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Author has written 7 stories for Devil May Cry, Vocaloid, Kichiku Megane/鬼畜眼鏡, and Harvest Moon.

Name: Petrushka

Age: 17

Fav. Animes: Hetalia, kuroshitsuji, Nana, Wandering Son, DeathNote, Ai no Kusabi

Fav. Bands: Nightmare and Versailles

Fav. Singers: Gackt, VOCALOIDs, Hyde

Fav. Movies: Boy's Love, Moon Child, Bunraku

Fav. video games: Kichiku Megane, Resident evil, Harvest Moon, Enzai, and Absolute Obedience.

Likes: Cosplaying, ramen, Drawing, Roleplaying, yaoi, hentai, reading, tentacle, Being seme-like, and DDR.

Hates: homophobics, preps, Bakugan, 4Kids, and most rap.

Fav parings: BirkinXWesker, LeonXAda (resident Evil0, PeinXKonan, ItachiXMadara, KakashiXSakura(NAruto), CloudXSephiroth(FFVII), XenmasXSaix(Kingdom Hearts), TrainXSven(Black Cat), LightXL(Death Note), ShuichiXYuki(Ggravitation), DanteXVergil(DMC), LinkXDark Link(Zelda), GakupoXKaito, KaitoXLen, SenseiXSchoolgirl, GachapoidXanyguy, LenXRin, KaitoXRin(Vocaloid), DerekXAngei(Traumac anter), SkyeX CLaire, SkyeXTrent(Harvest Moon DS Cute), and NanaXRen (Nana).

In Progress:

Vergil's New Virtue - Devil May Cry Yaoi (Hiatus)

Story of Evil - Vocaloid (haitus cause message of regret is so suck)

The way things should've been - Resident Evil Yaoi A/U (Not up yet)

Alice Human Sacrifice - VOCALOID (Hiatus)

The Perfect Revenge - Ai no Kusabi mpreg (In progress)

The Price You Pay - Kichiku Megane mpreg (Hiatus)

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