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"Raven, you shouldn’t be picking fights you can’t win in your state..." - Shadow, from my chapter 8 of my fic, To Save a Raven

*Please read the NEWS section at the bottom regarding this account's current status as inactive*

Location: Ohio, US
Age: 20
Gender: female
Current Grade: junior in college

My Zoids: Gravity (Gravity Saurer), Ptera (Gravity Ptera, sadly, he was broken by a small child; dropped to the hard tile floor of my mom's kitchen, shattering into a dozen pieces), Liger (electronic Liger Zero), Rainbow (Japanese Rainbow Jerk), Una (Unenlagia), Mosa (Mosasledge), Manny (unasembled Pteramander), Whitefire (2005 Japan Dinosaur Expo limited edition white Geno Saurer, one of a few hundred made!!), Mugen (Japanese Mugen Liger), Ray (2005 Japan Dinosaur Expo limited edition white Raynos), Ceaser (a rare re-release CC/GF era blue Blade Liger), Razor (a rare re-release GF era red Geno Breaker), and Red (a currently unbuilt Imperial Red Horn given to me by ITman496)

Oh, and if you want to visit my forum, visit "Chaotic Century Chat" at

Or, visit my C2 community, "Pilots and Partners", at

Other Links of Intrest:

A drawing on DeviantART by my friend KinaKuro of Leiden, the villain Organoid from The Dark Savior- http:///art/Leiden-113497282

An AWESOME pic of Ibeyla's face that arathia did- http:///art/Ibeyla-s-face-137467267

An amazing pic of my Organoid OC from The Pit: Rewrite, Lied, done by my buddy ITman496 on deviantART- http:///art/Lied-143620264

Another amazing drawing of my Organoid OC that will at some point appear in The Pit, Harpy, done again by my buddy ITman496 on deviantART- http:///art/Harpy-143587511

An amazing drawing of Ghost from Lost that pikachoo08 did on deviantART- http:///art/For-shadowrebirth37-ghost-153049974

An absolutely beautiful sketch of Ibeyla that kokorodemon3 (Kokoro62 here on ) did on deviantART- http:///art/Ibeyla-and-Luna-146686949

An amazing animation of Obscura done by the amazing LigerZeroElaine on deviantART- http:///art/Obscura-174521355

Okay, here are some of my favorite things...

Fave things: dragons, dinosaurs, poetry, drawing, dolphins, writing fan fiction and my own pieces, gardening, fishing, video games, my DS/PSP, reading, my cat Simba, ect.

My hobbies: I love to draw my OCs and dragons, write fanfiction and my own works, look at the stars, collect rare Zoids, talk with my friends, hang out with my friends, work on /dA, gardening, sword-fighting and sparing with my younger brother, building and re-building my Zoids,

Fave bands/singers: Red, Linkin Park, Skillet, Relient K, Rise Against, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Story of the Year, Crossfade, Snow Patrol, Staind, Puddle of Mudd, 3 Doors Down, Daughtry, among others.

Fave songs by other bands: "No Fear"- The Rasmus, "We Are What We Are"- DJ Bobo, "Never Take Us Alive"- Madina Lake, "Feel Good Drag"- Anberlin, "How can I live?"- Ill Nino, "Wonderful"-Everclear, "Final Destination" and "What Have You Done"- Within Temptation, "Beautiful Lie"- 30 Seconds to Mars, "Dragula"- Rob Zombie, "Youth of the Nation"- P.O.D., "Getting away with Murder"- Papa Roach, "Thanks for the Memories"- Fall Out Boy, "Land of Confusion"- Disturbed, "Headstrong"- Trapt, "Phenomenon"- Thousand Foot Crutch, "Dream"- Make-shift Romeo, "Go Figure"-Everlife, "Float On"-Modest Mouse, and some others I can't think of. XP

Fave music not by bands: Kingdom Hearts I II soundtracks, anything by John Williams, Zoids: Chaotic Century/Guardia Force soundtrack, and the Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future soundtrack

Fave anime: Zoids: Chaotic Century/Guardian Force & New Century Zero, Avatar, Pokemon (old and JJ I think), Yu-gi-oh! (old and GX), Digimon (old and DS), and some others.

