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FIRST NOVEL RELEASED! That's right, folks! My first book, "Nightshade the Cloakmaster and the Vision of a New Wind" Volume 1 is available online! The first volume will also be released to retail stores in the coming weeks as well. Took a while to realize I had a choice to post this information here, but I made it! You can also take a look at the official site and blog for "Nightshade the Cloakmaster and the Vision of a New Wind" here!


Favorite Shows of All Time: Avatar the Last Airbender, Codename Kids Next Door, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, Sonic X, Pokemon, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Yu-Gi-Oh!, TMNT (2004 Series), Teen Titans, InuYasha, Kannazuki No Miko, RosarioVampire, Gurren Lagann, El Cazador De La Bruja, Ikki Tousen, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Lucky Star, Murder Princess, Transformers: Prime, Sengoku Otome Momoiro Paradox, Queen's Blade, Canaan, Ah My Buddha, Ga-Rei Zero, Re: Cutie Honey, Strike Witches, Powerpuff Girls Z, Yuru Yuri, Koihime Muso Trilogy, Case Closed (Meitantei Conan), Morita-san Wa Mukuchi, Shinryaku! Ika Musume (Squid Girl), Azumanga Daioh, Top Gear (U.K. Version) The Legend of Korra, Senki Zessho Symphogear, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Upotte!!,

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ABSOLUTE Favorite Manga of All Time: Naruto, InuYasha, RosarioVampire, Yuru Yuri, Burst Angel Prequel, Detective Conan, Shitsuji Shoujo to Ojousama, Transistor Teaset, Hayate X Blade, Shinryaku! Ika Musume, Kurogane Pukapuka Tai, Bleach, One Piece,

I go on Xbox Live a lot and play the following, COD: MW3, Black Ops 2, Halo 4, Naruto Storm 3 etc. If you're interested in playing some Xbox online just send me a PM.

Love to play Super Smash Bros Brawl!! Characters I use: Sonic, Ike, Mario, Samus and Meta Knight.

Favorite Video Game Franchises of All Time: F.E.A.R. Saga, God of War Series, Gears of War Trilogy, Sonic the Hedgehog Series, Half-Life Saga, Halo Series,

Making crossovers is my specialty.. All the stories I'll be writing will later be mentioned in the next story or a little while on and also set the backdrop of the plot. All my stories will be fitted with intense action sequences, so if you love the action and brawling, you'll enjoy my writing! As it continues on, more and more characters will get involved that will culminate in a future project that may rock you all! So keep up to date and wait for that single story that will contain all your favorite elements/genres you're interested in.

IMPORTANT: For those who are reading my stories, I want to tell you this. All these stories have to be fully written first, it's just the matter of posting them and getting them done, XD. To just tell you. It ought to be a crazy ride, so please enjoy the current series and all the action packed adventures that will follow after it! Remember to review please!

Favorite All-Time Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, F.E.A.R. Point Man, Kratos, Naruto Uzumaki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Monkey D. Luffy, Monkey D. Dragon, Optimus Prime, Yoko Littner, Kasumi (DOA), Bruce Wayne (THE BATMAN), the Joker, Kaoru Matsubara, Hiruzen Sarutobi, E-123 Omega, Miku Hatsune, Gien Bunchou (Koihime Musou), Squid Girl, Asura (Asura's Wrath),

STORIES LIST: Just something to look forward to and speculate about!

1st: A Hedgehog and a Girl (First in Shadow and Kuki series) FINISHED- 9 pages long in Works Document

2nd: The Rise and Fall of a Hero (Second in Shadow and Kuki series) FINISHED- 10 pages in Works Document

3rd: The Ultimate Elemental Battle and the Return of Shadow (Third in the Shadow and Kuki series) FINISHED- 11 pages long in Works Document

4th: Shadow's Final Fight (Fourth in the Shadow and Kuki Series) FINISHED- 10 pages long in Works Document

5th: Shadow the Hedgehog: Shadow's Final War (Shadow and Pokemon Crossover) FINISHED- 21 pages long in Document

6th: Friends Stay Together (Fifth in Shadow and Kuki series) FINISHED- 18 pages long in Works Document

7th: Sonic the Hedgehog meets Lilo and Stitch (In the title, XD) FINISHED- 11 pages long in Works Document

8th: A Super Sonic Avatar Adventure (Sonic and Avatar Crossover) FINISHED- 13 pages long in Works Document

