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Boring stats:

Name: Echo/Ami-chan

Age: Old enough to remember 9/11, the Clinton dress saga, Challenger and Maggie Thatcher. Let's say that.

Favorites: Too many to list, really. I was trying to update my list and I thought, who wants to read all this?

However, you'll see what I've mostly written about.

Shockingly I'm a big fan of Mizuno Ami from Sailor Moon. I'm sure that's a total surprise to everyone _ I mostly write her in this sort of mesh between anime and PGSM space. There's the ongoing "Out of Retirement" fic where I'm trying to blend those together and it's...sort of...working. I keep getting in blocks with that though and I'm sorry.

I also like Juri from Utena; and I must also apologize for not having finished "Masses for the Masses" like I had hoped, also. I think I'll have to re-watch me some Utena. Anyone want to buy me the box set? LOL.

Silent Mobius I ship canon pairings Kiddy/Ralph, Kasumi/Roy. I'm a big fan of 1x2 in Gundam Wing. I am. I'm sorry. No, I'm not sorry. Anyway. Not much new coming from that side, really.

Doctor Who. I like 9 and 10 and Rose, not all together. That would be a bit weird. Most of what I write so far is 10xRose. Though I re-watched the first season really and 9 has a lot of my feels right now. I should say there won't be any more of "Not Dead, Not Dreaming" I know people have been begging and pleading for that for years but I just can't. I feel like it should stand by itself.

There's a lot of comic DC/Marvel things going on at my house right now. I'm much more of a Marvel fan than DC; but I've been being thoroughly educated in Justice League/Unlimited/Young Justice. My first comic book love was the X-Men and in my younger days I was a huge Remy/Rogue fan. Through an ongoing RP I've come to have a soft spot for Remy/Bella as well. Poor Belle should not just be used as a bitchy thorn in the side of the Remy/Rogue thing. As a side not to that I've watched the original X-Men cartoon and Evolution. Not a big fan of Wolverine and the X-Men though

So, there we are! I thank you guys for any reviews that you leave. I'm sorry if I haven't replied to things. I got locked out of here for a couple of months thanks to some issues with domains and emails and things. Thanks for following my stories.

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Out of Retirement: Senshi in the States reviews
Set after the end of PGSM, but ignoring "The Special Act". Ami is in America for school, when some strange events in the country force her into "service" again, thankfully she can gather the help of the senshi-and some new allies too!
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