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Hey guys, Lady Verity here! I like to think I'm slightly less obsessive than the average fanfic writer (really, I swear . . .), but I'm probably just deluding myself. Like all writers of Sweeney Todd stories, I am madly in love with Johnny Depp, but those other writers are being ridiculous: he's mine, all mine. I'm also a big Harry Potter/Phantom/Inkheart/Jane Austen/. . . well, nearly all books/movies in general fan, preferably extremely good ones or mind-bogglingly bad ones. You would probably think I was incredibly awesome and charmingly eccentric if you met me.

A random list of things I love (that I didn't mention above) : Chocolate souffle (or chocolate anything), stargazer lilies, vintage-looking clothes/accessories, musicals with high production value, fancy stationary, unusual names for people and places, people who review my stories (hint, hint; and remember: I have Reader Traffic tracking; I know you're there), and most any kind of music, especially high-energy stuff in a language other than English.

A random list of things I, ahem, am less than fond of: Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus/whoever her alter ego du jour is, baked potatoes, people who think the way I talk is weird, and sneakers, especially ones with laces. I know it's weird, but shoes in general just bug me (to wear/shop for, not on other people, of course), and lace-up sneakers are the worst.

I should also mention here that I tend to like stories that are romantic, funny, or if at all possible, a bit of each. I am simply not an angst fan, I'm afraid. Ah well. I also tend to like slightly bizarre pairings, though I'm not a fan of slash or incest pairings (I mean, pairings like Renly/Loras from Game of Thrones are cool, I'm just not much of a slash shipper. Incest always squicks me out though, even in canon like-- to return to Westeros-- Jamie/Cersei). My view on canon pairings tends to be this: they may make excellent couples, but the stories just aren't as interesting. But again, that's just me.

I am too impatient to copy and paste stuff, but for the record I do think they should give the rabbit his damn cereal, am very much against stereotyping and prejudice, love many, many movies and musicals, and am usually in the smaller percentage for those "97 of teenagers . . ." things. If you are impatient like me, copy and . . . oh, yeah. Never mind.

Ta for now!


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