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Author has written 1 story for Castlevania, and Touhou Project.

11/03/14 - Sometimes, it'd be nice to transfer what was in my head onto the computer easily. Still, I'll keep trying.

Scarlet Family Ties news: The next chapter will be up soon.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective owners. The Castlevania sprites were ripped and provided by badbatman3 and SMITYGCN. The Touhou sprites were ripped and provided by Azu and DarkOverlord.

Welcome to my profile! I am PC20XX and I am a guy that has come a long way into life with video games. I appreciate people for their talent in something that I like. I have a passion for math and quite alright at it, but can fall back in literature. I'm not much of a talker outside of the computer so if I say a lot more than I should here, it's probably because it's easier to do behind a computer than in real life. I am in college and working hard towards my career. I have a cool family, including a little brother that likes hammering my door in front of my friends when he's not let in to play. I like to write for pleasure overall. Oh, and I am a relaxed procrastinator!

Why am I called PC20XX? It all started back around the year 2002 when I started playing StarCraft after being fascinated watching my older brother play it. I liked the Protoss force over the rest for some reason. I became a cocky guy at the time and called myself a Protoss Commander. I went on this site five years later and became an anonymous reviewer known as PC2007. Then the transition to 2008 made me PC2008. So I thought it out and finally became a member of this site with the name PC20XX. I chose 20XX because I feel that is going to be the limit of my expiration. Otherwise, I probably would have chosen 21XX and even that doesn't look all too convincing from this early in time. You gotta love those Windows "I'm a PC" commercials! So there you have it.

My favorite video games? I have a handful of ties. Oh, well. Those in 1st and 2nd place are pretty rock solid, though.

#1: Castlevania--Harmony of Despair, Portrait of Ruin, Rondo of Blood, and Symphony of the Night (Maria is a pretty fun character.)

#2: Crash Bandicoot--Warped, Twinsanity, Mind over Mutant, Crash of the Titans, Crash Team Racing, and Crash Bash (I had a crush on Coco Bandicoot.)

#3: Guitar Hero 5 (I like fake-drumming on Hard to get a sweaty workout.)

#3: StarCraft--Brood War (It made me smart over the years despite my bad grades in school.)

#3: Super Smash Bros. Melee ("Hot-dog" clashes with my friends.)

#3: Metroid--The "Prime" series, Fusion, and Super Metroid (Crafty weapons. Envious pickups. Epic gameplay.)

#3: Megaman--Powered Up, X4, 7, X3, 2, and X5 (The catchy music and varying styles of gameplay.)

#3: Touhou--Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (Pretty colors.)

#3: Jak and Daxter--3, 2, and Combat Racing (You have no idea how ridiculously fun driving with a fake steering wheel is if you haven't played this racing game.)

#3: Halo--CE Anniversary and 2 (Epic. Including epic fails and epic wins.)

Awesome Moments in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

o 1000 hours played as Maria.

o Made a new file and played a marathon of beating every chapter once on both difficulties (except Hard Chapter 10) without ever equipping any defensive gear as Maria. With gear, I was only dealing 6 damage to Retro Dracula with doves and finished the chapter with 15 seconds left. Guess you don't need anything at all to beat 95% of the game.

o 99,999,999 damage dealt as Maria.

o Pulling off a No Damage Hard chapter 10 run as Maria equipped with the cape of invisibility.

o Pulling off a No Damage Normal chapter 10 run as Maria equipped with the cape of invisibility, fool's tablet, and skull ring.

o The journey to 9 of everything.

o Being the last one alive in a 6-player team and beating the chapter... with Maria... "That was okay!" (Done in chapters 6-11)

o In Hard chapter 10 in a 5-player team, I died with Soma due to an accident with the Claimh Solais special ability. I get revived... by all my partners at the same time! That's four Water of Life items used for one guy!

o I played with a Japanese random in Hard chapter 10 with the two of us as Maria and we beat the count, but instead of opening the chest, me and him went to opposite sides of the boss room and kept using hymn. We sang for sixteen minutes and didn't even care when the time went away. Who else is gonna do that nowadays?

o I was in a lobby full of Japanese players and went through all the chapters on hard with them as Maria. In the while that I was with them, I did pretty amazing things and don't get me wrong--those guys were all very amazing as well. 1-I get to Gergoth's entrance first. 3-I bounce off of Menace to travel around and flick a switch to let the others up. 5-Given that I was 3rd player, I use imps to travel up and pull a lever to let my teammates shortcut to Death. 7-I made it to the ground switch for the door before the players on the opposite side get to the door. 9-Dual crush mania! 10-At the bottom of the elevator shaft, I drop-kick and glitch a platform on my very 1st try. As I floated up, I let loose many red birds and got a bunch of "Good work" comments and "Thanks" when I opened the gate for everyone. 11-To make it this far without changing characters and without failure with the same people--that is impressive. It feels good to know that there are other players out there that really know how to appreciate a team.

o My fastest solo run with Maria is 0:52:84. I have the replay and I am still in disbelief that I managed to do it when watching. Hint: It was done in chapter 4.

o I'm a team player. When another good player is about to perish, I don't just wait for him to die--I use my super potion on him despite my full health. If I get a "Thanks", it was well worth it. I tend to do this a lot in chapter ten. Not everyone can dodge cleanly all the time.

o I met a random Maria who liked giving me high-fives after beating the Puppet Master. That was pretty funny.

The Journey to 9 of everything in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

I started devoting to this trial on 6/25/12 with 244 items to hunt and finished on 9/25/12. Almost all of my runs were solo except for a few instances: 30 runs with random player, Dual Handguns, in hard chapter 10, 60 runs with a random Shanoa player in hard chapter 9, and 120 runs in hard chapter 7 with my friend, Vela. I maxed all the characters' skill levels/souls/spells and had gotten at least 2 of everything back in December of '11.

Thanks for dropping by and have a good day, bud.

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