Fave anime characters: Zoids CC/GF- Raven, Shadow, Major Karl Schubaltz, Reese, Specula, Moonbay, O'Connell, Zeke, Thomas, Irvine. Zoids NC0- Vega, Berserk Fury, Liger Zero, Jamie, Leon, Bit. Zoids Genesis- Zarian, Bio Volcano, Mugen Liger, Seji. Avatar- Zuko, Momo, Katara, Uncle Iroh, Toph, Sokka. Pokemon- Drew, Latios & Latias, Charmander/Charizard, Articuno, Lugia, Mew, Grovile, Flygon. Yu-gi-oh!- Seto, Zane, Atticus, Joey, Yugi, Jesse, Aster, Chaz, Jayden. Digimon- Thomas, Matt, Seadramon, Garrurrumon, Birdramon.

Fave cartoons: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron (my childhood favorite!), Static Shock (one of my fave superheros), Spider Man (the old one, you know, the early 1990's and 2000's series), Spongebob Squarepants (I know, I'm childish), Megas XLR, Samurai Jack, Thundercats (yes, I know it's old!), Ed, Edd & Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Billy and Mandy, Transformers Armada, Johnny Bravo, and a few others.

Fave TV shows: Primeval, Moonlight, Jurassic Fight Club, Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch (go Time Bandit and Cornelia Marie!), and a few more I can't think of.

Fave video games: Zoids: Battle Legends, Zoids: Legacy, Kingdom Hearts I, II & Chain of Memories, Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, SPORE, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, Pokemon Pearl, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Star Wars Battlefront, among others I forgot right now...

Fave books: Zoids: Chaotic Century manga- Michiro Ueyama, Pit Dragon Trilogy- Jane Yolen, Age of Fire series- E. E. Knight, Jurassic Park series- Michel Crichton, Dinotopia series- bunch of different people, The Mystery of Ireta- Anne McCaffrey, and some others that slipped my mind.

Fave movies: How to Train Your Dragon, Jurassic Park Trilogy, Star Wars, Saving Private Ryan, Midnight Run, Tommy Boy, Transformers, Dragonheart, Blues Brothers, King Kong (new one), Tremors, Wyvern, Top Gun, GATTACA, The Secret of NIMH, A Sound of Thunder, and more I can't remember.

What I'm currently watching: How to Train Your Dragon.

What I'm currently reading: "Dragon Heart [book four of the Pit Dragon Chronicles]" by: Jane Yolen

Songs currently buzzing around in my head: "A Little Faster"- There for Tomorrow, "Dead Lizard- Two tongues, "Hymn for the Missing"- RED, "Final Vanitas Battle Theme"- Yoko Shimomura

Random facts about me...

I love animals, even snakes and bats. I believe that animals are special and unique, just like people, and I believe that they deserve respect and love. Animal abuse and abandonment disgusts me thoroughly, and I believe those that commit those crimes should be forced to endure the same things they have inflicted. I have an elderly cat named Simba, and a Great Dane/pitbull mix named Corva.

I am actually really funny. I am a very sarcastic and good-natured person, loving a good joke, even if it's directed at me. The only type of humor I do not enjoy are puns. I detest puns. I also do not like racial jokes, for I find that topic wrong and unjust. You can always count on me to lighten a mood, unless it is I that is down, but that is rare, since I am a naturally up-beat and forgiving person.

My picture: This is a screenshot of Raven from the Japanese opening of Zoids: Chaotic Century/ Guardian Force. I've always loved the Japanese opening, and decided to use a part of it for my icon.

My goals: 1- 9.2.o8- I've reached the 1000 hit goal with chapter 13 of Of Zoids and Organoids!!
9.11.o8- I've reached the 100 review mark with chapter 15 of Of Zoids and Organoids!! Thanks everyone!!
10.27.o8- I've reached the 2000 hit mark with Of Zoids and Organoids!!
12.17.o8- I've reached the 1000 hit mark once again with To Save a Raven!!
1.3.o9- I've reached the 1000 hit mark again with The Dark Savior!!
3.2.o9- I've reached the 3000 hit mark with chapter 21 of Of Zoids and Organoids!! Thanks guys!!
5.13.o9- I've reached the 1000 hit mark with The Pit: Rewrite!!
5.14.o9- I've reached the 1000 hit mark with Fury's Core!!
6.7.o9- I've reached the 2000 hit mark with To Save a Raven!!
6.8.o9- I've reached the 1000 hit mark with chapter 3 of Prey!!
1o.27.o9- I've reached the 4000 hit mark with chapter 22 of Of Zoids and Organoids!!
2.8.1o- I've reached the 5000 hit mark with chapter 24 of Of Zoids and Organoids!!

