishimasu...

And I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them!

Hmm... well, to fill up some profile space, I guess I'll just write my favorite excerpt in KHR copied from One Manga...

Gokudera: "Listen, newcomer."
Basil: "Eh...?"
Gokudera: "The tenth boss is a person so great he has surpassed greatness. Only those who understand him will get it."
Basil: "Huh...?"
Yamamoto: "Hahaha. Tsuna's not really that difficult to understand, is he?"
Gokudera: "What?!"
Yamamoto: "I'm not sure what it is about his greatness... Well, it's like, it's so obvious that it's easy to miss?"
Yamamoto: "!?"
Ryohei: "Well, in the beginning, there were times when I couldn't tell if Sawada was great or not."
Gokudera: "WHAT?!"
Ryohei: "But, that's also because his ordinariness is simply not ordinary!"
Yamamoto: "Then, how would you put it?"
Basil: Me neither...

Haha. I just love that scene... XD

Upcoming stories:

Back In Those Non Existent Times

Basically a place where I throw all my random crack stories and "for fun" fiction...
Such stories include: Tsuna being pulled into a stupid idea thought up of by Yamamoto and Gokudera, Tsuna's guardians trying to figure out a way to help Tsuna ask Kyoko out while fighting with each other for the tenth Vongola's affections, several cheesy or cliche romantic scenarios (such as the beach, sunset scene, the childhood relationship scene, the confession in the midst of a battle, the saving of damsels in distress, and airport scenes...), and many more to come!

Tales of Illusion (tentative name)

A fantasy, adventure story that revolves around an ancient legend that seems to govern the country of this story. AU. The very first memory Tsuna has is of the orphanage where he grows up in. Strange things start to happen and he realizes that he can see spirits when no one else can. At the same time, he finds that every time someone touches him, his body starts to react violently and painfully. He virtually cannot touch anyone without being hurt. Mukuro, a traveling sorcerer, finds Tsuna and then vows to help break Tsuna's curse. The two males set out on a journey and along the way they become involved with the country's affairs, such as the revolutionaries who call themselves the Varia, the Millefiori bandits, and a certain dangerous and dark haired ruler who governs withhis tonfa. They meet two other companions and together, the four boys search for the cure to Tsuna's curse. To free him from having to feel pain everytime he makes contact with another person. Much angst, drama, and fluff abound. 692718.

Artificial Tears

AU. Tsuna and Yamamoto have known each other since middle school. Tsuna was always the pathetic loser of the grade. Yamamoto was always the popular one who everyone liked. They became the best of friends and relied on each other, pulling through high school together. They planned on entering the same college. But, due to certain causes and events, Yamamoto Takeshi is killed. Tsuna goes to college by himself and meets Gokudera. After becoming friends with Gokudera in an unconventional way, Tsuna returns home to find his father back after missing for two long years. Iemitsu brings with him a small defective combat robot, named Yamamoto and this robotic Yamamoto even has the same voice as Yamamoto Takeshi who had been mysteriously killed several months ago. Tsuna is confused and frightened by the new addition to the family. A story of a normal school life with a robot, accompanied by sadness and warmth. 802759.

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