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Hey, hey, hey, hey look over here! :) Now that I've captivated your attention, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My nizaaammmee is Kennedy, but that's actually sort of irrelevant, I'm sure you don't care what my name is as long as I write for you. I don't write that often because I suffer from three diseases.

1)OJD (Obsessive Jonas Disorder): It's very serious. I love the Jonas Brothers, and the members of their band. I believe it's irrelevant how long you've liked the Jonas Brothers, because that doesn't prove you're a better or bigger fan. It doesn't matter if you've been listening to them for years, the thing is they make new music to acquire new fans, and if you want to get all protective of them because you've liked them for a bagillion years, you're strait up stupid. If the Jonas Brothers only played their music for their very first and most spectacular friends, they'd still be opening up for the back street boys rather than going global on their own tours. :P I'm done being mean now, but that seriously irks me. I've been listening to them for almost a year and haven't even stopped since. My room is decorated, along with my ipod, and computer. I have mad respect for them. It's so scary knowing that they're getting so old though. Think about it, Joe isn't going to be a teenager by the time august rolls around anymore. Goofy Joe has to grow up sometime, and I've noticed he already has. It's so weird, THEY AREN'T ONE OF US ANYMORE! :P Oh and if you didn't know I like Joe the bestest. I've noticed a lot lately that their search for the biggest fan is impossible. Are they looking for the biggest fan, or are they looking for the one that spends the most money on them? Because money is just one of those thing I DON'T have.

2)O-Tay-D (Obsessive Taylor Disorder) : I love love love love love Taylor Swift and I'm SO excited to go to a concert. I know all the songs on both her cd's and her csi episode was AMAZING. I think she has the prettiest voice ever, and I wish I could sing like her. I look up to her a lot. She's real, she's sweet, she's pure but she doesn't brag about it. The one thing I hate, is Disney Channel and the way they make out all their teen stars to be flawless. It's fake, and sometimes the movies can be real corny. She's not afraid of herself, or what the media says and they respect her for that. Unlike Miley who gets ridiculed for even showing off a two piece bathing suite. Lolll. I just love her and her music and support her in every way.

3) Writers Block : I know it's tragic. I suffer so bad from it. It's like I want to write, want to pick up my laptop and just pour my heart out into it and just make this AWESOME creative idea come to life...but it doesn't work. Basically because i can't think things through before I do them. I have to just go with the flow and seriously just let the sentences run off of my finger tips. Just so you know, every chapter I write is completely a surprise to me before I type it out. I don't PLAN anything...I don't even plan my stories. Even though I only have one. :P Shut up!

So you can see, that's what I suffer from and that is why I'm not always on here writing away. Not that much of you care. :P I'm also really busy with school...and home life isn't always the sweetest.

Now I'm going to fill you in a little bit about me. A lot of people at my school think I'm childish because I like the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, and Taylor Swift. In some ways they're right, but in others they are wrong. I'm a huge goof, I'm the type of girl that will watch cartoons from dawn till dusk no matter where I'm at. I like to color and draw. I don't see why everyone is growing up so much anyways. I sing to myself a lot, I sing to others even more. So what if I don't get the reaction I want :P I am a TERRIBLE singer, well not completely terrible but...close enough. Regardless I still want to learn, and I want an acoustic really bad. I write a lot of songs, it consumes a lot of time. I like recording everything, and making cute little movies out of it. Me and my friends are ALWAYS recording and doing stupid things. My favorite color is green and I eat a lot. :P I listen to all types of music, lately it's been a lot of rap? Don't get discouraged, that's not all I listen to. I don't see why rap is frowned upon, is like able and fun to dance to. I love to dance! Not seriously or anything but I love to do it. I'm always putting on concerts for my friends, haha it's really a good time. I'm loud and sarcastic, I'm ALWAYS sarcastic. I have a dry sense of humor, get used to it hoes :P

I support Moe and everything about Moe! I'm not necessarily sure if I'd really want them together in real life, I'd probably get jealous I'm not going to lie. But I love writing about them. I HATE HATE HATE LOE and I can stand Niley, sometimes. I never agreed with Jamilla (Joe and Camilla), but who am I to judge her? I'm EVERYTHING that's right. :P And I'm kind of upset now because at first I hated Jaylor, but now I wish he'd get back with her. Anyways, that's stupid. You won't see me writing anything other that Moe or Shiley. I'm sowwwyyy.

Miley Cyrus;

Miley...I have mixed feelings about her. I love the girl to death, don't get me wrong. I'd go to any of her concerts, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Hannah Montana. But some of the things she does is a little racy. I think the media dogs her a lot, and I feel really bad. I sometimes thinks she wants to be viewed as a sex symbol when clearly that's not her place. That's the only bad thing about Disney, you have to be a cute innocent little girl and if you do one thing wrong you're a disney slut and a bad role model. I don't like Justin Gaston even though he's cute. I think Miley should be able to make her own choices, but she has to remember she does have an image to uphold because in the beginning that's the image she chose, and the media and all her fans are trying to make her fit into it. I think Miley should do whatever she wants, but she can't unfortunately. I still support her, I still have her back, but sometimes that girl needs to think. I can sing along with any miley cyrus song and know it by heart. I think she's a phase that I'll never grow out of. Plus, I love her hair ;3

Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez;

I love Demi's voice and I don't really understand why people don't like her. Her music is a little corny, some of the songs at least. I think they are the sweetest girls ever and I think they're true too. I haven't once seen any problems with them and they're great actresses and very pretty too. I think a lot of the hate that goes around has to do with jealousy. People say, "Oh they're just too good, they're too holy, they're just so fake." There's nothing wrong with respecting God, if that's what you believe in and I really think it's quite redeeming to be a good girl, and admirable. They need to keep doing what they're doing because they are EXCELLENT role models.

I'm a really athletic person and I love sports. I play volleyball and run A LOTTTTT :P Its unavoidable. I love my teams, I love everything about being on a team. I'm pretty slender, and I have a TON AND A HALF of freckles. :P I think they're alright.

Friend: "Why can't I count your freckles"

Me: "Because you'd get lost in my eyes."

Really I'm not that self absorbed, that was a joke between a friend and I. I have dark hair and hazel eyes. Oh I'm nearly 15, is that okay? I share a lot of inside jokes with my friends. TURN IT OFFFFF!

I dont see where everyone is going? Is there this new super cool site where everybody is writing moe fics or something? I had an old account and when I first wrote a story I had a TONE of reviews, and I haven't changed my writing style or technique so it can't be me, it has to be the people. Are there people leaving fanfiction? I love fanfiction, I don't want anybody to leave because with out it my life would be missing something very important. I have a strange hunger for a good fanfic. I love reading them, they're so real. I'm tired of twilight and reading it over and over again. At least with fanfiction it's always something different. If you're a true writer you'll stick with your fanfiction and quit going to those stupid archives and quite using myspace as your website. THIS SHOULD BE THE ONLY SITE FOR WRITING! :P I hate bloggers.

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