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Author has written 6 stories for Spirited Away, Twilight, Howl's Moving Castle, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Thanks for popping by to my humble profile. I won't be continuing any writing for a while. I've just recovered from a bout of illness, and now I'm preparing to move from Japan back to Australia, hence, no time for anything but work, moving and looking for a new job. However, once I get settled in Australia, I will restart my stories.

Last but definitely not least, sorry if I'm slow with replies to PMs and reviews. If I don't reply it's probably because I think I have already replied. eheh You guys rock and I wouldn't intentionally ignore such awesome readers.

Alter Ego: 狩納 北(Kanou Somuku). Those I hang with call me Grifter.

Talents: Being bad tempered.

Quips: Flamers, 'reviewers' A.K.A. Aficionados of Everything who derive pleasure from bashing authors and stories- GO BAKE A F'CKING LIFE CAKE AND EAT IT! If you don't like something or it upsets your sensitivities, DON'T read it! However, if your 'superiority' compels you to destructively criticize because obviously you: know more than anyone, therefore, don't need to (or have the courtesy) to ask why; what; when; and how before attacking, then you're nothing but a spineless bully. And 'reprisal' flames for buddies? GRRR! 最悪てめえ!

Even if a story is far from perfect, learn how to construct an objective review (directed at the writing) untainted with subjective personal attacks (directed at the author's self). Fanfiction's slogan is 'UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION'. It's an author's right to express what they want, how they want it. The slogan isn't 'Unleash your RABID ABUSIVE TORMENTOR', and it's not a license for you to cause writers- aspiring or hobbyists alike- grief. Seriously, build a bridge and get over yourselves. Flamesdestroy, constructive critiques nurture! What's so damn sexy about cutting people down, eh!? Golly gosh, flame me any time and pretty, pretty please leave your reply address. I'll be extremely honoured to respond in kind.

Tips: All because someone does not write (or writes poorly in your personal opinion) it doesn't necessarily mean they can't give a helpful critique; and contrariwise. For me personally, the more I learn the less I know. The day I know everything, will be the day I've learnt nothing.


Stories in progress (or lack there of):

Howl's Moving Castle:

1. Spellbound - I will update when I have more time. Saotoshi, I can't thank you enough for beta'ing my story.

Spirited Away:

2. Wicked Spirits X Cut! - I need to find where I put the motivation to write this story- but if you can direct me to a URL to locate it, it'd be great! lol. Until I do find motivation this story will be on HIATUS. It's sad to say but I've lost all enthusiasm to write this fic. I will try to update it when my muse comes around again. I intend to concentrate on my Howl's Moving Castle and the Nine Days to Love a Dragon stories for now.

3. Nine Days to Love a Dragon- will also continue, at a leisurely pace. It's a piece that one of my favourite authors was kind enough to entrust to me to republish, with minor edits to the narrative voice. Most of the readers in the fandom have already read it the first time round and aren't paying attention to it, which is cool. If you're new to it love to know what you all think.

Twilight - ABORTED! Please do not put these two fics on your alerts. I have marked them 'Discontinued' and 'Complete'. I barely made it through the first two books alive but hey, you can't say I didn't give it a go. :D All the power to the Twilight fans out there, I am CERTAINLY n-O-t one of them. I cringe when I hear mention of the 'T' word, and I am definitely, an anti-Twilight fan. Sorry, but it gets me mad just thinking about the uninspired, illogical, infantile and intelligence draining books , the whiny, snivelling 'Mary Sue' so called 'heroine' and the very immature and insecure 'Gary Stu' of a sparkling make-up caked douche bag. I could write a whole series on my loathing for everything about the series.


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