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Author has written 13 stories for Gettysburg, Naruto, and Inuyasha.

Hair: Honey, caramel, ... (gosh, that makes me hungry) You pick a color. When you figure it out, please tell me, because I honestly don't know what to call it besides 'brown'. There are TONS of shades of brown out there, so I'd like to be more specific when creating a profile online.

UPDATE: I cut it reeeeally short and dyed it in Vidal Sassoon's Medium Vibrant Red. Bet you can't guess why!

Eyes:. Just depends on my make-up and what I'm wearing. Mostly blue, gray, or green.

Skin: very pale, due to being what the Japanese people call a 'hikikomori'. A loner who never goes out except to the gym, for family events and an occasional lunch with a lady from church. My complexion isn't very clear, so I wear a lot of makeup to go out in public.

Build: I'm not fat, but I don't look like an anorexic supermodel, either.

Sex: Haven't had it yet. Haha jk... I was born a female, but sometimes I feel very masculine.

Schooling: I graduated from High School in '09, and I've tried college. Let's just say that my school years were some of the worst in my life. I'm not going to school currently. My primary function lately has been to clean house for my parents and write fanfiction for my favorite couples.

Interesting facts about me: I grew up in the same 1-floor ranch-style house on a stone slab foundation for almost 17 years (it looked like a permanent trailer home), moved to a 2-floor house (4, if you count the very small attic and the basement), and I recently quit my job at Family Dollar. (I wasn't too pleased with Corporate, or the way the other employees treated me.)

Ice breaker questions:

What do you do in your free time?

I sing, play various instruments (flute, piano, guitar, hammered dulcimer...), read and write fanfiction, watch anime, read romance/fiction/adventure novels. Normal stuff, really.

What's your favorite...

Food: Anything with sugar in it.
Drink: anything fruity (I love V8 diet splash!)
Animal: Koala, panda, butterfly... anything pretty or absolutely adorable.
Music: I like anything but super-twangy country, metal rock with screaming, rap with obscenities or demeaning lyrics, and improv jazz.
Color: any cool-tone shade of purple, red, or green. But that's just because I wear it so often. I like all the colors.
Season: Winter. I love curling up with a fuzzy blanket on the couch and watching snow fall outside of the sliding door while drinking hot chocolate.
Genre of TV show/anime: romance, action (but not too much blood and gore--I have a weak stomach), comedy,
TV show: The Big Bang Theory
Anime character of all time: Sabaku no Gaara from Naruto. Masashi Kishimoto did such a nice job creating and developing his character throughout the series
Anime couple: it's not canon (yet!), but... Gaara x Matsuri
Quote: 'Peace under an illusion is not true peace at all. It is only meaningful if the real world manages to accomplish it.' Sabaku no Gaara

Where do you shop for clothes, makeup, beauty supplies?

Kohls, Maurice's, Dress Barn, Target, Amazon...

What's your family like?

We're loud, we make jokes and tease each-other, Dad likes to sing the first line of a song just to tempt me to finish it, Mom smiles and nods as she knits or crochets, but inside she thinks she doesn't fit into the family. We always tell her that she's the one who brought my brother and I into this world, and surely some of the craziness came from her. But it's a good kind of crazy, so no one complains too much. My brother recently got married, and he lives in a college campus neighborhood with his wife. They're planning on having kids eventually.

You're sitting at home, and suddenly a fire starts. What do you bring with you?

Whoever else is in the house, a blanket and my teddy bear stuffed into a pillow, my computer and charging cord, my external hard drive with all of my stories...
I don't know. Myself, I guess...

Have you ever been kissed, had a bf/gf, had sex, etc...?

I've been kissed by three guys in this entire world. And that's not counting when I was a baby, and my dad kissed me. I have NEVER kissed/been kissed by a girl.
I've had 1 guy who was a really good friend try to date me, but we never went anywhere, and he was a HORRIBLE kisser. He ruined a perfectly good friendship.
So we don't talk anymore b/c I've dumped him.
I've THOUGHT about having a g/f, but the only girl I would have been with turned out to be a backstabbing pity-friend. Kind of like 'Naissance des Pieuvres' (Water Lilies).
I've NEVER had sex, and I'm damn proud of it. Too many of my friends from High School got pregnant before marriage, and I've seen what it does to your life, so... No thank you.
I am currently single, and waiting for Prince(ss) Charming to see the real me underneath everything I pretend to be, and love me all the more. If (s)he even EXISTS.
I want nothing (romantically) to do with a guy/girl who's already had a kid, and is still in love with his/her former partner.

What's your religion?

That question cracks me up. Religion? I don't need it.
Jesus? He's practically my bff.
Enough with all of this ritual and tradition, and stuffiness, and crap in church.
I'm a CHRISTIAN. Not a wanna-be fake like most people, with their pasted-on smiles shining like a stained glass masquerade.

Why do you 'ship' GaaMatsu from Naruto if you're Christian? They don't approve of sensei-student romantic relationships.

Horse hockey, in the words of Colonel Potter from M*A*S*H*.
Most teachers are at least 10 years older than their students, and on a different maturity level. I understand that it isn't legal in this world.
But they're the same age, and anyone can see (provided he likes her in return, which he may or may not by the end of the series) that they would have a special kind of love for each-other. They've both been without love for so long (both are orphans, he's a jinchuuriki), and it's sad that they got stuck being sensei and student. He needs her as much as she needs him, and Christians approve of true love.

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