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Update- May 23rd/2012

Well, I finally decided it was about time for another update. However, I was a little deflated to see how little I was able to write this year. It's been almost a year and I'm only about half way through my current story. But I am hoping to make it up during this summer. I'm not sure how many stories I have left in me at this time, but I'm going to keep going as long as I'm having fun with it. Of course, reviews always help too:) It's amazing how much motivational power a few good reviews have. As usual, thanks SO much for those of you who have read and reviewed! I know I would never have gotten this far without your encouragement!

Although I'm not yet finished this story, I am already planning for my next one. I'm debating if this will be the final one or not, but I suppose it will depend on how its received. If my readers move on, I'll take that as a sign that I should too. The new story I'm getting ready to start is called New Revolution 4- Nemesis. It centers around Cortex's sister-in-law, a psychotic woman with an aptitude for engineering. Her name is Nira Rage (N. Rage, ha, get it?) and she intends to decimate N. Sanity Island with an army of mechanical animals. Another interesting tidbit is I'm also planning to introduce Nira's chilling young daughter, whom you may recognize as the infamous Nina Cortex. I'm finalizing the details, but I'm very excited to start writing it. It should be fun!

Welcome to my FanFiction homepage. I've mainly joined this site to upload my Crash Bandicoot stories, but as I began to read some alternate and incredible fan fictions from various authors I may find myself motivated to submit to other stories as well. I enjoy reading, writing, drawing and animating.

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Games: Crash Bandicoot (of course), Spyro the Dragon, Jak and Daxter, Croc

Concerning my Crash Bandicoot Stories

Just a quick warning about my stories. I've been a big fan of Crash Bandicoot since I was 7, and so there are some things I haven't been successful in letting go in my later years. For instance, I call Wampa fruit,Wamba fruit, because that's what I thought they were. It took a while (CTR, I think) to realize that they weren't really called Wamba fruit. Silly. Also, I am a devoted "Naughtydog" Crash girl, and so my stories only cover the games produced by Naughtydog ('cept for Wrath of Cortex, because how can there be a Crash series without Crunch?). One more warning, Crash talks in my stories, and not just a little bit. He also has a tendency to cuss in his Aussie accent whenever he's a little irritated, but those instances are few and far between. This is just how I perceived Crash when I was little, and the image hasn't diminished I'm afraid. Now you have been warned. If you are still brave enough to give my stories a look I applaud you. Thanks for reading and have a terrific day

Crash Bandicoot Saga

If you are interested in reading this series, please read it in the following order:

CB1- Rabid Evolution

A New Plot Unfolds

CB2- Revenge

CB3- A Rift In Time

A Measure of Strength

CB4- Wrath of the Enemy

Joyless Victory

CB5- Speed of Desire

New Revolution Chronicles

NR1- Wavering Sanity

NR2- Extermination

NR3- Reawakening (posting)

NR4- Nemesis (Coming soon)

Hope you enjoy the stories!

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New Revolution 3: Reawakening reviews
Isabella is facing a deadly illness that is threatening to destroy her, and it's up to Crash and Crunch to find the cure. In doing so, they need to travel undercover to the US and to stay incognito, the two bandicoots must adopt very unique disguises...
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