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Whoa! New profile page! Alright! because i'm a complex, dynamic person and I tend to change. Can't keep up with my own Fanfiction profile now, this is just sad!

So I used to have a name on here, but to be honest, i got extremely bored with all of my stories and pretty much everyone was harassing me about it-teasingly of course-but I just decided to start over fresh and new! Also! I've deleted...I think...two of my previous stories and If i get messages asking where the hell they went, I might post them back up again. Who knows. They weren't that good anyways.

So I'm currently working on my Naruto Fanficion, which i think is coming along nicely, and my Kingdom hearts one, which I'm in love with! maybe gunna start a Code Geass one just because that show kicks so much ass.

Little bit more about me:

I hate pina coladas actually. They taste AWFUL! I've never had a worse alcoholic drink in my life. Tropical things just tend to suck. Like coconuts! I hate coconuts!

I have short, spiky brown hair. Deciding wether or not to dye it pink or flaming red. Prolly red. Reminds me of Axel. For those of you in to An Cafe, My hair looks like Miku's. Only not that awesome of a color.

I enjoy the rainbow! no preference, all colors by themselves just kick ass! That being said, I'm not gay. I am, however, Bi. But then again, who isn't these days? Currently am majorly crushing on this guy in my english class and this girl who lives in New york.

Snapple rocks. Especially the mango kind! try it out! fucking mouth-orgasm going on right there,

ANYWAY! so I take requests. PM me if you want a oneshot of a pairing. I'd love to! I'll do any rating you want. Might turn you down if I dont know the show. So here are currently my favorite pairings

NARUTO: Shikakiba, Sasunaru, Itasasu FLCL: Who cares! FLCL rocks! you dont even need pairings, its just awesome by itself. LOVELESS: YoujixNatsuo, RitsukaxSoubi CODE GEASS: SuzakuxLelouche, Roloxlelouche FULLMETALALCHEMIST: RoyxEd EdxAl EnvyxEd KINGDOM HEARTS: Akuroku, Soriku, Zemyx, larxeneXnamine(running out of clever pairing names) naminexroxassometimes if its really really good. TACTICS: It's just too obvious. HarukaxKantarou. Is there any other pairing that doesn't suck? besides Sugino and Muu-chan obviously. Hella good pairing, in my humble opinion.

I dunno i like a lot of things. I'm a happy go lucky person who's out to make the world smile! while i secretly laugh at your misfortune because it sustains me.

I like getting to know people. Especially interesting people! If you think im interesting-though i dont see how cuz i was just totally honest with this stupid profile and it sounds pretty lame even to me-then PM me!

I just don't like people who generally say "Lol! omg! HAWT! Rite moar nao!" Because thats not a review. That's almost kind of mean to do to an author. Tell them what you really thought of it. In complete sentences. Meh, just my two cents.

OH! I beta. Because I hate seeing people make completely awful and totally preventable errors. Plus, its the line of work i am currently going to shoot for in college. Yupp! actual editor! =D look out, i'll proof-reading the next Hobbits and The Book Theifs of the world!

On another note entirely --> Kawaii Kisu Read her stories Marked and Mixed. They are so fantastic and I can guarantee you the best plot you'll ever see. Ever. Also! Read her new Story Co-Written with me called Hosted. Roxas and Sora are running away from their homicidal parents. Why? Read to find out!

Oh! hey! Update:

I am co-writing a story with Kawaii Kisu that will be up on her profile soon. Look out for it, it's gunna be good!

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