9th: An Unlikely Trio (Sonic and Brandy and Mr. Whiskers Crossover) FINISHED- 9 pages long in Works Document

10th: The Dark Side of a Hero (Sequel to An Unlikely Trio) FINISHED- 15 pages long in Works Document

11th: Robot Worlds Collide (Sonic and My Life as a Teenage Robot Crossover) FINISHED- 11 pages long in Works Document

12th: The War to End Them All (Big Crossover with multiple characters from my previous stories) FINISHED- 43 pages long in Works Document

13th: The Adventure of Heroes (Second in chain for Sonic and Avatar series) FINISHED- 26 pages long in Works Document

14th: Two Worlds, One War (Third in chain of Sonic and Avatar series) FINISHED- 21 pages long in Works Document

15th: The Unity of Dimensional Wars (Starring all characters from the previous 14 stories!) FINISHED- 345 pages long in Works Document!

16th: The Monster Within Me (Fourth in chain of Sonic and Avatar series) FINISHED- 11 pages long in Works Document

17th: The Return of Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic and Next Avengers Crossover) FINISHED- 24 pages long in Works Document

18th: Shadow the Hedgehog: The Chaos Sword (Short story focused around Shadow only) FINISHED- 9 pages long in Works Document

19th: The Wrath of the Werehog (Sixth in chain of Shadow and Kuki series) FINISHED- 9 pages long in Works Document

20th: The Apocalypse of Dimensional Armageddon (Story starring all previous characters, and introducing new ones!) FINISHED- 352 pages long in Works Document!

21st: The Aftermath Chronicles: Waking the Savior (Starring my fan made character, and a crossover with Avatar the Last Airbender) FINISHED- 19 pages long in Works Document

22nd: The Aftermath Chronicles: The Reign of Nightshade (Crossover with Teen Titans, starring my fan made character) FINISHED- 10 pages long in Works Document

23rd: The Aftermath Chronicles: The Final Nightmare (Nightshade the Cloakmaster meets My Life as a Teenage Robot) FINISHED- 26 pages long in Works Document

24th: The Aftermath Chronicles: The Revelation of Good and Evil (Huge crossover, possibly ONE OF the biggest on this entire site, lot of characters from various anime, and cartoons to star.)- 435 pages long in Works Document!

25th: The Nightmare Wars: (Epic trilogy, mega crossover story with a star studded cast of heroes and villainous originals! My longest story to date!)- ??? Pages long in Works Document

SAGA I: (Complete) The Legacies of Darkness and Hatred

SAGA II: (Currently in Production) The Legacies of Time and Chaos

SAGA III: The Legacies of Wrath and Damnation

A List of Legends, Stories Still to be Told:



Planet Earth. Our future home. Through different eyes and opinions the shape of our world has taken drastic turns on its creation. It is said that God Himself created the world in seven days. In science a massive explosion known as the "Big Bang". Though there is one idea, one theory...that goes beyond imagination. In Greek myth it is said that when the Earth formed, Chaos was the first primordial force of everything. When the Poison known as Darkness overcame our planet, Light shunned it out of this plain. The Darkness would not go silently. Darkness and Light fought for dominion over the world that God had so-called created. Soon the war began to expand...

The seas of Water began to drown out both Darkness and Light, seeking its power to be the one "true" hero. The Fire soon arrived, consuming all that the Water could not reach. Fire and Water soon clashed, and the Darkness and Light soon had new foes in their bide for control. It was then that the Wind became. The Wind sought to split them all apart, seeking peace and freedom for everyone.The Lightning struck down from the Heavens, tearing through the air, wiping it off into space. The Fire found itself snuffed. The Water was burrowed into the earth by the deep craters created by the Lightning. War continued and nothing seemed to solve anything. It was then that an all binding Elemental force came into existence.

With its forthcoming the natures of chaos began to take sides. Some relied on their own strength, others joined the Elemental's forces, creating monsters of nature. The Chaos began to take form. The Seven Chaos Arts began to train, empowering their own armies of creatures and monsters. Wars continued from the lightning, water, fire, wind, darkness and light. God...who had been living amongst his realm could not fight off these beings alone.

Countlessly, everyday the Almighty slayed hundreds upon billions of Chaos Beasts. Not once...not even once...did He leave a battlefield with the same thing happening to Him. Not a single scratch beared itself upon His body. He began to empower himself with this Chaos energy. It became the only single force of chance He had in defeating the Seven Arts.

