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Wow...we're not good at writing bios.

Well, if Bezo stops beating the crap out of the keyboard, we might actually get this written. Okay, so he stopped. *sigh* There he goes again. *Yezo sweatdrops, then smacks Bezo, who glances about curiously and wonders if it's raining, while Yezo rubs her sore hand and pouts*

Okies...we're a boy-girl writing team. Bezo, aslo known as...well, the boy component of our team. Yezo, also known as Rhianwen, or Snugglekitty on her sillier days, is the girl component...which Bezo is checking up on right now. Tee-hee!

Anyway, we're Slayers fans (to put it mildly), and, as may be obvious from our names, we both have a great respect for Rezo. Not enough, however, not to mock him continuously. But everyone gets that treatment from us, so it's all good.

One more thing: we are working on an original work known as Ultimate Whimsy XXIX. Since we're sure people are getting tired of us putting Bezo and Yezo into existing video games, we're making a game that they can star in! This is the story adaptation! For an unlimited time only, on! Go read it! Please! ^_^


Okay...we're done. Go away now.

Bezo crosses his arms and looks imposing. Yezo sweatdrops once again*

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