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I write something here after god knows how long.

Well I figured that certain things need an explanation so HA here it is.

Chances are I probably wont finish all the stories I have posted thus far, and for good reason that...Well I wont get into it in full detail but soon enough I wont have any time to myself.

I have been battling with cancer to put it simply for a little while now and it just wont leave me alone. So while I love writing, and I love posting stories and hearing what all of you think about them, I just don't think I have enough time between getting insanely sick, to wanting to do different things with the time I actually feel okay. I do want to update all of them, but stress and other added things to my situation just keep me pinned down.

Although if I do update, YAY ME! If I don't at least you know why...that is if anybody reads this stupid thing haha.

Well that's enough from MS DEPRESSIVE NEWS BRINGING WOMAN! For now, while staring at my supposedly 'up and coming' stories, I RAGE! I really want to write them...maybe I'll adopt them out xD haha

Up and Coming Stories

Crash Landing
Crash landing on Vegeta-sei, Bulma disguises herself as a man fearing the worst if they found out she was a woman, but when she meets her squad leader Vegeta, she immediately regrets her decision

Evil Television
Years after the Batman incident, the capsule corp household is quiet, till one day, Goku, Vegeta, Bulma and Chichi find themselves inside...a television?

Daddy Dearest
Oops, another wish gone wrong, except this time, the all mighty prince finds himself in...a bit of an odd dilemma, he starts acting strange, I guess you could say he is acting like a hormonal pregnant woman!! Chichi is pregnant, but Vegeta gets all the symptoms, he is about to learn a tough lesson about what it is like to be pregnant! Just after the cell saga

Out with the dogs
a year after cell, Yamcha finds himself falling for Bulma all over again, so in an attempt to wooh her without any distractions, he wishes Vegeta to be too preoccupied with anything else other then his family...But I guess the dragon interpreted this wish to "I wish that Vegeta turned into a dog!", maaaan that dragon can't speak English AT ALL

All little Bulma wants for her 5th birthday is her prince, her prince charming, like how all those princesses on t.v got theirs, closing her eyes, she wished for her Prince "Your wish shall be granted" shenlong boomed-- WHAT, how'd she get those dragon balls!!...this is gonna end baaadly

The hunt for Santa Claus
Never say to a young mischief maker "If your bad santa wont bring you christmas presents"...yeah he will just hunt down mr santa claus...

No name...yet BWAAHHAHA
Okay, so who has heard of Cupid? Grim Reaper? Santa Claus? The Sandman? Yeah, they're real, and now they are going on strike, so it's up to the Z senshi to make sure the world goes round, and believe me, it's hard work!!

A Knight's Tale
After a screwed up time machine goes on the fritz, Vegeta, Bulma and Mirai Trunks find themselves in the far future to the medieval times, not only is it a problem for Vegeta and Bulma who absolutaly hate each other, have to deal with rouge knights, dragons, wizards and a robin hood wunnabe, poor Trunks has to keep the secret of his heritage from them and still attemp to get his parents together, SUCKS TO BE HIM!

Holiday HFIL
FINALLY a those three years written by ME! BWAHAHAHA- wait, BB&B? was written in those three years and so was Carry On...oh well, this is a get together since i haven't really written one, i know i know, it has been done a million times, but can any of you honestly say the things i write is anything like what other people write?

SO Summary? WELL Bulma finds herself too overworked so decides to go on a holiday with her boyfriend Yamcha, but when he cancels on her she decides to take the only choice she has left which so happens to be our prince of all saiyans, now them getting together is hard enough as it is, can you imagine hormonal blonde surfies, heat waves, really creepily happy waitresses, kidnappers and animals that just wont leave them alone getting in the way? Damn they are never going to get together

Random quotes that I love from LEFT 4 DEAD!! been playing it a lot lately haha

Francis: Watch my baaack! But don't stare at my ass.

Ellis: I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith fell out the roller coaster? Yeah he didn't drop far, mind you, just onto the tracks, but the carnival people wouldn't stop the ride 'cause all the other people paid good money and Keith snuck on for free, so he had to dodge for like twenty minutes or so.