It all ended upon a single day. God looked to the skies once. Upon a mountaintop charred and cut apart by Fire and Wind beasts, Water began to surround Him. From the skies, Chaos energy split through the stratosphere. The Chaos was evaporated instantaneously. Seven cloaked gods descended, dressed in phantom gray cloaks. Their faces were wrapped with black. Gleaming eyes as angry and vengeful were in all their stares. God soon spoke with these mystic gods.

They presented themselves as time travelers. They had been flying from universe to universe, galaxy to galaxy...planet to planet. They had revealed that this Energy was everywhere. God asked the Seven mystics what must be done. The Seven spoke highly of the energy, telling the Almighty that the Chaos was destructive to begin with. They told Him that if it was tamed...it would become a power source, a power for peace and order. God soon enlisted their help to tame the Chaos around Earth. It would soon protect the planet from far greater threats that could have ever been imagined.

As life began to appear across Earth's surface the forces of Chaos had begun to dwindle. The Seven mystic Chaos Bearers told God that Earth was the most infested planet of the Chaos. No other planet, galaxy or universe had more Chaos energy than Earth. Time continued to flash by and fear, still, continued to linger. The Seven gods were all brothers and sisters; having no fear of sharing the worst news to each other of the Chaos' powers. The god who had mastered the Fire warned and threatened his brother, the one who mastered Water, of Earth's future. Together the Gods worked to create the very first Chaos Technique: Chaos Control.

As they shot through images of Earth's future...their worst fears had come true. Countless wars and bloodshed would stain Earth's land. If the Gods were to allow the Chaos energy to remain on Earth...these beings...creatures known as humans would soon use it as weapons. They would bring mass destruction amongst the planet, and soon the Chaos would gain back its freedom and spread across time and space, infecting everything else in the multi-verse. The Chaos would soon tear apart entire galaxies, devouring everything, destroying all forms of life in existence. The newly realized Chaos Mages...would not allow it to happen.



Seven Gods of Chaos. By their presence and power would they use their very own mastery of these Chaos energies to extinguish its hold upon Earth. Many forces of the Seven Chaos Arts had fallen, but millions and then billions would continue to be reborn. The Mages had decided to seal ALL the Chaos energy around Earth into its most smallest form. They would later be called by the masters...the Seven Chaos Emeralds.

The Seven Mages gathered atop the world. Upon a gigantic pillar of water surrounded by a sea of fire the ritual began. Tornadoes and windstorms guarded the pillar. Bolts of electricity hampered across the planet to draw in the Chaos. Harpoons of Darkness shot out to catch the Chaos from the pillar. Light split off the Chaos energies with its unbreakable barrier of purification that surrounded the pillar. As the Chaos began to swarm on to the top of the Planet...the Seven Chaos Emeralds were formed. All the Chaos energy in the known universe...was finally sealed within these Emeralds.

Abundant creations filled with an infinite amount of Chaos energy. Each with the basic powers of each color imbued in front of the true Chaos Art. When God descended from his realm...the Seven Gods of Chaos were all gone. Nothing of them remained. God would soon search for the rest of His time on this world, only to find the truth...far more worse than what his eyes had to perceive. Time continued on and on. The Chaos energy and the Chaos Emeralds were soon beginning to rise. How it lived is beyond our own knowledge. How it would become a great motive for harmony and peace is still unknown. How it would become a hammer of carnage and nihilism...we still won't know. Only the stories that have been left behind...can tell you the rest.



TOJIRO "NEO" ANKOKU: Without a soul and without heart, The Demigod of Death; The Last Nightshade!

Born upon the night of 404 BC on January 15th, Tojiro was cursed with foreboding symbol of his people; the very symbol that he would stand to honor and protect from those that would insult it. Tojiro is the embodiment of the foulest Chaos energy on the negative half of the ever prominent Chaos Force. It only took years and millenia for the Cloakmaster to realize that his vile Chaos energy has been partnered with a legendary beast that dwells within his mind, sealed with rage and seething with anger.

Tojiro grew up with a sky blue eye color that embezzled the people of his childhood village. As a mere child he made all the friends he could, even challenging several to wooden sword duels, and even against more numbers. Tojiro was gifted with his own Chaos energy like every User and Nightshade that ever lived. His mother, Okiku Kazumi, was his pride and hope. Having been born, as a mere child Tojiro remembered a sentinel dragon exploding into a sphere of light over the city he was born in: The Death of his Father: Kenji Haruki.

