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Stop Plagiarism is a Live Journal community that assists fan fiction authors who have been plagiarized. We are NOT a vigilante group that mindlessly condemns and harasses members. Any FFN members on our watch list will be monitored via Author Alert, which is not visible to other FFN members. All claims must be substantiated and intentionally false accusations will NOT be tolerated.

If you see a fic that you suspect may have been plagiarized, please take screen caps before contacting the community. (Community Guidelines for reporting have been posted below)

Investigate. If you suspect a piece of work to be plagarised, please:
Check the new piece with a copy of the original work.

Contact the original author about your suspicions; a primary reason being to ensure that they aren't the same person using different pseudonyms.

Report to the community by doing the following:
State the circumstances of the suspected plagiarism.

Provide documentation. This is preferably in the form of both links to and a screencap of the original work and the copy. While a link alone is fine, some persons, once made aware that others are aware the plagiarism pull the proof before we are able to verify it. In addition, dates of publication, particularly earliest publication, are helpful.

Summarise your investigation so far. This is preferably with copies of email content/IM conversations, though these do not necessarily need to be made public.

Provide a contact address for the suspected plagiarist, for example an email address or IM username/number. This does not need to be made public if you do not wish it to be.

In addition to the guideines above, please Do the following:

Contact FFN and provide your name (user number), email, and links to both the original and plagiarized stories.

Save all PM's, Emails, and screencaps.

When/if you PM the plagiarist, send yourself a CC of the PM and save it.

DO NOT under any circumstances and not matter how tempting it is:

Leave obscene or threatening flames in the review area. If anyone is going to lose their account we want it to be the plagiarist.

Do not send obscene or threatening emails, PM's or IM's (see above)

If you feel the need to do something, leave a message along the lines of: This story (titles goes here) was written by (author's name) and can be found at (link). You have been reported to FFN. THEN use the Abuse function.