My newest goal- reach 200 reviews or 6000 hits!!

Current Fics in process:

Rebirthing: chapter 2- 0 percent complete (may not continue)
Misadventures of the GenoFury Team: chapter 1- 0 percent complete
The Ghost and the Raven: chapter 4- 0 percent complete
Predatory Instincts: chapter 3- 0 percent
The Dark Savior: chapter 14- 5 percent complete
Heart of a Wyvern: chapter 7- 0 percent complete
Search for the Starred Ones: chapter 3- 0 percent complete (on hiatus)
Broken: chapter 6- 15 percent complete
Fury's Core: chapter 5- 0 percent complete
Lost: chapter 4- 0 percent complete
Guardian in Wolf's Clothing: chapter 3- 55 percent
The Pit- chapter 9- 10 percent complete
To Save a Raven- chapter 11- 100 percent complete (uploaded)
The Pit: Rewrite- chapter 10- 5 percent complete
Prey- chapter 4- 0 percent complete
Atonement- one-shot for Bears23- 100 percent complete (posted)
Cruel Irony- chapter 4- 15 percent complete
Time With You- unannounced one-shot- 55 percent complete
Weakened Immunity- chapter 3- 100 percent complete (uploaded)
Capacity for Sacrifice- one-shot- 100 percent complete (uploaded)
Held Hostage- chapter 2- 0 percent complete

Of Zoids and Organoids:
Requests yet to be typed and posted:
1. summer- iwalkinthelight
2. rain- iwalkinthelight & ChicagoBears23
3. stars- iwalkinthelight & Sexii Lexii
4. night- iwalkinthelight
5. dusk- iwalkinthelight
6. Unnamed Reese, Specula, Nicolo one-shot- iwalkinthelight
7. carrort- randocat23 o.0
8. filing cabnet- sirrah
9. cream cheese- AntiMusicMan
10. robin- AntiMusicMan
11. storm- Sexii Lexii
12. lightning- Sexii Lexii
13. sunshine- Sexii Lexii
14. lake- Sexii Lexii
15. loyalty- randomcat23
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17. book- ChicagoBears23
18. fish- ChicagoBears23 & An Outcast's Shadow
19. tail- ChicagoBears23
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22. suffer- An Outcast's Shadow
23. safe- An Outcast's Shadow
24. light- An Outcast's Shadow
25. zero- Blastbone
26. haven- An Outcast's Shadow
27. Widdiful- Wolfofsherwood
28. frog- AntiMusicMan
29. wisteria- AntiMusicMan
30. daffodil- AntiMusicMan
31. burn- randomcat23
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33. love- randomcat23
34. better- randomcat23 (uploaded)
35. stop- randomcat23
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44. rainbow- ChicagoBears23 & come back running xx
45. sniper- ChicagoBears23
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50. psychic- San child of the wolves
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59. shot- An Outcast's Shadow
60. breathe/breath- An Outcast's Shadow
61. ink- An Outcast's Shadow

All of my own characters belong to me and me alone and cannot be used without my conscent. If you would like to use them, shoot me a PM telling me about the fic you want to use them in. A forewarning- I usually don't let other people use my characters just because I'm like that, so don't be disappointed if I turn down your offer. But I will give out permission to authors whose works I am familiar with.

If you would like to comment on my profile- quote, fic progress, new fic ideas or my Zoids collection, feel free to PM me about it! I love to hear feedback! And if you're an anonymous reviewer who'd like to comment, leave it in a review for one of my stories.