When ready, Tojiro was guided with ease through the arts of the Chaos Force. Whether it was on his own or under the watch of his only family and the guards that protected them, Tojiro was monitored to ensure the power of his true self was not used in training or combat. No one was to know of Tojiro's name, nor the mark on his forehead that symbolized him as the Last Nightshade, the last to wander the world until the Days of Reckoning would take him. The Shade Priests (the mysterious sect that would choose one of their own to become the next Nightshade) took great a keen eye to the future Cloakmaster of Darkness.

For with so much happiness and hopes, they worried that he was dishonoring the very fabrics of his destiny. Tojiro began to feel sorrow in loneliness, having to realize that all his friends began leaving his town. The Shade Priests sent them away to the Great Shade Empire Capital: Museikageshi (City of Silent Shadows.) As Tojiro forever onward lingered without friends, all he had was his training. Upon one day, a day destined by fate itself, Tojiro met an individual that would make him become the dread of death's embodiment. A day that not even the Shade Priests themselves could foresee.

Attacked by a group of heinous young villagers, Tojiro donned a cloak for the first time to save the life of a legendary priestess: Victoria. Even upon the greeting with the female Lucario, Tojiro felt smitten and baffled by her appearance. Tojiro kept his name silent that day after his very first rescue, even before the symbol of the Great Shade Empire would don itself on the back of his ebony cloak.

Upon realizing Tojiro's act of desperation to make friends, Chief of the Shade Priests, Dominic discovered the lining of friendship between Tojiro and Victoria. Having no choice but to sever it, he went to the only surviving cherry blossom tree where Tojiro would reveal himself as the savior that helped rescue Victoria from the group of children that attacked her.

Tojiro was revealed by Dominic and his cohorts; revealing the symbol upon his forehead to Victoria. Branded as a liar by his last chance for a friend, Tojiro was forced to be taken away from his town...And Japan. His mother, Okiku, rushed to the scene, descending with doubt and lost hope upon her young child. Dominic passed down that Tojiro would have to learn how to control his Chaos energy; as the act of this night was a sheer failure of allowing his Chaos powers take over his very emotions, his very soul.

Tojiro was taken away from the sights of his old home, the people he grew up with, and the very country he called his new birthplace. For five years Tojiro trained to learn the Four Bending Disciplines of Water, Earth, Fire and Air with the very first Avatar. Upon his success, Tojiro forgot the minor holes in training to control Chaos energy only to return home.

Tojiro returned home at the age of Nineteen. He faced Victoria upon the sight of the cherry blossom tree surrounded by a moonlit lake. Having never seen him for so long, she was lost by life's choices. Tojiro sensed Dominic's presence. The Cloakmaster warned Victoria to flee, but a forced embrace halted his demands. Tojiro idly stood by until he forced a Chaos Control to send Victoria to his village.

Victoria ran and revealed the news to Okiku, both traveling to the forest to find Tojiro with the Golden Dragon Staff. Dominic threatened Tojiro not to remove its power to finally become a Nightshade. The act, however, failed. Tojiro was given a reduced form: That of a Darkrai. Tojiro fleed the forest as Victoria fell in sadness to see Tojiro leave her broken hearted again. The future Cloakmaster would return but in two years time did he make his final choice.

After his return, Tojiro now gained more power in the art of Chaos energy. He, however, had already had a trap placed above his head. Dominic and his allies seeked to end Tojiro's treasonous choices by bringing his greatest mistake to his grave. Upon one night Tojiro was captured by a vengeful Dominic who alerted his guards to seek Victoria: Now a full fledged priestess and demon hunter. Dominic acted upon pain once Victoria was called to the very forest of solitude that Tojiro was in. At the very site of his banishment, the weakened Tojiro was shot in the back by an arrow given to Victoria...from Dominic himself.

The cowl of Tojiro fell and his fate sealed. Victoria drowned herself with despair, kneeling before the man she grew to love. She too, was soon shot in the stomach by Dominic and his troops. Promising to revert his existence for good, Dominic stepped forward towards the doomed pair. Victoria sought one kiss towards Tojiro, igniting the Chaos energy that he was imbued with by the tip of the arrow she shot him with.

