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Hello there!

Anime/Manga favs: Gundam (pretty much most series,that I've seen) Digimon and Dragonball Z, a few others as well

Hobbies: playing games, reading and watching anime/manga, and writing own fan fics

Sorry for not having updated in a really long while, project deadlines to meet, revision for final exams. I haven't had a lot of free time, thankfully I have some time off soon so I hope to update then, until that time I ask all those who have read,reviewed and favourited to wait a little longer.

Favourite Gundams (descending)

1. Infinite Justice

2. Gundam Eypon

3. Destiny gundam

4. Gundam Exia

5. Zeta Gundam

Favourite Gundam Characters

1. Char/Quattro he's a great character and pilot nuff said really

2.Athrun a cool character and not a bad pilot considering his father is a maniac

3.Heero Yuy emotionless (most of the time) calm carrys out mission shoots the hell out of mobile suits and does it for a days work (like may others)

4.Cagalli hot headed bad tempered girl, and shes a princess (a weird combo). And a fact is 'perfect little lady until she opens her mouth'

Favourite DBZ characters

1. Cell

2. Frieza

3. Kid Buu

4. Broly

Favourite Digimon

1. Blackwargreymon

2. Alphamon

3. Omnimon (Omegamon)

4. Imperialdramon (paladin)

Addtional things

Gundam seed things

Ryan: Is my character I made for my fanfic. Description: He has dark brown hair, with his left eye blue and right eye green. Most of the time he wears his pilot suit which is black and white (same as Normal form Hydra colour), if he isn't then he has a simple t-shirt and jeans. He has twin handguns and a sword, also a two daggers (mainly to pick locks and infiltration) as his own weapons which he found in the base and started practicing, he mainly uses them when he can't use Hydra for the job. Ryan is mostly cool and calm, and can be cold to people he doesn't know until he knows them a bit better then he is more kind, he can be stubborn at times and can let his anger and hatred get the better of him.

Life History: He was born as a half natrual half co-ordinator (I know that doesn't fit in with the genetics stuff on GS but I thought it would make a good twist...so don't complain please) by accident although Ryan was never told so he thought he was a co-ordinator like his father. He lived on Earth for the early years of his life until his family moved to the PLANTS, while there he met Nicol and they quickly became friends. However when Ryan was 14 he had to go into hiding with his family as word had (finally) gotten out of what Ryan was to the governments of both sides, by this time Ryan knew what he was and had told Nicol who didn't mind and remained friends until they hid from both governments, who had declared Ryan's family traitors. Soon afterwards his family were being hunted down and killed when they didn't say where Ryan was, none of them did.

This continued until shortly after Ryan's 16th birthday he was with his father in his base (since for a time had been with the military and had found it abandoned). This base was on Earth, somehow the base was found by Earth Forces and raided it, Ryan's dad took him to the underground part of the base, this is when Ryan first saw Hydra which had finshed completion a few months before, thanks to some mechanics and technicians who were also part of the G-weapons project, and were trusted by Ryan's dad. Ryan found himself being placed in the cockpit of Hydra as Earth Forces soldiers found the underground part, Hydra launched automatically and shortly afterwards the base blew up killing all inside, the Earth Forces goverment beleived that Ryan had died in the explosion and ended the case. However Ryan survived as the explosion was used to cover Hydra so it wasn't seen. For a few months Ryan used Hydra to attack ZAFT and EA bases for vengance and information as to who gave the order for his families execution. He soon found out about the G-weapon project and infiltrated the base at Heliopolis and managed to copy the data of all five G-weapons and then escapes. Shortly after ZAFT attacks (then thats when the fanfic begins).

X-245 Hydra:(Just in case I have not given enough info on it, or you want to use it.) Is the personal Gundam of my OC Ryan. It's main colours are black and white with red and yellow markings, the eyes being an emerald colour the V-fin being red. It has skirt armour that have hidden thrusters that are used when the legs are folded back in for atmospheric flight. It has many weapons at it's disposale: A beam rifle mounted on the left shoulder with a shield that emits EMF shielding on the right shoulder, the shoulders also have shoulder claw cannons. It has two beam swords that are orange colour on the hips, two Gatling guns mounted on it's lower back which move to the hips when in use (leaves space to be able to draw the beam sword. It also has chest beam cannons, that fire rapidly but makes the chest armour thinner.

Hyper form: The hyper form of Hydra can be activated at any time, like striker packs, this replienshes the PS armour. Hydra's colour changed to red and crimson with blood red eyes. Additional weapons used in this from are: a heat rod that can be used as a whip when not activated, two buster rifles stored in the skirt armour (as mentioned not as strong as wing zero's but can do major damage to mobile suits), the beam sword also turns red. Mainly speed increase in this form as well as attack power.

James:Is another character from my story, also known as Ryan's dad, and is a co-ordinator. He pilots Hydra's twin Demon Hydra. He has greyish hair and green eyes, and unlke his son he does not wear a pilot suit unless in space, in which he normally wears casual cloths. Having been in the ZAFT military for some time he always carries a handgun with him. Before being hunted he was a caring father and family man, but after he became almost the opposite, only having enough care for Ryan, and hating even Orb. He did what Ryan had done, only on smaller scales and would attack ZAFT or Earth Forces even if they were in villages, which resulted in the innocent dying. James also does what it takes to know about new weapons from either side, although he takes no interest in the Earth Forces mobile suits, as he knew ZAFT would take them.

Demon Hydra: Is the personal Gundam of my other OC James. It main colours is black and red, with blood red eyes and having red markings, the V-fin jagged. It has wings that are demon like with the ends of each of the six wings being a large spike, the wings are mostly black with red markings. It also has skirt armour iwth the hidden thrusters used for mobility, instead of atmospheric flight. It has similar weapons to Hydra: Beam shoulder cannons, chest beam cannons, two high powered beam sabres, both red and also has the buster rifles within it's skirt armour. Other weapons is it's sycthe which is on its back until in use, the sickle blade being red, and black beam claws that come from its wrist and feet. Like the Hydra it is nuclear powered, the technology having been installed in time during its make. It also has EMF sheilding, but does not need the sheild to use it.

If you want to use Ryan,Hydra, James or Demon Hydra for your gundam fanfics just ask and I'll give a few rules.

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