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Welcome to my profile. It’s long and it looks boring. But you might find something of interest in here nevertheless, so have a look around, take a seat and get yourself a cookie. Something might be worth your while.

Author’s Corner

It's not that I'm not writing. It's just that I'm not writing a lot for PSoH at the moment, is all. However, I'm trying to do at least the one or other piece in between. If someone thinks I might be in need of a beta and he/she would be the perfect person to do it - feel free to mail me. Really. I'm in need of one.

Someone posted an anonymous review for Unchangeable that I'd like to answer. Since that's not possible where the review is posted, I'll do it here...

...i think i wanna more Ten/Jill now. How are a kitsune and a human with a baby gonna manage? How will our Jill avoid being sued for child molesting? Anyway...
Red all the series and- wow.
Maybe granfather was a little bit too strict?
Maybe it didn't make much sense the fact that in the previous story D and Leon didn't manage to make it work, but in this they did. ok, so here lean had more time to adjust to the shop and vice-versa but still... I dunno, I fet it was too unbalanced - previously all they did was to fight and hurt each other, now they got along... Whatever.
Oh, i really love your t-chan.
And poor chris, left behind like this..
All things considered, I liked this story, but I don't think that Leon would ever give up the human world. And of course D would never give up his world. Which is why the fell apart in the first place. Not that i like sad ending, but i think they either manage to cope with both worlds, or they wouldn't have a chance..
sorry for the crappy gramar :P

I'd like to write more Ten/Jill if I could come up with a good idea, and those seem to be avoiding me lately. But I'm rather curious about how they'd manage, too *laughs*
I'm not sure if Sofu was too strict, I think it depends on who you ask. I've already pictured him more soft-hearted in other stories, and truth be told, I never considered him to be "strict" because he by nature is - it's more the fear for his grandson that drives him to act like he's got a stick up certain body parts.
But the thing you got quite right is that it really doesn't make much sense that suddenly they manage to get along. I wondered for a long time whether or not I should write the end like this, but I decided for giving my readers a chance at feeling a little bewildered at the end, thinking, exactly like you "The hell is going on here? Why does it suddenly work out?"
Well, for one, it works better than before because Leon has understood a great many things about D and also about himself, and he has sacrificed a part of himself to be able to be with D. Personally, I hate that thought. I hate him giving up a bit of being human. But I couldn't see it working otherwise, and a friend of mine commented that as a human, Leon is better at adjusting than D is. And truly - Leon is still protecting his humanity against D, which is why he insists on Carter belonging to him - even though he knows that Carter is going to hunt them down once he gets the chance. It's stupid, but it's human. Maybe it seems like a little thing to do for D, to spare one life, but when has he ever spared a life before? I've reached the conclusion (only for myself) that Leon going with D is kind of protecting his humanity - because if he is with D, they will always, forever, fight about D killing people, and he will know that D actually cares about what he does, even if it's only because Leon cares. So D in a way does have to cope with the human world, impersonated by Leon living in the shop.
Of course, that won't be a problem for a few months now, since D will be too focused on himself and the baby to really do his job. But once the kid is older, this conflict will arise again, and again, and again. That's why I named the last chapter "Like it began" - to hint at the situation repeating itself over and over again. They'll be in danger of falling apart many times in the future. Maybe they will. But neither of them still thinks that it's gonna be easy being together, so maybe, just maybe, they'll manage better in the future. And maybe not. That's up to you.

I'd really have loved to discuss this in-detail with you, but since you don't have an account or at least didn't leave your rev while logged in, I couldn't contact you. Please feel free to contact me if you have an account - I'm not one of the authors who doesn't want criticism. I really thought your review very interesting and would love to discuss it further with you :-)

Personal information:


- doesn’t like bad grammar and spelling (just for the book, she writes BE most of the time)

- doesn’t like stories without plot or with a see-through plot a child could guess

- tries hard herself to meet her own standards and expects other people to give their best, too

- hates people who can only write using bOLd aNd SmAlL all mixed up, as well as people who apparently aren’t able to convey what they are saying in whole sentences

- is very thankful if she is told what she can do better with her own stories

- will not, under any circumstances (apart from her death, a tragic accident, a life-threatening sickness... you get the picture. Something serious, in any case) discontinue a story she started to post

- because she highly dislikes people who start writing a story and then never finish

All in all, she’s not half as bad as she acts, but she can become quite unfriendly when encountered with stupidity and apparent pride of it.

Notes on stories in posting

Of which there are three at the moment.

Well, did I ever is based on an internet game which requires you to write a short piece for each challenge. I was bored. And that's basically all there's to it Fluff, humor, parody, tragedy, I think all of it is in there somewhere.

The Failure Fairy Tales are more of a project than actually a story. Basically, I'm just trying to find out what happens when Leon and D stumble in and upon other fairy tales than their own...

