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Author has written 7 stories for Harry Potter, and Halloween.

I never thought I would be writing fanfics, but never say never.

I'm a male from USA, Illinois. Political science major so if you see politics being played in my stories that is why.

Thought I would give an overview of my stories and some previews of what else I might be working on.

Voldemort Strikes Back - This was my first story ever, other than what I may have written in school. Changed it. Probably won't be finished. After looking back on my first I took that in way to many directions.

Harry Potter and the Shur'tugal - This is one that is going to be a little more serious of a story. Yes it will have the action and adventure, but also romance and trying to go for a deeper type plot. Plus this will have a lot of twists in the story line. It will be just a HP/Inheritance crossover. You may get a few lines here and there from others, but they are just themes I liked and picked up over the years. Planning on it being a duo, maybe even a trio.

What HP Should Have Done - This is just like the summary. Got the idea off you tube when you watch what should have happened series of videos. My fav of them was the LOTR and Spiderman. Basically the story is what Harry could have done to make his own life much easier. It is meant to be a laugh.

Harry Potter Scarface - This was a fun one to write. A parody of Harry Potter leaving the wizards and becoming our favorite bad guy Scarface. I've gotten some reviews and pm's asking me to continue it or start it from the beginning and make a whole story of it. Never really planned on doing it that way, was just going to make a nice short story of it. Attempted another, but just never really worked out. Might try another go at some point.

Harry Potter and the Fanfic - This is just a short humor story based on all the crazy things I've written and read. We all have such crazy imaginations. Sometimes it boggles my mind how the world is so serious and you come here and you see people write such insane crazy ideas.

Harry Potter and the Unexpected - This story was one I never really intended to continue, but I have probably gotten the most pm's about. WaylaidWander and imtwisted13 are planning on continuing this. So be on the look out. Really exciting to see how it goes.

Harry Potter and the Blazin Goblet - This story is fun to write. Basically Harry the party guy. Get to see Harry tackle the Tri-Wizard tournament, as well as women, and other tasks from a new angle. Don't think I will be doing any sex scenes, but maybe some suggestive sex scenes, in case any of the adult entertainment crowd wanted to know. Telling you now, this is by far my most favorite to write. I love writing it. Will have a sequel.

Harry Potter and Order of the Chronic - Sequel to Blazin of course. More comic and over the top action to come. Plenty of Americanisms. Yes I know you hate those, but it isn't meant to be serious. Just a laugh. Most likely will have a 3rd and final sequal HP and the half-baked prince. And at least one run off/crossover maybe two.

A New Divide - This is going to be interesting. It is Transformers and Harry Potter crossover. Not and abandoned story, but I just love writing the HP stoned series so much.

Michael Myers Admits Defeat - LOL That is about all I can say about this one. I can't stop laughing.

A Frightening Thought - This story will be a slowly updated one. It is an attempt to look into history and learn from it and apply it to the modern world. I do ask that anyone who has complaints please message me first so I can see what the problem is. Slowly updated story. Probably my most serious story out of the bunch.

Trouble with a Demon - LOL All I can say again. Dave Chapelle! Youtube Dave Chapelle funny ass shit! You will understand. And then watch the original ending to Paranormal Activity.

Underworld A New War - Aliens and Underworld collide! Might get updated into a full blown story one day, but as for now just a jump point. If anyone wants to pick it up it is there for the taking. Just drop me a message!

UPDATES: Order of the Chronic of course and working on a little something else...

The moment I remember most - Fall of the Soviet Union? Iraq War? 9/11? Water on Mars? Pluto no longer a planet? First time I got with a girl? No way. November 27, 2008 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade gets Rick Roll'd.

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Ordo Patroni by Aremont reviews
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Harry Potter and the Order of the Chronic reviews
Sequel to HP and the Blazin Goblet. HP continues at Hogwarts in his hazy and stoned state. His popularity skyrocketing as the magical world hangs on his every word. Old allies lost, new ones gained. A stalker attempts to break Fleur away. HP cunning.
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