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slowly f a l l i n g into eternal bliss


... sweet sour salty ...



is pronounced as cassie.
pls call me that because i don't really like to be called sweetsoursalty. it's too long anyway. xP
am a proud singaporean & is a female.
old enough to go to high school but too young to drive. (hinthint - sweet 1_ )
born as a libra. 2 October.
my penname explains me a lot. i'm hard to explain. deal with it, mkay?




sasukesakura - otp

oNE. narutohinata / nejitenten / shikamaruino
tWO. minatokushina / fugakumikoto / kakashianko
tHREE. gaarahinata / kibaino / shikamarutemari

kingdom hearts

hayneryuffie - otp

oNE. namineriku / roxasolette / sorakairi
tWO. kairiaxel / roxasnamine / haynerolette
tHREE. rikuolette / demyxselphie / zexiontifa


edwardbella - otp

oNE. alicejasper / emmettrosalie / carlisleesme
tWO. alicejacob / one-sided bellajacob / rosaliejacob


ichigorukia - otp

oNE. ishidaorihime / hitsugayahinamori / uraharayoruichi
tWO. renjirukia / ichigoorihime / ishidarukia
tHREE. shunsuinanao / grimmjaworihime / aizenhinamori

( ... don't really do yaoi/yuri but can accept minor shonen-ai/shojo-ai ... )



stories i read

uNO. has an intresting plot
dOS. has romance in it
tRES. pairings are in character
qUATRO. written with flow
sINCO. has good grammer & spelling

stories i avoid

uNO. has no actual plot
dOS. is overly dramatic
tRES. is non-logical
qUATRO. bashes characters or pairings
sINCO. has mary-sues or gary-stus. ex - a girl who's perfect in every way couples with the main guy
sIES. has incest. ex - love between brothers, sisters, cousins, etc.
sIETE. has horrible grammer, spelling & putting punctuations where they're not needed
oCHO. has many swear words. ex - putting 'fuck' or 'bitch' in nearly every sentence when it is not even needed
nUEVE. stories that have long paragraphs & little dialogue




jackass corporation
my boss is an asshole. he's selfish, bossy, stuck-up, inconsiderate and self-centred. but god, he has the sexiest eyes ever... darn it! ( kaiora )
her master, his slave
he bought her. he owns her. he can do whatever he wishes to her. but really, all he wants is to love her. ( sasusaku)
opps, wrong number
it was because of that one accidental phone call that she learned how to love... and how to hurt as well. ( hayneryuffie )


behind that facade
she had always been a toy, a puppet, a minor character in her life story. then he came along and suddenly, she didn't mind being played by him. ( namineriku)
one way lane
mother always taught me to go forward, never back. but if i have to go backwards to reach you, i'd be there in a heartbeat. ( roxasolette)
beef or chicken
as he argued on which flavor of ramen was better, she looked upon him lovingly and wished moments like this lasted forever. (narutohinata)
appehe arances matters
never realized women could get so furious over a minor thing such as appearance. then again, he was edward cullen - sexiest vampire alive. ( edwardbella )


a cup of... series
collection on various pairings inspired by random prompts and different genres.
you, yours & yourself
collection revolving around a particular character and his/her outlook on life.


sinking d e e p e r into paradise

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roxette here today, gone tomorrow. happy late roxette day!
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Yamanaka Ino happens to see a certain Uchiha in an alleyway...with a girl. So being the ever so faithful friend, she goes to tell Sakura what she has witnessed. Uchiha Sasuke with another girl? Sakura won't believe it. [SasuSaku]
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Someone Other Than Him by XxSeriouslyJadedxX reviews
[Oneshot][SasuSaku]Sakura is dressed up...and coincidentally, Gaara is coming to Konoha later in the day. Sasuke realizes that he is having a hard time dealing with the possibility of Sakura liking someone other than him.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,417 - Reviews: 180 - Favs: 480 - Follows: 74 - Published: 9/29/2006 - Sakura H., Sasuke U. - Complete
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[Oneshot][SasuSaku]'Sasuke kun, I baked you a cake! I hope you like it' '...I hate sweets.' Uchiha Sasuke is about to find out...that in the end...it's the thought that counts.
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