Tojiro rose up in the form of a megalomaniac: Demanding to know his name. Forever forgotten was the world of his past, his memory was erased, memories of death and evil sealed within the very fabrics of his mind: His vengeance slayed Dominic's men, leaving the very first victim of Tojiro's eon long list of murders to call him...a cold blooded monster.

Tojiro returned to his home as a Nightshade, slaying everyone in the home he grew up in, burning it all to the ground. His final victim sat upon the cliff that overlooked the dying village, just before three razor glowing claws cut through her back and out her chest. Tojiro slayed his mother the night he became a Nightshade, forever locking his name as the beast he had become. Okiku used the Necklace of Remembrance to help put Tojiro into a forced sleep, miles underneath the ash of his village and the people that lived there...waiting...to wake back up.

Tojiro went on through time to retrieve the remaining shards from the Necklace of Remembrance. He would collect memories, face the truth of his murders, face the ultimate destiny of having to rescue Earth itself from the supernatural God that hunted Nightshades: Dark Quake. With many ties to the world tied to him, many fates broken thanks to his very footsteps, Tojiro would take the lives of all those who would deny him vengeance and righteousness. For whoever fool lives with simple agony to create hate and force it upon the lives that don't deserve it, he was there to silence the lives of the unforgivable. For those who disrespect the lives of others...do not deserve their own.



Current Age: Biologically, Tojiro is 22. Technically, Tojiro has lived for millennia with the power of his Chaos energy making him immortal.

Hair: Onyx black

Eye Color: Fire orange (Formerly sky blue when he was a child)

Skin color: Fallow mixed tan

Status: He is the Last Nightshade and born with the Great Shade Empire symbol upon his forehead. He is the Cloakmaster of Darkness and only living Nightshade that truly hasn't even died once. In accordance to that, it defines that his soul and spirit has never left his body, and nor were either reaped.



Human Form: Imbued with the appearance he never plans to use in battle, Tojiro turns to this humanity blessing form when hiding his identity or fighting in equal-to-equal duels. Face of: DEATH

Hedgehog Form: Imbued with the most durable form of energy, Chaos Light, Tojiro's favorite form above all else. Face of: HATRED

Mecha Form: Imbued with the energy of Chaos Fire, Tojiro's dial activated Chaos Trigger form creates the most Chaos energy in one form. Face of: WAR

Darkrai Form: Imbued with the energy of Chaos Wind, Tojiro's ghostly Pokemon form creates Chaos energy the fastest. Face of: DARKNESS

Werehog Form: Imbued with the Chaos energy from the negative half of the Chaos Force. Tojiro's monstrous brawler creates Chaos energy in the most powerful of forms. Face of: FEAR

Dragon Form: The true face of Tojiro "Neo" Ankoku. The very power that is 70% of the reason Tojiro is able to continue living. Although it is another form powered by Chaos Trigger; Tojiro does not count it as something he can control yet.


Dragon's Bane (Destroyed)

The Blade of Darkness (Black Ninjato sword: Second Form of Dragon's Bane transformed by Tojiro. Still in possession.)

The Wind Piercers (Twin black katana bladed weapons with metal edged coil around the two. Former weapon.)

The Moonlight Sword (Large crystal sword given to Tojiro by Dormin. Former Weapon.)

Black Death (Large bulked up black revolver. Still in posession.)

The Chains of Fear (Kusarigama with black blades and the tip furnished with crimson metal. Still in possession.)

The Dragon Guardian Cestus (Giant dragon headed fist gauntlets that completely encompass Tojiro's hands as hulking bashing weapons. Stole in battle from the Fifth Hell God: Malcolm Nikushima. Still in possession.)


Super Strength- Powered through Chaos energy and sheer years of training.

Flight- Use through Airbending or cybernetic legs and Chaos energy.

Super Speed- Tojiro can run at unpredictable speeds faster than most super-sonic jets, enabling to run across the sides of surfaces or when upside down. He specializes this while in Hedgehog Form.

Regeneration- Thanks to Chaos energy running through his body for so long, Tojiro can heal practically any external or internal damage in seconds.

Indestructible Body: Years of having his body being dependent on Chaos energy; bullet shots, stabs, slashes, explosives, disease, poisons or radiation makes him immune to any fatal attack thanks to the overwhelming power of his negative Chaos energy:A power granted by his Dragon form. His blood has become literally tainted.

Waterbending Mastery

Earthbending Mastery

Firebending Mastery

Airbending Mastery

Master Swordsman/Blademaster

Master at Firearms of any kind.

