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Brand spanking new bio! Waahay! has decided to let me sign in again! Wonders of all wonders.

Useless things about me*

I'm 15
I live in Canada
I'm in grade 10 piano (RCM)
I've been diabetic for almost two years
I love Lord of the Rings
I'm a wannabe writer/poet
I'm half British
I hate stories that don't have proper punctuation

Things I like*

Cape Breton
my huge-ass poster of Middle-Earth that I stole from my brother
the colour silver
people who do things different
Dashboard Confessional
Liberty X
Five iron Frenzy

*Things I dislike*

trance music
my computer
lawn mowers
people who break into other peoples bio's

thank you

~*~*~Awards to various Authors and Stories~*~*~

the Silver Tears Award goes to...Leia!! (user id: 87383)

The only author ever to make me cry on was Leia. And she did it 3 times. She is an amazing author. Her stories have vivid descriptions, powerful emotions and plots. I don't cry easily, and I never thought I'd cry over a Fanfiction story, let alone 3 of them.

the Desire Award goes to...Cka3ka for her story A ~Brief~ Moment in Time~ (story id: 546947)

Often times when I read books, I wish that I could be in the book. Meet the characters, be a part of the action...when that happens, I usually create my own adventures set in that universe. I've been doing this since I was very young, and only recently have I realized that other people do it too, because that's basically what is. A ~Brief~ Moment in Time is the only story I've read on the net in which I actually wanted to BE in the story.

the Edge-of-Your-Seat Award goes to...SSJ Trinity for her story Dominion: Reprise (story id: 15843)

I read this story on SSJ Trinity's site and I was blown away. I kept running back to the computer to read the next chapter. I was, literally, on the edge of my seat. When I read the last few chapters, I was holding my breath. Unlike most stories, Dominion: Reprise used every main charcter in DBZ. Everybody had a part, everybody did something important. I recommend reading this on her site, or at least visiting it.

That's all the awards for now. There will be more, in the near future.


True Nature - is still being revised (damn writers block)and it is also getting a new name Blood and Nature.

Three Simple Words - I'm taking it down. I just don't like it anymore. It's way too cheesy and it's full of cliches.

30 Word Cliches - In 30 words or less, my favorite cliches. is full of them, and I'm just gonna have to make it worse. Coming soon...

I hope to have a Harry Potter story written, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon.


P.S. oh and Furb? Stay the hell out of my account.

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TwentyFour Hours, One Last Chance by Leia reviews
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[T/P Oneshot] I'm not sure if this is exactly a 'romance', but work with me here. It's basically a mushy story in the light of Father's Day.
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Three Simple Words reviews
T/P....Pan ~thinks~ she is in love with Trunks, but is love or just an obsession? And why is Trunks so mad? Pan pushed him away, and he isn't happy. But there is more to this we think, something wrong with Trunks Vegeta Briefs, but what is it?
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My poem for Vegeta. On what his pride and his past means to him. Why being the strongest means so much to him that he would drive himself to near death to do it. Why he seems so heartless, so uncaring.......
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I love DBZ, I love The what do I do? Make fun of them, of course!!!! :)
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Hott Guy of the Week reviews
For all Legolas lovers and Mary Sue's alike, this ones for you. God, I sound like a beer commercial. somebody help and REVIEW. yesh, when I tought I could stoop no lower.......just R/R
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