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Author has written 6 stories for Naruto, and Umi no Misaki/海の御先.

January 2, 2012 - I have taken up a new manga, Umi no Misaki. My story is only three chapters long, but I believe that it will answer most of the lingering questions you have from the original. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

March 15, 2010 - When the administrator took away my Kushina's Diary "Contents and Characters" page, Nebula1701 suggested I find an alternate way to post it. Thanks to his inspiration, Kushina's Diary now has it's own Webpage. So if you would like to see how beautiful Kushina really is or look up what that OC's name means, click on my Homepage or copy this to your address bar:


To Become a Chunin - This is my first fan fiction story, but one of which I am very proud. I hope you enjoy the reading as much as I did the writing. Please take the time to review.

I have thought since the beginning of Shippuden that some day Naruto would have to take time out to pass the Chunin exams if he was to ever become a real adult. There is, of course, only one genin team who he can join, The Konahamaru Squad. So the question becomes, can you take the same exam and make it fresh without trampling all over the canon material. The dreaded "what if naruto took the chonnin exam and faut gaara or sumbody insted of neji?" syndrome.

What pushed me on was a vision I had chuckled about for years of Naruto using clones to take the written test. This had to be shared with the fans, and became Chapter 4. Konahamaru comes from an amazing family. He has grown to where he should be more than comic relief, so his first battle is in Chapter 2. I gave him Earth Chakra like his Grandfather. The Forest of Death would be too simple for Naruto without a complication, so I threw in an Akatsuki we have never seen battle to liven it up in Chapter 8. Chapter 14 is based on a neat training method I borrowed from another fiction, and also lets Naruto exercise some hormones Masashi-sensei has kept suppressed better than the fox is sealed.

On his way to the Chunin Exam Finals, Naruto gets mixed up in the international balance of power and Hyuuga Clan politics. How can he save Hinata and Hanabi from their fates? But it all works out because it gives him a chance to get kissed by everyone you ever wanted him kissed by (non-yaoi), and probably several hundred others off-screen.

Kushina's Diary - A thirteen year old girl has watched her family murdered and her whole village and way of life destroyed. Horribly injured, she lays in bed and writes an account for the Hokage. Twenty four years later Naruto discovers his mother's diaries. How did she survive and find love in the midst of tragedy? (Rated M for war violence and for lemon)

The epic story of how the previous generation was forced to grow up while fighting the Ninja Wars. Written from Kushina's point of view, we see how she must mature from a privileged young girl into the mature kunoichi who became Naruto's mother. Along the way we see how the story affects Naruto and his friends, and get a little NaruHina, too.

Secret Missions - Special bonus chapters for readers of Kushina's Diary only. Two Leaf children are abandoned to the mercy of the streets and gangs of Kumo. What must they discover before being allowed to return home? This secret mission might have remained forever lost if Naruto had not discovered a certain diary.

Epilogue - The absolute end of any Naruto saga. The love of Naruto's life is deathly ill, but he refuses to be parted from her. The only way he can protect the ones he loves and accomplish his goals is to defeat a shinigami, even if it costs him his own soul. Makes reference to occurrences and characters from Kushina's Diary, but it serves as the final chapter to any storyline. Stand alone.

Umi no Misaki, Favor - Nagi Goto has a problem. Three beautiful Shrine Maidens wish him to show them favor. What is a high school boy to do when offered such an enticing proposition? There couldn't possibly be a downside to this proposition, could there? - All of your questions answered in three short chapters.

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Umi no Misaki, Favor reviews
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