Tsukikagegan- The mystique and eponymous 'Lunar Shadow Eye' is one of Tojiro's greatest powers. What lies within his eyes is the very symbol of the one branded in black on his forehead, and the insignia of his people The Great Shade Empire. If it symbolizes his people and his status as the Last Nightshade, then why or how do other Nightshades possess this ability?

Nightmare Form- A "Nightshade" only triage of Chaos energized super transformation abilities. The Nightmare Form comes in three stages:

1. Dream Stage- The Nightshade transforms their Chaos energy into altering their body into what they fear most: Most times what they are afraid of through death. Tojiro's is Positive Chaos energy as his whole body thrives on the Negative half of the Chaos Force. All his Negative Chaos energy is transferred into his right arm, keeping him alive.

2. Pain Stage- In this stage the Nightshade in question forces their Chaos energy to start accelerating all nervous system functions. The blood begins to mix and blend with the cells of Chaos energy, nearly hardening the user's body. At the same time the Chaos energy increases the user's strength and stamina ten fold.
Tojiro compares the Pain Stage to the world famous "Sonic the Hedgehog" going Super Sonic.

3. Death Stage- The final stage employs every Chaos Cell, active or dead, in the Nightshade's body. The final stage forces the Nightshade to transform into their strongest animal form: Whether it has sentience or not. It works originally if they possess an animal form that has its own soul and spirit; thus its own sentience, then that form shall be taken. In a way this transformation can be compared to the very simple "Chaos Trigger" technique. For example, Tojiro takes the form of the dragon inside him which represents his true self.


Current Age: Unknown. The Dragon God has been in existence since the year 1305. No one, not even God or the Seven Chaos Mages know of his origins. No one has ever seen his face.

Hair Color: Unknown

Eye Color: Unknown

Skin Color: Pale brown

Status: He was once the messenger and advisor to the legendary "Four Heavenly Kings." Long ago during the final year of the Bubonic Plague, Ryu lost control of his many animal forms after one, the Werehog, infected his Chaos energy with a heinous evil. This led to the "Days of Reckoning" in which Ryu murdered and annihilated all in sight in three days before dying on the last day. He has currently been "alive" after those years long ago when he served as a wandering ghost.

Known Forms: Immeasurable. Once the original wielder of the "Golden Dragon Staff" the mythic weapon once held an infinite amount of animal forms that Ryu could take shape of.

Weapon: The Golden Dragon Staff (Super powered Chaos energized staff that is rumored to have been created by the wills of both Positive and Negative Chaos energy. Good and Evil. Water and Fire. Light and Darkness.)

Techniques and Abilities:

Super Strength- Incalculable.

Flight- Can challenge and most likely beat any deity leveled Chaos User.

Regeneration- Possesses a healing time faster than any Nightshade.

Grandmaster Chaos Art User

Vast knowledge of the Chaos Force


Current Age: Biologically 24. Much like Tojiro he has been alive for millennia with Chaos energy granting him immortality. No one besides those closest to him in the Crescent Moon Kingdom hierarchy and government has seen his human form. Tojiro "Neo" Ankoku's eternal rival.

Hair Color: Ivory

Eye Color: Turquoise blue

Skin Color: Caucasian

Status: He currently serves as the best and one of the last remaining bounty hunters in the Crescent Moon Kingdom. He has slain many Nightshades but not as much as another certain deity.

Known Forms:

Human Form- Unseen by the outside world. Only those closest to him knows his origins of having to live in Hedgehog Form a large fraction of his life. Select few have seen his true self.

Hedgehog Form- Orion's greatest weapon. Most of his life has been centered around living in this form. Many say he has the most strongest and powerful animal form in history.

Weapon: Silver Wind (Clear silver katana sword imbued with a section of pure energy from the Positive half of the Chaos Force.)

Techniques and Abilities:

Super Strength- Orion is capable of phenomenal strength equal to that of Tojiro "Neo" Ankoku and even Ryu Kaze.

Flight- Orion specializes in air combat especially with the use of Chaos Light techniques.

Regeneration- Orion possesses an incomparable healing ability as Positive Chaos energy is his strongest trait and weapon when in battle.

Chaos Art Master

Strongest Chaos Light User alive

Wisest strategist in Chaos energy combat as commented by War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Master Swordsman/Blademaster

Excellent Martial Arts expert

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