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So there I was one day talking to my dear friend, Hannah about something (I can't really remeber what it is). I came up with the brilliant idea of a completely different story line. I didn't want to fall into a story with an alternate universe, I wanted something that said :YES! I wanted something that was with Reneesme, because I hated how her own story was never really told. I wanted to know what had happened between Jacob and her, I wanted to know!

So that night i was talking to my sweetheart, and he was shooting his mouth about having kids and what not (its all very scary, really) when I said well what about Lily Anne Miller? That's when it hit me. Lily, is my absolute favorite flower, I love them. Anne, is after Anne Boleyn, who I think is a) beautiful b) great thinker c) I was told be a fortune teller that I was her reincarnation, and Miller came from my sweethearts last name. James is my favorite name, for a man (besides Patrick). Yet I was not so sure if I wanted for Reneesme to have a daughter, after she was just introduced to the series. I had no idea if she was the maternal type, so instead i began to focus on her. What would Reneesme be like? How would she act?

I sat on my bed for at least an hour, trying to think about what to write about. I had a ruff idea in my head, but it was no where good enough for this archive. yet, it was not until I was at school the next day that I realized what I needed to write. I was able to, with the help of my friends, start this fanfiction Everything Changes. So ladies and Gentlemen, I hope that you all like it :)

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Everything Changes reviews
Reneesme had fled Forks with her mother and father to get away from a terrible truth. Yet she comes back a few centurys later, and finds that her nose has smelled something quite tasty. Will she be strong enough, or kill him? This is not a one shot!
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