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Author has written 17 stories for One Tree Hill, Degrassi, and Hannah Montana.

In my stereo you'll hear: Musicals, The Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Metro Station, Demi Lovato, Boys Like Girls, and School Boy Humor.
I live for: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, and the Jonas Brothers
My best friends: Are the only people I really need.

Lyrics I could listen to over and over:
I've got the sicknesss; you've got the cure.
You've got the spark I've been looking for.
-Boys Like Girls

Strike a pose and fake a smile. You're coming with me
I'll strum my guitar 'cause girl I know how you are
You're just a little bit camera shy, but you're still a star.
-School Boy Humor

We are wild, we are free, we are more than you think
So call us freaks, 'cause that's just the way we roll.
-The Jonas Brothers

And the black keys
Never looked so beautiful
And a perfect rainbow never seemed so dull
And the lights out never had this bright a glow
-The Jonas Brothers

All you have to do is call my name, no matter how close or far away
Ask me once, and I'll come. I'll come runnin'
-Miley Cyrus

I don't wanna be afraid, I wanna wake up feeling beautiful today
And know that I'm okay, 'cause everyone's perfect in unusual ways.
-Demi Lovato

So Turn right into my arms
Turn right, you won't be alone
You might fall off this track sometimes
I hope to see you at the finish line
- The Jonas Brothers

Check all that apply to you:
(If you're not a JB fan, don't even attempt to understand this)

(x) You have the release date for their next album in your calendar

(x) You comment JB everyday on myspace and constantly check for their messages/comments

(x) You know what "CAMPFIREEEEE!" means and can almost do it as good as the boys

() You know the TRL number and have all the extensions for 'Mandy' memorized

() You have your local Radio Station's number memorized and have gotten to know the DJs by requesting 'Mandy' so many times

(x) Your friends start to hate you because you talk about the Jonas Brothers so much

(x) You are disappointed the boys wear undershirts at their concerts(and sleeves)

( ) You have a JB Pirate eyepatch

(x) you beg your parents to visit Australia so you can pick up the accent

(x) You know the relation between JB and Busted

(x) Your whole Zanga/Myspace page is practically dedicated to the JB

() You have/had an AIM screenname with "Jonas Brothers", "JB", "Nick", "Joe", or "Kevin" in it

(x) You put Peeps in the microwave

(x) You know where "I Believe I Make Sense to Yo Momma" came from, and crack up when you watch that video

(x) All You want is for Christmas is a Hippopotamus, and the Hippopotamus wants you too

(x) You know what 'Eternity' was written for, and who it was written for

(x) You are caught singing "Yo-ho, Yo-ho, a Pirate's life for Me"

(x) You try to put fifty dollar bills in soda machines

(x) You know where "mereal and cilk" came from and crack up everytime you watch that video

() You know the holiday "Kwan Ziggy Ziggy Zam" and plan on celebrating it this Year.

(x) You know every girl the boys have dated and get jealous just by thinking about them

(x) You hate AJ for dating Joe

(x) You keep calling the airline companies to book a flight to 'Alklahoma', but they have no idea what you're talking about

(x once for a video :) ) You wear a bandana around your neck as a fashion statement

(x) You know what "Retainer Time" is and you laugh about it often

(x) You find yourself replacing the words 'Girl of my dreams' with 'guyS of my dreams' meaning the boys

(x) You would date about anyone with similar features of the boys

(x) You know about "Moo, Bah!"

(x) You have a Fan Page or Myspace Group for JB

(x) The whole time you read this, you were smiling and nodding.

(x) You can't help but jump off the walls, literally, at fast paced songs

(x) You wish you lived in the Year 3000 with the boys

(x) you know what 'A Little Bit Longer' is written for

(x) you are caught calling yourself a 'kid from the future, whoa!'

(x) You know who the "Bonus Jonas" is

(x) Limited Too is your favorite 'Restaurant'

(x) You cried when you watched the speech where Nick announced his Diabetes

(x) JB is the reason you get Magazines

(x) You cant help but say "Awesomeness" when you're really pleased

(x) When you see a picture of Nick you can't help but say "Look at Nick, hes such a Stud Muffin"

(x) You know where "Hi, My name is Kevin Jonas, and I'd Like to sell you a Car" came from and laugh about it every time

(x) You buy Baby Bottle Pops, just because of the commercial

(x) You truly believe that Earth is the farthest planet from the Sun

(x) Whenever you see a lot of cars you yell "TRAFFIC!"

(x) You use the phrase "Yo, that's illogical, I can't have it", whenever you dont believe something

(x) You use the catch phrase "It was Fantastilistic!"

