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"You've just been etcetera-ed. Enjoy."

...let me tell you the story of Etcetera Corp., for clarity's sake.

Once, when dear Kazu and I were speaking of all things yaoi and anime, or all things Spiral and yaoi, we somehow happened upon a studio... within both our minds!! you could say this was the common ground between our two brains, and you are correct in that assumption.

The Studio, as we refer to it with great familiarity-love-and-or-fear, is home to our organization, Etcetera Corp., from which hails products such as Jelly Sumos (in small medium and oh-my-god-it's-bigger-than-me-size), Hikari Products, the cure to excess-pissed-off-ness, epsidoe and the ever popular Blush Brush and Blush Syringe; from which comes the fics that we have never put to writing simply because we are both lazy and our thoughts are too fast to catch, such as "Family Matters" (Bleach), "Spiral 2,3,4,5,6 and the movie"(Spiral Suiri no Kizuna), Highschool Slam (YuGiOh!), "The Problem Child"(FMA) and very recently, "The Episodes of the Rest of Their Lives", "Some Kinda Fairytale" and "Full Circle", all in the VK universe.

ETC Corp. believes in yaoi, and the wonderful power of the written word.

WE also believe in the rabid power of plot bunnies, the likes of which we have been and still are being attacked with.

We don't mind though... at least, with what our personalities are like... read on to learn more about us!

There are two people behind this great enterprise of insanity and yaoi-worship, and here are their profiles:


Name (Pen name, that is..): Kazuya Arsashi088

Occupation: student, optimist, sideline fanfiction writer (thought it doesn't really earn me money.. :P), aspiring (great) cosplayer, co-creator of Etcetera Corp., and Etcetera Corp.'s official goldfish (...much to my dismay... -_-;)

Favorite Music: J-Pop, Anime songs that sound kinda pop, sometimes rock-ish anime music, music by L'Arc...etc.

Not-so-Favorite Music: ...the ones that sometimes play in my head over and over again and drive me completely NUTS!

Reason why I should be hired (by Etcetera Corp.): ...Because...I uh... work there...? And I can snap my fingers pretty well!! _

Reason why I should be hired (or loved by all humankind...either way :P): Because I can (try) to lighten up heavy moods! I'm pretty much an entertainer of sorts... And I come up with some good ideas every now and then :) .

What I love about Etc. Corp.: The plots, the bunnies, the plot bunnies, the audience...the giant screen!! I also love the fact that I/we can make anything -'poof!'- appear!! (well, in our heads, that is...)

What I h-...uh...-NOT really like about Etc. Corp. (sometimes): Deadlines, schedules, and dying plot bunnies

I am what makes up half of the 'amazing duo' of Etc. Corp. I bring out the romance, comedy, and horror (when I feel like it...:P). My official work nickname is 'WRONG' (though I really don't like it's negative connotation... >_

In some sense, I make up the somewhat SANE side of Etc. Corp.

Here comes the insane part:

Name (Pen name, or the name i am most known by...): Freya 'FIX' Kurenai (insta-translation: the name Freya means goddes of -yaoi- love and Kurenai means Crimson!!)

Occupation: student, author (this is... quite rewarding! though, not in the monetary sense), pessimist, sideline director (you'd love our music videos and 'movies'... if you could see them...), co-creator of Etc. Corp and Etc. Corp's secretary (the responsible, schedule-keeping kind...)

Favorite Music: J-rock (like Ali Project and L'Arc and Gackt), Classical (like Edvard Gried, Chopin, Bach and Beethoven), and ofcourse, Fall Out Boy (ps: i love David Cook and David Archuleta... @_@)

Not-so-Favorite Music: i even have this? oh yeah, non-creative OPM.

Reason why I should be hired (by Etcetera Corp.): ...because if you don't, it would fall into more chaos (the bad kind) than usual. I'm the quote- responsible one... who knows where the food, the bunnies, the freezer and the doors are.

Reason why I should be hired (or loved by all humankind- waitaminute, don't love me!! just... love... the fics... got it?? XP): i am insanely good at keeping my head in awful situations, and prefer to get things done well and right. i can be a total insensitive a-hole, but it helps! and, I am good at making hot-shot-wake-me-up coffee. Something all of us needs.

What I love about Etc. Corp.: the bunnies, the bunnies in the freezer, the audience (comprised of anime characters and our OC's), the cameras, the awesome giant screen, the lounge, the costume department, the Ones Above Us (aka nega-kaz and nega-fix)... and our uber magical power of making anything appear as per our whim.

What I h-...uh...-NOT really like about Etc. Corp. (sometimes): ...nothing really, deadlines are part of the job... dead plot bunnies are recycled, and... i'm a pessimist, whatever happens- happens.

I bring the sadness and anger, the horror (sometimes), the giant blush-syringe, the cute scenes between Gin and Byakuya (oh yeah!!) and the effects (sometimes) that drive us into paroxyms of laughter/tears. MY official work nickname is 'SICK', since I am (oh gawd, Malfunction... and the ear...). It's the truth.

And yes, I am the insane side of Etc. Corp. I am damn proud of it too!!

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