Not In Love With You may or may not stay a one-shot. I do have some ideas for a few more lines, but only god knows when I'll be able to type those down and make something good out of them. So updating might take a while - which is unusual for me, but in my opinion better than writing nonsense.
Although it's certainly a matter of opinion whether most of my stories are nonsensical or not...

In case of questions: contacting me is easy and works either via review or pm, and you're always welcome to.

Notes on stories already online

Mixed Pickles: Quite tricky, that one. Originally those pieces were one-shots. I'm not a fan of spamming the archive with pieces that are only a few hundred words long, so I just put all of them in one "story". The title is supposed to convey that there is more than one story archieved there.

However, I'm not sure if people got that. And considering that, very unexpectedly, some of the stories took on a life of their own and practically wrote follow-ups... I suppose I started a series in a series. For better connection, here's what's related to each other so far:

T.I. Series: Technical Incompatibility, Hansel and Gretel, Laying out the Bait, The Zebra Incident

You will find individual A/Ns for each one-shot right there.

Then there are a few other single pieces I wrote and that have no connection to each other or any of my other stories.

Music was written on the fling of a moment, due to the radio playing the Roxette song “Sleeping in my car”. I love that song, I like the video, and I was reading PSoH. I noticed that Leon and D were positively begging to be used along with the song, and that was that ;-)

The Terrible Tea of D was an attempt to find out what kind of chaos would result if 1. D fell ill, 2. drank some hallucinogenic tea (who knows what’s in his teapot all the time, right?) and 3. Leon turned up in Tokyo. The story got longer than I anticipated, more complicated and definitely more serious. The fluff at the end is due to my best friend, so don’t blame me, please. I left the decision which ending is best to her, and she preferred this.

Le kami mal gardé: AU, OOC, everything you may ask for. I wrote this one for fun, and because I simply love the ballet I based it on (being La fille mal gardée, look it up on wiki if you’re interested). I was curious if I could turn a ballet into a story. Apparently, it worked, but how good, that’s up to you to decide.

The Interspecies Communication Problems-Series (in short just ICP)

We have here the strange occurrence that I liked some of my stories so much that I turned them into a series. Every piece I’ve written and every piece I will write that starts with an “un-“ belongs to this series, and perhaps a few more. The name of the series, “Interspecies Communication Problems”, may sound incredibly boring (yes, it is from biology), but it defines what the series is about for me. If you want to read, welcome and have fun!

Warning: all of ICP takes place after volume 10 of the original Pet Shop of Horrors series and thus spoils the ending of the original series!

Unwanted: Unexpected pregnancies almost always turn out to be a problem. Only that in their case, it should have been quite impossible to have a child together. At least this was what D thought, before he found out that, due to his own stupidity, Leon has gotten him pregnant...
First parts are always a little bit awkward. I did not know Unwanted would wind up as the first part of a series when I started writing it. But that summer was rather boring, and I didn't have anything else to do... apart from writing essays for university. It's no wonder I rather wanted to write that here. In the hopefully near future, this is going to be re-written to fit better in with the rest of the series.

Unprepared: Not enough that their child wasn't planned, neither is their return to America. Stumbling from one emotional trap to the next, somehow, along the way, Leon and D have to figure out how they can work with a child between them...
The same as for Unwanted goes also for Unprepared. As soon as I have some free time, it's going to be re-written. I've wanted to do that for a while - already since I posted the last chapter, I think, but I just didn't have the time or other projects which seemed more important to me. However, this time I'm resolved to get it done.

Unexpected: No one was yet able to find out how or why, but for some reason, even when they really don't want to, Leon and D are always able to fuck up. And because they never do things by halves, if they start once, it's only a question of time until things blow way out of proportion...
Finally this series does its name credit. My sadistic side loves this part. The rest of me sits beside the sadistic part and mourns the nerves Unexpected costed me. I think that I have never before worked so hard on a story, although there are certainly things I could have done much better. But Unexpected required me thinking myself into someone who works differently than a human does, and while I loved the experience, it sometimes drove me crazy (especially when I thought I hadn't succeeded). I do not know how this part is read by someone else, but if I managed to convey the controversy this relationship presents, that's enough for me.

Unchangeable: Life needs to go on after the events in Yellowstone Park, also in the mysterious, often seemingly time-stopping pet shop. Leon and D again struggle against all odds, themselves and several other nice beings to somehow work out how they can live together without permanently trying to kill each other - which their daughter Dana would surely not like at all...
I like it and hate it all at once. As for more information, especially about the end, please read my answer to the review above, which pretty much sums up my thoughts about Unchangeable.

You've really made it down here?! Wow. Respect. Well, if you could spare so much time reading my profile, what are another five minutes of telling me what you thought? ;-)

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