(x i actually have one!) You play with Jack Sparrow action figures

(x well maybe not the head all the time) When you find a bat, you automatically hit people in the head with it

(x) You know what "Poned" means and you use the word on a daily basis

(x) You promote the Jonas Brothers everywhere you go

(x) JB = LIFE, no questions asked

(x) You know their parents' names

(x) You say "Holy Jonas" and "Oh My Jonas!" and "OMJ!"

(x) You know where "OMG NICK, YOU'RE SO HOT!!" came from and can't help but laugh

(x) Your computer desktop screen is Jonas Brothers and so is your Screen Saver

(x) You believe that Joe is the funniest thing EVER

(x) You have at least 10 JB songs in your Ipod or MP3 Player (like, all!)

(x) You beg your parents to move to New Jersey

(x) You don't understand how the girls in "7:05", "One Day at a Time", and "You Just Don't Know It" could of been so mean to them

(x) You want a tambourine even though you don't play

(x) 'I Am What I Am, I Cant Help Myself'

(x) You wish you were Mandy

(x) A comment from the Jonas boys is received - you jump up and down screaming for about 15 minutes (more like an hour)

(x) You constantly think about one of the boys (or all)

(x) You argue with anybody who thinks they like one of them more than you - oh yah!

(x) You liked Kevin before he became "Hot", and always thought he was

(x) You know about Nick's Christian album and all the songs that were on it

(x) You call them by Nicknames Joey, Kevy, or Nicky, etc.

(x) You know all the boys ages and cant believe Nick is only 15 (ahem 16 now)!

(x) You can sing every JB song word for word, even the new unreleased ones

(x) You're planning your wedding already

(x) you know if Kevin wasn't a musician he'd be the perfect car salesman

(x) You were disappointed when they didn't take off their shirts in the "Poor Unfortunate Souls" video

(x) 'One Day at a Time' doesn't makes you tear up (but, When You Look Me In The Eyes does)

(x) You constantly go to the fridge and check for chicken.

Total: 74
That's just sad, but I love it.

1.) Who is your favorite Jonas?
I love them all for different reasons.
But I wanna marry Joseph Adam Jonas

2.) Which CD do you like better?
A little Bit Longer, but what I've heard from LVATT is probably gonna change that

3.) Have you ever met the Jonas Brothers?
Not yet, but I'm working on that for this summer

4.) Do you have any of their merchandise?
Over 150 posters, a bracelet, a chair, a blanket, three bags, two shirts, pants, stickers, pins, cd's etc.

5.) Have you ever been to one of their concerts?
Yessir. And I'm going to another this summer

6.) Do you have every one of their songs on your iPOD/MP3 Player?
Of course, including all of It's About Time, Eternity, and all of the other unreleased songs

7.) Do you have a Jonas Wall?
It's more of a Jonas room.

8.) What's your favorite song from It's About Time?
Hmmm...I love 6 Minutes, I Am What I Am, and Please Be Mine of course.

9.) What's your favorite song from Jonas Brothers?
Ha that's funny . . . ummm it changes daily. Today it's "Turn Right"

10.) What's your all-time favorite song?
JB: probably A Little Bit Longer, Shelf, Hello Beautiful, Please Be Mine, Games . . . and more.
NON JB: Let it Be or Hey Jude. Gotta love the beatles.

11.) Does Mandy always know?
Most likely.

12.) Do you hate Miley Cyrus just because of Nick?
Nahh I love Niley

13.) Do you hate AJ just because of Joe?
I hate that she wrote Potential Breakup Song about him
But I think Move On got her back

14.) Did you know It's About Time is 90 or more on Ebay?
I'm saving up for it.

15.) Do you watch all their YouTube videos?
All the time.

17.) Did you cry when you found out Nick had diabetes?
I was bawling when I watched his speech where he announced it.

18.) Do you miss Joe's joehawk?
A little bit. But it would look really weird now that he's older.

19.) Kevin with curly or straight hair?
Curly, it's soooo him/

20.) Do you know the lyrics to Nick J Is Off The Chain?
Yo I'm so hot just like a tamale, so destructive just like a tsunami
Haha and it goes on.

21.) Do you know the lyrics to at least one of Joe's raps?
Every single one baby

22.) Do you kiss your Jonas posters?
Haha maybeeeeee

23.) Did you know about them before they were on Disney Channel?
Yes I did.

24.) Have you memorized every song?
Of course.

25.) Did you go the Hannah/JB tour
No but I stood outside and watched them get in their tourbus

26.) Are you going to the Burning Up tour?
I did. And I'm going to the World Tour

June 11, 2006 - Nick and Miley meet for the first time & fall in love at A Time For Heroes
June 11, 2009 - "Before the Storm" is released on Radio Disney

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