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Hey everybody! I'm Rachel but some people call me Bella, cause I'm like her so much (you think I'm lying...Pff...if you only knew me) I live in Round rock, Texas.

I am forever IN LOVE with Twilight!! It is now my entire life, yes I am insanly OBSESSED/ADDICTED!! One of my friends Adrienne was reading this book every time she got a chance, and she kept telling me to read it but I am not one for reading, it's boring and wastes time you need for more important stuff, like talking on the phone. But now I am more open about it, after I read Twilight. I then read the other three books(New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking dawn)and was hooked for life!

Now that I am addicted I have been spending my time on a bunch of fan sites, the Lex and stephanies site talking about them day and night. I even met some new friends, Naomi, Maddi, and Mirahg. Naomi, Maddi and I have been writing a series on what we want to happen in Breaking Dawn.

I think about Edward day and night, I even dream about him. Not normal I know, but he is so amazing you can't even imagine. :D

It's sad that he only exists in our(the fans) minds, but at least he exists. But we will still have something to look forward to after the last book comes out, THE MOVIE!! yes you heard me a movie of all three of the books,and maybe even the fourth!! Twilight comes out in Dec.!!YAY!!

okay, so me and my twilight buddies have this tradition where we make up a poem - thing at the end of every entry to each other. here are some of mine (odd, but he's soo delicious it's doesn't matter!):

'You can get me through anything with your dying love. I soar over the clouds when I am touched by your presence. I am forever yours EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN.'

'When you came into my life, it was flipped right side up, you fixed it in all the right places. I love you EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN'

'Your beauty casts everyone under a spell, they do what you ask without question. Your voice hypnotizes them like music to a deaf man. Your scent is unbearably sweet, drawing then in like sharks to one lone fish. Yet I see right down to the real, human you.'

'You eliminate all others around you with your love, your beauty. I feel like I can fly when I'm with you, you make the impossible become reality. I will always be at your side EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN.'

'You are a permanent topic on my mind, you rule my mind. Your beauty is beyond normal, inside and out. My heart beats for you and only you, I live for you. I love you EDWARD ANYTHONY MASEN CULLEN.'

'You are like my angel on earth, my protector. When I need a shoulder to cry on, your there for me. When I need someone to talk to, your there for me. All I need to do is look into your eyes and every past thought vanishes and you overtake my mind. That is my only way to coupe. I love you EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN.'

'Your eyes deep with wisdom, hold mine forever. Your love is so warm yet your skin so cold, it does not portray it very well. I am forever yours EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN.'

'Your eyes make me swim when I stare into them, I can't even breath. Your voice is music to my ears, that familiar sound I could pick out from a crowd of a hundred. I will always love you EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN.'


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"You know when you're obsessed with the Twilight series when... you love Edward Cullen and wish you were Bella, you're convinced Vampires exist and aren't ashamed of it, and you died when Edward left Bella. It's okay, we all have some issues."
Yes im obsessed. get over it!

I got this off of blueangel916's profile, it made me cry when I first read it, and it reminds me of what Edward would do for Bella

Girl: You should slow down, this is to fast

Boy: This is how a motorcycle is supposed to feel but if you tell me you love me, i'll slow down.

Girl: I love you!

Boy: Now you have to give me a hug.

Girl: (She squeezed around the boys waist from behind him)

Boy: Now you must take my helmet from my head and put it on you, then i will slow down.

Girl: (puts helmet on her head)

Newspaper headline next morning: Fatal motorcycle accident after brakes went out, male died and female lived being the only one with a helmet. In truth the boy knew his breaks went out and told his girlfriend to tell him she loved him one last time and to feel her hug him then he gave her his helmet so she could live.

Hey! just thought I'd let y'all know about a cowrite pename I have with Melody Cullen. Our pename is Edward's brunettes.We have the first chapter of our first story up, and it'd be totally awesome of you guys to go check it out!

heres the link to our profile...hope you enjoy the story!! dont forget to R&R!! :


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