New Postings/Editings:
8.25.o8- Broken- chapter 2- fixed a slight error that arathia found. Thanks arathia!!
9.3.o8- The Pit: Rewrite- fic posted.
9.17.o8- Blue-Eyed Demon- fic posted.
9.18.o8- Blue-Eyed Demon- added a few words that I left out and reworded a few lines.
1o.31.o8- Lost- fic continued!! Happy Halloween everybody!! ;D
11.3o.o8- The Dark Savior- fic continued!! XD
11.3o.o8- Prey- fic posted.
12.15.o8- The Pit: Rewrite- chapter 7- fixed some spelling errors. Thanks arathia!! ;D
1.3.o9- The Pit: Rewrite- chapter 8- fixed a slight grammer error I found.
1.6.o9- Stars- one-shot posted.
1.7.o9- Stars- fixed a slight tense error randomcat23 pointed out. Thanks cat!! ;D
2.16.o9- Atonement- fic posted!! I hope you enjoy your fic, Bear!! ;P
3.22.o9- Predatory Instincts- fic posted!!
6.13.o9- Cruel Irony- fic posted!!
2.7.1o- Weakened Immunity- fic posted!!
2.7.1o- Weakened Immunity- fixed some errors silvanelf and myself found. Thanks silvanelf!! ;D
2.8.1o- Weakened Immunity- changed 'her' to here'
4.19.1o- Capacity for Sacrifice- fic posted!!
6.6.1o- Held Hostage- fic posted!!

Current Fic Status:

Rebirthing- reviews: 9- hits: 178
The Distant Stars- reviews: 5- hits: 69
The Dark Savior- reviews: 83- hits: 1767
Heart of a Wyvern- reviews: 26- hits: 516
Search for the Starred Ones- reviews: 6- hits: 141
Of Zoids and Organoids- reviews: 182- hits: 5000
Broken- reviews: 36- hits: 726
Fury's Core- reviews: 53- hits: 1270
The Ghost and the Raven- reviews: 23- hits: 384
Lost- reviews: 27- hits: 701
Guardian in Wolf's Clothing- reviews: 19- hits: 232
The Pit- reviews: 46- hits: 763
To Save a Raven- reviews: 79- hits: 2776
Through Death's Eyes- reviews: 6- hits: 95
The Pit: Rewrite- reviews: 72- hits: 1301
Blue-Eyed Demon- reviews: 8- hits: 190
Prey- reviews: 19- hits: 1337
Stars- reviews: 6- hits: 102
Atonement- reviews: 12- hits: 115
Predatory Instincts- reviews: 21- hits: 283
Cruel Irony- reviews: 40- hits: 410
Weakened Immunity- reviews: 11- hits: 291
Capacity for Sacrifice- reviews: 7- hits: 483
Held Hostage- reviews: 3- hits: 15

Most Favorited fic- Capacity for Sacrifice: 23 faves

Most Alerted fic- Prey: 18 alerts

Least Favorited fic- Search for the Starred Ones: 1 fave

Current User Status:

I am on the Favorites list of 40 members.
I am on the Author Alert list of 29 members.

New fic ideas-

To Save a Raven- set a few weeks after GF. Moonbay returns to being a transporter after things settle down. She expects things to return to normal, but what she doesn't expect is to find the Geno Breaker, destroyed and half-buried in the desert. With Raven and Shadow badly injured inside, will she leave them on account of their past actions, or help them on the hope they have changed?
Fic rating: T
Status: In progress

The Valley- set a few months after GF. Things have settled down after the Death Saurer's destruction. The Guardian Force is relaxing, and breaking in the two newest members, Raven and Reese. The Force receives an assignment to investigate the strange happenings in a valley in the desert. Reports of miniature Zoids and disappearances, along with a strange Organoid-like creature prompt investigation. But unknown to the Guardian Force, they are falling right into a trap...
Fic rating: T
Status: In production

A Twist of Fate- NC0/GF cross-over. During the final battle between Vega and the Blitz Team, a strange twist of fate sends them back in time a century, back during the time of the Guardian Force. What will happen to the Blitz Team and the Vega Team? Will they help the Guardian Force win agianst Hiltz and Prozen? Will Hiltz convince them to help them with his plan? Or will they be caught in the middle?
Fic rating: T
Status: Undetermined

Shattered Past- Post-GF, before-CC. After being revived, Shadow's ancient past is forgotten. Desperate to relearn his past, he convinces Reese to reawaken the sleeping memories. His past during Zoidian times comes back, but the sad memories threaten to drive the Organoid mad. Can Raven bring him back to the present, or will Shadow be lost in his memories forever and forget him, or worse?
Fic rating: T
Status: Undetermined

