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(this took me a while so read it! just read it!)

hey, peeps! i just got this account, and i'm trying to figure out how to use it. i also have a banana sticker on my head that says: 'Place Sticker on Forhead. Smile.' but i'm not complaining.( i wonder what my friends would think...)

i'm a really bad typer, and i can't spell 4 my life!! (that's what spell check is 4!!) I got my first story up, though! It does have soon typos in it. i forgot to proof read! : (

oh well, better luck next chapter! i'm going to continue that story, thank you emmiexcutie!


I really adore Raven Child2's stories. Heck, if it wasn't for her Seville Library, i wouldn't be on right now. She in my Fav aouther's list, but the link 2 the Seville library isn't working right now b/c of updates

P.S. i don't cuss, but i don't care if

1. you think that is dumb or

2. you write something that does cuss. i mean,some of my fav stories cuss!

I'll try to write some stories, so you can comment if you would like to. I would absolutely LOVE it if some body gave me a suggestion, cuz my ideas aren't all that great, but you don't have to.

guess what everybody! on august 9th, i'm turning 12! i bet you guys thought i older! if you did, PM me!

i'm going to continue my 1st story, to all of you who want to know. But, it's going to go on hold for a while! i'm staring a different story! yeah!

it is going to include all of my OC's, which are really just my friends. i'm not going to us last names!

as soon as my friend is finished helping me start it, i'll post it. which will take a while...


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