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New Miracles is now an almost different story with a different name.

Digimon: Crystal Monsters

Same cast of characters and plot line, by now as two stories in one

One story of Davis and his three digimon...the other :) wouldn't you like to know

PowerPuff Apocalypse has been RENAMED Townsville Apocalypse.

If any one's wondering that's what Berserk is wearing in my Story, What she has on in my Avater. But shes the only one NOT Brat or Brute.


My favorite couples

Davis/Kari and Veemon/Gatomon (but just because there my favorite couples doesn't mean i won't have them with others, NEW MIRACLES may be a surprise...or not...who knows)

Buttercup/Bucth (I like the other couples too i just like them the most, probably complicated love)

Brick/Berserk-Problem with this couple is no one writes about it. I think they'll make a perfect couple, and it'll be defferent from those Brick-Blossom romances (i like those two but i just think Brick/Berserk would make a better and more interesting couple...doing crime together, trying not to show the other their weakness or get to attached...yea)

Boomer/Bubbles-this is a nice cute little couple who'll bring the PPg and RRb together. its perfect, without to many problems-except Bubbles not loving Boomer for fear of him and what her sisters might think, Boomer understands and starts falling out of love then Bubbles realizes she loves him but Boomr doesn't, so now she has to fight for his love that she lost...yea


For those who have read this story and is waiting for the update. i don't know how long it will take)
This story is in the middle of a major revision ALL chapters, completely redone, more scenes more characters)

Davis moved away, a year and half ago and while away the digital world was peaceful, however The something locked the gate to the digital world, the moment Davis was pulled into the gate. The others are locked out and Davis is locked in. In this ruined digital world, ruled by a band of villains known as the Crystal Master, Davis must form a bond with his two new digimon, learn Veemon new forms, bring hope back to the digital world and do it with only the help of his three digimon. It'll take a New Miracle to even attempt...

Story Character Bio


In-training form of Chaosgatomon. Same look as Nyaromon but a black body with green stripes. Nyaramon can only say simple words, usually one syllable, except one world which is Davis but when he does say it he usually repeats the word two or three times.


Salomon is the rookie form of Chaosgatomon, it slightly resembles Salamon. Salomon retains the ears of Chaosgatomon, smaller form, plus it‘s ears are mostly found standing up. Salomon has the paws of Chaosgatomon but without the gloves, it tails is also still there but also smaller. Salomon has a baby fang which sticks out of his mouth even when it’s closed, which he usually complains about. Salomon can also walk on his hinds legs but is unable to ran that way. His fur is black, with no blush marks, with one of his tail-rings around his neck with the other around his front left leg. He is rash and noisy.


This is the form he is mostly seen in. he has the same features of gatomon except black fur, green eyes, purple gloves and green stripes. He also has two tail rings, one which came from when he was copied but is now tainted with the aura of the dark crystals, the other tail ring is made purely from the dark crystals. Chaosgatomon is a perverted, easily bored digimon who hates being forced into things. He’s rash and goofy like his partner Davis loves to fight and hates when those weaker then him get near or higher then him. He hates explaining things and won’t do it unless he’s told even if it’s a life death situation.


Chibomon is the in-fresh form of Veemon. And resembles a little blue ball with a fleshy appendage on top of his head. Veemon is rarely seen in this form. His nature is quiet and happy.


Demiveemon is the baby form of Veemon. He resembles a chibi-form of Veemon losing his v on his fore-head. He happily eats chocolate and any other food he get’s his hands on, yet he recently thinks about what he eats since Chaosgatomon tired to feed him something disgusting. His favorite places are Davis head, on chaos back, or with Skullrenamon and calumon anywhere.


Veemon is seen in this form a lot. After obtaining his Digicore from Azulongmon his power increased Ten-fold, plus his training he did while away for a year and a half with Davis, he also heighten his natural strength more and his fighting abilities. Either he is denying his love for Gatomon or it truly was a crush as he says, but this doesn’t keep Chaos from mentioning it. He has some type of rivalry with Dee after being called a prototype by her. He doesn’t really talk with her because of her attitude, although their seen together most of the time.


X-Veemon is roughly over a foot taller then Davis his head is shaped like Flamedramon without the helmet, while his body resembles Magnamon with five fingers. He also carries the black bands around his arm like Flamdramon. It is told that he is a mix between some of his other digivolve forms. X-Veemon is the champion form of Veemon. He has unnatural strength as well as superior fighting skills. He is very competitive and proud himself on the strength of his right handed punches, mostly his right hook. He trains most of his time, unless he is helping rebuild a village, he sometimes connects the two. When someone attacks Davis he gets easily mad and fights without mercy until he stops his opponent but he doesn’t take it as far as deleting his opponent unless he needs to or suppose to.


Not much is known about her yet except her partner is Davis new best friend, Taylor 'Tony' or Toni. Also that Dee is the digimon of destiny and shes a girl Veemon...Besides that she also likes chocolate.

Townsville Apocalypse

I have to make this comment since no one seems to listen.

WE Need More Stories About The Powerpunks. That's all.

On other note: Scenes from Powerpuff Apocalypse

Brick stared at Boomer

"What?" Boomer said looking around "Did i do something?"

Brick slowly looked forward "Nope, nothing never mind"

Berserk was dancing around with Bricks hat on, before Brick grabbed it off her head

"Stop taking my hat Berserk"

"But it looks so much better on me" She said grabbing the hat back and putting it on

"Whatever, just don't lose it"

"...y-your actually going let me hold...YOUR hat?" Berserk said wide eyed as her sisters looked on

"Not after that" Brick said taking his hat "But next time don't sneak in my room and take it while im sleeping"

Butch glared at Boomer "Having fun yet?"

"In a few seconds i will" Boomer said seriously before a building exploded "Oh shit"


"Wrong building...whatever, I'm still having fun"

Butch repeatedly hitting Boomer aside the head on the floor "Out! Out! You demons of stupidity!"

Boomer looks at his sister then around him "I know what you mean" Sigh loudly "I hated when Mojo told me to go to bed cause all I heard was 'Go and lie down in the dark, For hours, and don't move I'm locking the door now'"

Butch bangs his head against the table leaving it there.

Brick silently stares at the ground "I tried to commit suicide by getting in a oven when I was little" Bubbles gasp "But there was a cake in it"

After a long while of suppressing it, I have finally decided to empty my mind of the Rowdy-ruff Boy interviews. It will not be updated regularly, it might not have more then three, four max, chapters. but it will stop jumping around in my head.

First interview will be Brick Rowdy-ruff
Followed by Butch Rowdy-ruff
Ended by Boomer rowdy-ruff.

And i have no idea how it will end.

Absolutely none, so vote on how it should.

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