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Author has written 3 stories for Star Fox, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

hello, everyone

my nick-name is Gato-chan.

I now have 3 fanfics up, one is from Starfox, where an OC i came up with meets James. She's really hard on herself and doesn't fit in too much at all.

She meets james and through him she changes for the better. my second one is based on YYH, that story follows hiei, where hiei meets his long lost father and finds clues to

his past where his mother may have survived all these years. My third one is based off of Fullmetal alchemist. Starts out with Edward dead, and you don't know why. He's killed and his deaht is

ruled an "accidental" Al won't stand for it, and goes to try and discover the truth but then he discovers something darker, not only that but further and further into the story, he'll need to decide

who he can really trust as everyone Al knows become suspected of being the one behind Ed's death. I'm currently a senoir in college right now working on my Bachelor's degree, and I try to

update my Fanfics within a good period of time. Due to having three fanfics going at one time, i may not be able to update as often as i like to. I enjoy singing, Japanese anime, and a bunch of

other things. feel free to im me and chat, my sn is Cutekitten950021

Below are a list of OC's I came up with and own.

Name: Marissa Mustang

age: upper teens

Bio: Marissa is Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye's daughter. Yes you heard me right. She takes after her dad for the most part in terms of behavior and looks. She has long black hair like her dad, that is usually in a bun like riza, or in a pony tail. Her eyes are a little lighter red than her mom's eyes. Roy refuses to teach her alchemy but she teaches it herself behind her dad's back. He's very protective of her. He doesn't want her learning alchemy because he believes it dangerous for her. She would specify in Fire alchemy like her dad, if she could. Marissa will sometimes go by the nickname of Rissa for short, by those who know her well. She has a little trouble making friends, due to her father being in the military.

Name: Marya
Prounounced- Ma-riah

age : 15

Bio: Marya is a young female fox, she's a light grey in color, with blue eyes. she tends to be a loner, and no one really cares about her and she tends to get picked on by those around her. she has no close friends. Her parents were killed when she was younger so she's also an orphan, she has no memories of what happened to her parents or how they died.

"what would you attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail."- Unknown

" Hey why don't you pick on somebody 1/10 your size!"- Gatomon

"if you believe in yourself then dreams are real"- Gatomon

"What's more important?! Camping or homework!?"- Chichi

"Chichi, I'm not an idiot, every parent knows the answer to that... Camping of course!"- Goku

"If i was just a little bit taller, this wouldn't have worked and i would have had to call the whole thing off. It's really a good thing i'm so small... Gahhh! No it's not!?" - Edward Elric

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