Francis: Let's get you patched up so you can go die someplace nicer.

Zoey: Hey Francis, they've got the latest issue of 'Hating everything' magazine here
Francis: I hate latest issues...

Francis: Ahhh, you'll be fine. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to be able to see that bone.

Francis: WOW I LOVE helicopters!! I love them so MUCH!
Zoey: You what? Francis...Are you alright?
Francis: Woah...I must of hit my head in the crash. I'm okay now...I hate helicopters

Francis: I HEAR A BOOMER! And it sounded Canadian

Bill: If I go down... (Emotional) don't let those bastards eat me

Ellis: My buddy Keith lived in a graveyard once for a whole year -- it wasn't a dare or nothin', he just got kicked out of his house. He said he NEVER saw a single ghost 'cept for this one time when a ghost stabbed him from behind and took all his money, and he might've just been a homeless guy, 'cause he had a robe on with two eyes cut out his face.

Francis: I SAW A HUNTER! It looked Canadian

Ellis: I knew this guy who was trying to set the world record on staying on a Ferris wheel. He'd been up there for like, two days or something, and he wanted some beer, but they weren't givin' him any. So he got this rope--don't ask me where he got the rope from--

Francis: Hey Zoey, heres the pilot, incase you want to shoot him again
Zoey: He was a ZOMBIE Francis!

Francis: Jesus. Human body's only got nine pints of blood in it. You might want to, like, save some in a cup or something.

Bill: (Louis is outside the safe room incapacitated) How well do you really know Louis? (shortly after) I'm kiddin', let's go get 'im

Ellis: Holy SHIT, guys, KIDDIE LAND!!
Coach: I swear, doesn't it sometimes feel like we're babysitting?
Nick: He's like a five year old with guns. And a comprehensive grasp of every swear word in the English language.
Rochelle: I wish I could be that happy...oh what the heck! WHOOO KIDDIE LAND!!

Ellis: Okay, I triple-dog-dare you to rescue me!

Francis: Here they come! Zoey, just pretend they're all helicopter pilots!!"
Zoey: Zombie, Francis! He. Was. A. ZOMBIE!!

Francis: (Reading) For Lease
Louis: I'll be damned Francis! When did you learn to read?

Francis: I drove for Hersh once...Till some guy laughed at my little brown shorts and I beat him to death...

Louis: Hey Francis... Wasn't this the alley you were born in?
Francis: Yeh HA HA HA This is the one your gonna die in

Louis: If I go down...go on without me...actually wait-No save my ass

Ellis: (Holding chainsaw) Man, if I lose my hand, I'm stitchin' this thing onto the stump.

Louis: You know, I'd appreciate if you'd STOP SHOOTING ME

Francis: Goddammit! Where'd they buy this helicopter? At the uh...uh...um...hold on.
Zoey: The shitty pilot store?
Francis: Yeah. Stupid helicopter!

Louis: Francis, Thats my ASS YOUR SHOOTING

Ellis: Man, if you ask me these swamp people got it all figured out. No cops, no rules...
Rochelle: No indoor plumbing.
Ellis: They figured out how to stop going to the bathroom? That's AMAZING. Ohhhhh. No, wait. Oh, I just got that. Shit, that's gross as hell.

Francis: I'll tear that bell down and shove it up your ass!!

Francis: Well, let's see. I'm Francis that's Grandpa Bill and THERE'S ZOMBIES OUT HERE, OPEN THE GODDAMN DOOR!!

Francis: Hey look on the brightside, if you don't make it i'll still be really handsome

Ellis: Oh man, I hope we don't see no ghosts.
Nick: Ellis, you're carrying like ten different guns.
Ellis: You can't shoot a ghost, Nick. I mean, shit, it ain't rocket science, man.

Louis: Francis, don't hate me for being beautiful.

Francis: If I go down, promise you'll go on without me, get help, then come back and save me.

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