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Good day, or good evening. Whatever time it is where you are...

I'm Lank. That would be the first three letters in my first name combined with my middle initial. It's not very catchy, but hey, I'm iffy about posting my actual name online. I'm seventeen, for now, and writing is a passion of mine. I've been doing it since third grade, when I truly found my imaginative side. Of course, up until about 2009, I was only writing these little fictional stories about fruits that could talk, and what not. I'm on to bigger and better things now!

You'll notice that I really love Phil of the Future, and I probably always will... No matter how childish it makes me look in the coming years. I mean, what's not to love. The show introduced me to the cutest couple I've ever seen in my seventeen years and a new genre of music, incidentally. I'm referring to Aly Michalka's character, of course, who is in a band with her sister, now known as 78Violet. On the other hand, Raviv Ullman is just a great looking man... I can't get over it.

But, I don't just write Fanfiction, though it may be my primary ritual, I also write straight fiction. My own ideas always stem from the above listed characters in some way, seeing how they are always in my cast lists. But really, my inspiration for most of my work is the actors and actresses I watch in movies and on TV. I am an acting FANATIC . I even went out of my way to make lists of all my favorite actors and actresses, and because I'm so obsessed, I'm obviously going to list them here. An extremely short version of the people that have impacted me...


1. Tania Raymonde

2. Lake Bell

3. Amanda Crew

4. Aly Michalka

5. Missy Peregrym

Those are just the Top 5, in order, but many more contribute to my characters. This list does NOT include my two idols, though. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar. I don't have the guts to write for them.


1. Paul Rudd

2. Zach Gilford

3. Raviv Ullman

4. Steve Carell

5. Ryan Phillippe

Again, just the Top 5.

I could talk for hours about favorite movies, actors, actresses, etc... Unfortunately, I'm unable to find any human being in or outside of my school who would do the same. Do people just not care anymore? A lot that I ask haven't even heard of the the fore mentioned people... That is insanity to me.

I get a lot of shit for the movies I watch and the music I listen to, collectively. But if it weren't for those influences, I wouldn't be writing. Especially not the way I am today.


- I'm from Oregon

- I love cats

- I'm an introvert

- I make casts for ALL of the books I read

- I have no religion, it's all too much for me

- I do, however, believe in reincarnation... I'd like to be a cat one day :)

- I listen to a rather different style of music, known as trip-hop, down-tempo, bristol, etc... (That Girl by Esthero... my current obsession)

- I laugh at everything and I love it

- I'm mixed... ohh la la

- I wanna be an actress one day, despite my shyness

- I pride myself in writing romances, but I've only actually been in one relationship... It was the least romantic experience you could think of

- I love reality TV, I find it very entertaining for some reason (Bad Girls Club!)

- I dislike people who judge celebrities... i.e. Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton... I think it's extremely unfair to talk shit about them because they're "famous for being famous." Who gives a shit... Let them be. It's no different than judging anyone else. Have we not learned anything from these publicizes suicides?

- I love movies from the 90s because they have the best soundtracks

- I'm a female :) That picture up there is little ole' me... I promise, I'm not as vain as that awful picture makes me look. I just like sunglasses.

And that takes care of that. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please PM me. I'm a rebel and I love talking to strangers... *wink*


I'm also on Wattpad, CodeWhite95, peddling a few of my fanfictions around there, too. There are some originals as well. I don't get nearly as much feedback and support as Fanfiction has given me. The comments and followers for Conviction have been so amazing and unexpected. I truly appreciate anyone that takes a few minutes of their time to tell me why they liked something I wrote. It makes me feel good! So, to those of you that have reviewed, THANK YOU! :)

I'd like to end off this little rant with a very special thank you to CraftyNotepad for reviewing my work like crazy! I think every aspiring writer needs that little push to keep going and he/she (It's a big mystery) has really done that for me. I wouldn't have continued writing if someone hadn't shown an interest in it. So, thank you so much for the continued support! You may forever be the green light that prompted me to GO!

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