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Author has written 5 stories for Alice in Wonderland, Naruto, and Fairy Tales.

We've taken your children's story books and even they're dreams of the tales. Fear not my friend we have put them back, but the story's have changed and mostly the ends. What if Peter Pan was evil, and the Captain Hook good, but still he failed at all attempts to put things as they should? And what if Cinderella never got her Prince Charming and her actions right after we very alarming? And what if Little Red was evil, and her grandmothers basket of food was tainted with poison and other things? If the wolf had tried to stop her from hurting? If Alice fell down the rabbit hole and never ever came back? Or Snow Whites fairy tale had much content to lack? These are the stories we have given back. Of monsters and other things, pondered at the back of the mind and now they have come to stay. To hear your child scream with fright, to live another day. Twisted and deranged we've changed your world into something much more fun, well maybe for us but for you, it may be best to run.

Heheh yeah.

Well I finnaly finished my evil version of Alice in Wonderland. I'm working on a prequal AND a sequel to it. The sequal will be more about the secrets of wonderland and the prequeal is how wonderland was created. I am also plotting on making a evil version of Snow White.


I just got a awesome editing software and a video camera wanna guess what I'm gonna do with it? Malice in Wonderland: We're All Mad Here will be presented as a feature length film. Me and the crew will be traveling to a foresty to get some more people and to film the movie in the thick woods and at a old house. This won't be a big hollywood production or anything just a few awesome people making a awesome movie. Personally I think I'm going to add a lot of blood so I can get a R rating. But you know whatever. I will then post the video on let's say veoh or something that is not youtube. Since you are all the first to hear about this don't expect the movie for awhile. It takes time people time. But expect the official trailer and music video for it in about 3-4 months, depending on how long it takes for us to make all the flight, and boarding arrangements.

About The Prequal: When The Madness Began

Told from the Mad Hatters point of view, a story of how wonderland was created. In the beggining he shares the story of his past when he was well known as Zachary Demitry. After killer his cheating lover, and the police have no evidence agaisnt him. He helps a man being held as the prime suspect in the ripper case escape from jail. Bringing together a dark belief of the true promised land and a frightening immortality and the pages from a sinister book, the two must kill a person for each card in the deck to get to their goal.


Okay so I have boosted the rating on this to mature. I think that it's not just the fact that it contains detailed gore crude humor some sexual content and more. But the fact that some parts will just be almost impossible to comprehend.


Okay so I had been debating for like ever on this but the will be very minor guyxguy content in here. BUT LET ME EXPLAIN. Though I love yaoi this is not yaoi or homosexuality. I didn't feel like explaining it in the book so here it is here. SPOILER: What I meant when Jack tells Zachary "I love you" was that he knew they were both going to die soon and they would no longer be of mortal flesh and they're essence would be of they're souls. Meaning he didn't love Zachary simply because he was a guy but because he just plain and simply loved him be Zachary a girl or guy. Okay so don't go all "The Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit are gay together." It is just love! AND NOTHING MORE!!

About The Sequal:

Ella is new to London. It was so much different from America. And her parents were just determind to get the secluded house away from any hot guys. Bored to death she decides maybe a little physical activity may be good. Walking towards the back of her house she finds a path, at first she thinks nothing of it. But now it's stuck in her head. She is determind not to follow it. But now she's having dreams, nightmares, about creatures. That are calling to her. Beckoning for her. Still she stays away. But then what happens when the creatures from her nightmares step out of her head and into the real world. When the beasts leave wonderland and they come for her.

Snow White and the Seven Sins.

Her beauty gave her only solitude. All the girls despised her and the men were not allowed within twenty feet of her. It came to the day the Queen ordered Brutus her dark right hand man who had not changed a bit since he met the once lovely Queen, to kill Snow White. But alas he cannot kill something so lovely. So he instead he takes a heart from a pouch one that still pulsed in the palm of his hand and sparred her life. Soon after Snow White awakes by a fire. In a house. Beyond the Kingdom and maybe even beyond reality. Where she meets seven young men all with odd or rather dark characteristics. And the more she grows to like them the more she feels a uneasy darkness setting in on her heart. Something inside her is laughing, whispering it's thoughts of victory. And a sinister truth reveals she will put a stop to the Queens reign, but she fears it is not for the better.

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