Blood on the Snow- Post-GF. Raven leaves Reese and goes off on his own after the defeat of the Death Saurer. Reese joins the Guardian Force, trying to keep her mind off her broken heart. Reese's sadness turns to anger by winter's arrival, and eventually she all but forgets about Raven. Meanwhile, Raven and Shadow get lost in a winter blizzard, and the cold causes Shadow to fall ill with a rare illness. Raven doesn't know the cure, but he knows Reese does. He is too stubborn to ask for her help, but with Shadow fading fast, will he go to her? Will it take a miracle for him to apologize? Or a tragedy? R/R
Fic rating: T
Status: Undetermined

Forgotten Times (temporary title)- pre-CC. Before the first Death Saurer, Zoidian life was relatively peaceful. Organoids and other metallic creatures roamed the thick rainforests and rolling hills, filling the sky and swimming in the seas. Zoids flurished, running wild across the continent and working alongside the Zoidians. During this time of peace, two young Zoidians, Ibeyla Secura and Talon Schatten, live and explore. The two friends get in and out of mischeif, chase and tame Organoids and Zoids, and go on all sorts of adventures. This is a look back into the forgotten times of the Ancient Zoidians...
Fic rated: K/T
Status: Undetermined

Shimmers- Canon. GF. One-shot. After Shadow’s death and the unsuccessful fight to save the capitol, Specula’s hopes were bleak. Reese was ill and both she and Raven were hurt; things didn’t look good to the sapphire Organoid. But hope is like water, sometimes the image you want to see is distorted by shimmers and only time clears the picture…
Fic rating: K to K
Status: Undetermined

Zealous- Canon. GF. One-shot. Zeke had always been a happy and energetic Organoid, but with the world coming apart at the seams, even he was worried. The Death Stinger was running amok and the Ultrasaurus was without a weapon; things weren’t looking good. But Zeke is an optimistic Organoid, and he’s determined to lift the gloom surrounding his friends…
Fic rating: K
Status: Undetermined

If you think any of there ideas are worth turning into a fic, please send me a PM telling me so or say so in a review. I have thought long and hard on these ideas, but I'll leave it to you whether or not I post these fics. Please PM or leave in a review your thoughts about these ideas!! ;)

Comments to anonymous reviewers-

none currently

What I'm currently working on- nothing; see below


Hey guys, I come baring some bittersweet news. I believe I am going to be closing this account soon. I will leave up all of the stories, but I don't think I'll be continuing them. Too long has passed since I've worked on them and I've lost touch with what I was trying to accomplish with their plots. Don't worry, I'm not vanishing forever. I'll be lurking around, answering PMs, reviewing stories, and perhaps posting the odd oneshot or two. I'm by no means gone. I have merely outgrown this account and need to stretch my wings a bit elsewhere; I'm leaving this account up for all the good memories, and so people can still read my old stuff if they are so inclined. The only fic I will probably continue is Of Zoids and Organoids, so you have that to look forward to. If you need to reach me, or wish to know my new account, please send me a PM and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for all the laughs and fond memories, everyone. I love you all.

As for the future of my fics- there are going to be some cancellations. Updates will be sporadic as my main focus is my new account. As much as I love each and every one of my readers, some of my old works on this account have become toxic mementos of times I'd rather not remember, but I don't wish to delete them. Some of them have content I am not longer comfortable with, and I just feel too guilty seeing all of my fics unfinished and I cannot possibly complete them after such an elapse. My writing style has just changed too much and I've forgotten my vision and direction with some of the fics.

My main focus is the new account. If you wish to follow me there please PM me and I will disclose the new username. I just don't want to state it publicly. Some of you have already followed me over and I am forever thankful for that. OZaO will likely be the only fic I will try to continue on this account. TSaR has such a fond place in my heart that I don't want to outright abandon it, but it'll take me a long time to try and figure out what to do with it. I currently, however, have several new drabble chapters for OZaO in the works and I hope to get them published by the time I return from Otakon on the 13th!

See you there!

This is ShadowRebirth37, signing off...

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Zoids - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,420 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 4 - Published: 5/2/2008 - Complete
Rebirthing reviews
Canon. GF. In the anime, Shadow died protecting Raven & was reborn. Under Prozen's control, he attacks and nearly kills Raven. What was going through his mind? What happened after they escaped? The story of Shadow's rebirthing, from his POV. Please R & R!
Zoids - Rated: K+ - English - Suspense/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,019 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 5 - Published: 5/2/2008 - Raven - Complete
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